Crossing Cliques

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  1. Crossing Cliques
    [ScarletNova and MoonStar]​

    Elie Ambers, she wasn’t the nicest girl in school. In fact, sometimes she could come across as cold and mean but that was just because she always said what was on her mind, not believing that it would hurt anyone. She never had a filter on her mouth but that was just who she was. Not that she talked all the time though, she was actually a girl who didn’t take very much unless she needed to for some reason. She didn’t listen to the rules very often, but that also didn’t mean that she purposely got herself in trouble. She just didn’t like when people told her what to do.

    Elie had long dark black hair that she usually kept in two ponytails for school, though she occasionally would wear it other ways when not in school. She had bright blue eyes that she could easily use to glare at someone with and they would be terrified for their life. It was something she used a lot, especially because a lot of people tended to get on her nerves. She liked things going her way and didn’t want anyone to ruin that.

    “Move.” Elie said to the couple in the hallway of school sucking faces. She wasn’t a very romantic person and seeing someone kissing in the hallway wasn’t something that she enjoyed, especially when they were where she needed to walk to get to class. She pushed passed them whether they wanted her to of not and headed for her class. When she had gotten inside, she took a seat near the back like usual and placed her bag down. She turned away, looking out at the window.​
  2. Nate heard someone sit down near him and he looked up from his book to see Elie. He smiles at her warmly and then out his book down. "Hey Elie. How was your weekend?" He asked. He wasn't expecting much of a reply from her, because she didn't really talk to anyone. She seemed pretty sour at school, but that couldn't stop him from being friends with her, or anyone. Maybe she just hated school and would much rather be at home, just like everyone else.

    He didn't particularly enjoy school, but tried to look at things with a positive aspect.
  3. Elie could suddenly hear someone talking to her. She looked over to see Nate. She didn't know much about him, and didn't really care to know anything. So, why was he asking her about her weekend? She never had someone like him ask her things about her day like that before. "I suppose it was fine." She eventually stated to him in reply, staring at him with her cool blue eyes. She didn't hang out with friend very much over the weekends or after school, and her home wasn't really a place she liked to be. So, most of the time she spent her weekends just wandering around places trying to find a nice place to relax alone. She wasn't fond of very many people either.
  4. "What did you do? I went to the beach with some of my friends, maybe one day we can go and chill there if you want. It's really pretty and closeby" Nate said and then looked over in her direction, still smiling. He wanted to be friends with her, he felt like people just judged her because she always seemed so sour. Maybe if people became friends with her she might be a nice person but held up this mean attitude to push others away.
  5. He was still talking to her? Why? No one had done that before, especially someone like him who seemed to be able to make friends easily. She had a few friends but they were all like her and didn't really like talking and going very many places together. "Not anything that you would be interested in." She commented, "Basically just did nothing but stay away from home." She paused, he was inviting her to the beach? "I don't really go to the beach, I'm not fond of other people being there." Really, she just wasn't used to getting offered to go with someone and she wasn't sure how to take it.

    Elie still didn't understand why he was talking to her, it wasn't something she was used to. But, finally, the teacher had walked in and began class. Though, Elie's mind continued to wander to Nate, questioning what he was planning. Was he just messing with her? Trying to get her to go somewhere then do something to make fun of her? When class was over and it was time for lunch, Elie pulled out her lunch and began to eat, not moving from her spot.
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