Crossing Oceans

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  1. Let me go ahead and state what I'm looking for right from the beginning. For this rp, I'm looking for someone to play a man of an exotic, foreign heritage (either Chinese, Japanese, Arabian or European). It is a romance, so I expect there to be just as much plot as intimacy and sex. Someone who is creative and can contribute to the story instead of being a sheep, waiting to follow my lead and leaving their posts open ended so I have to decide the next move. I love to be creative as well, but having to decide every factor of the story gets very boring and very tiresome. I would like for my partner to be relatively active, at least one post a day or more. I can understand that life gets in the way at times and you maybe have to take a day or two before you can post, but if it actually does take you a day or two between each post, or you only post once a week, then we are not the right partners for each other. Having to wait too long between posts bores me and I will lose interest, ultimately leading me to end the rp. No one-liners because I never give so little in my posts that all you can come up with is one-line and a two-paragraph minimum in the posts.

    The story I have is very simple, something that I think we can probably build on:

    Man goes on vacation to a collection of islands and meets, there, a beautiful island woman. They connect instantly, as if love at first sight, and begin their summer romance and, at the time, that's all they figure it will be, just a summer romance. They dread the end of the summer, of losing one another, but they both realize that the one thing they can never get back is time. So they just enjoy the time they have with each other while trying to figure out if it's even possible to continue being together while also handling things like jealousy, arranged marriages, drama, surprise events, hurt, heartbreak and all else in between.

    This is one of my more simpler ideas, but I thought it would be fun to try and see what would happen. If anyone is interested, be it man or woman that can play a convincing male, then please, by all means, send a PM. Thank you.