Crossing Blades

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  1. In Japan there is a remote town with two rival schools at high school level for students from around the world. At these schools, you are among the elite, and you are also a master in some fighting style. The two schools are run by two families - the Kazegami and the Sakuramori. This story takes place in a modern city that has modern commodities - vehicles, cell phones, etc. The only thing that sets them apart is the arcane way they react to their rivalry - fighting instead of sports or academics.

    The families, the Kazegami and the Sakuramori, have been blood rivals for nearly a century. The families have passed it down through the generations that the other family is no good. In the past there were fights in the arena nearly daily, each side trying to prove that they are the best.

    The rival schools can challenge each other in the fighting arena. This is a death match between two students so it doesn't happen too often, but often enough due to the nature of the relationship between the two families. The Kazegami show no mercy, and tend to kill their opponents because it would be dishonorable to fail the bloodline by not doing so. The Sakuramori give their opponents a second chance, inviting them to their school. Though by accepting this offer, a Kazegami student forsakes their honor and is more likely to be challenged and killed by a former classmate in order to regain that honor for the family.

    These fights never contain guns or other dishonorable and impersonal weaponry. Swords, staves, small weapons such as throwing weapons or daggers, hand-to-hand, or even bows if desired, are all permitted weapons in the arena and as acceptable fighting styles to train under at the school.

    Schools are set up with three classes in the mornings; Monday and Wednesday contain the same classes, as do Tuesday and Thursday. Friday through Sunday are not academic classroom days. During the afternoon there is physical training classes and weaponry courses, as well as all day on Friday, are available until dinner time. Students are required to go on Fridays and at least one other day of the week, but encouraged to go more than that. All other times may be used as free time for the student to work on academics, self-study, or their own activities.

    There are two characters possible to be from the families, the one I will refer to as the "main" family character, whom I call that only because they will be like the student representative between the school and the family, and it is possible that there will be contact between that character and the family should I need to do so. That character is generally a direct descendent and oldest child of the family within the family that is in power, whereas the possible secondary family character would be a cousin or younger sibling. If you choose one of these, you must be prepared to discuss your relationship with each other, if there is one.

    I would like this to be a love story, preferably with one of the "main" family characters falling for someone on the other side. It doesn't have to be the other "main" character, or even the secondary family member, but it would be more realistic of a struggle if it were. Other characters may build relationships with each other, pine after one of the characters, whichever.

    Character Needs (open)

    Need at least 4 players but no more than 8.
    Prefer to have the schools even in number of characters, but not necessary.
    The two family representative characters must be filled.
    There must be some kind of romance between one family representative and someone from the opposing school.

    Current Roster (open)

    Sakuramori family representative - Ming
    Sakuramori student or secondary family member - Nostalgia
    Sakuramori student - Kronos17
    Sakuramori student - TheNeverThere

    Kazegami family representative - TrackeroftheNorth
    Kazegami secondary family member - Hugz N Kizzez
    Kazegami student - Jovian
    Kazegami student - Effort

    Character Sheet (open)
    School & Character type:
    Age/Grade level:

    History in brief:
  2. So I'm the head hancho of the enemy family to you guys, right?
  3. That's what I had interpreted from previous conversations.
    I have made a lot of changes to what's going on, so you may want to make sure you've read and understand the story concept as well.
  4. Ok then, You do not mind if my character is skilled with a Halibard do you? Thoughs are long axes used in medevil times with knights of high honor. Most of the time they are primarly used as showcases and artwork then anything, but my character could just whip one out and be skilled with it and could practice with the staff to understand how to perform acts of artistic showmenship while in a battle.
  5. Halberd would be pretty awesome to see used. I'm totally fine with that.
  6. Awesome, Then I'll make my character sheet. You also don't mind if i use an anime picture do you?

  7. <tbody>

    Name: Saekoa "Psyk" Sakuramori
    School & Character type:
    Sakuramori Class Represenative
    Age/Grade level:
    17/ Senior

    Halberd/ Staff
    Quiet, observant. He'd rather let the argument die down before putting forth his two sence in to the topic at hand. Has uncontrolled anger issues.
    History in brief: While growing up in the family, Saeko had grown to hate the rival family with a pasion. He would rather die then lose to thoughs below him, but as tredision to his family, he would ask them for a second chance which he doubts they will give. He enjoys the small things in life, like drawing and chess, to fill his time with. On occasion, he could be found playing basket-ball in the public court build in the middle of the city. He enjoys the American made game of physical contact and would much rather play against his rival family members this way besides slicing them open for all to see.

  8. Use whatever you want. It's your character; I'll only pop in and ask you to tweek if I feel it's necessary!
  9. Mind if I be the Sakuramori secondary person? If it isn't taken that is.
  10. Reserved for the Sakuramori student
  11. So another Sakuramori family member and a student? All right.

    Also, if someone wants the head of the Kazegami family I will step down and become just a student. The character I'm developing can change that position and still work for the story.
  12. I would like to get at least one Kazegami student.

    Also, I need character sheets for those still interested. I'd like to get this moving by the weekend.
  13. Name: Masa Kazegami

    School & Character Type: Kazegami class representative

    Age: 17

    Grade: Senior

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: dark-anime-warrior--large-msg-125859753809.jpg

    Weapon: Outside of class, Masa has been known to break the rules and use firearms. During tournaments and at school, she uses a massive curved blade.

    Bio: Masa's name means military, and that's exactly what her parents wanted out of her. They wanted to make her a strong leader that could raise up an army strong enough to take out the Sakuramori all together. She was never allowed affection, and she trained for twenty hours a day.
  14. Sweet! I can be a regular student! :D
    Thank you for the interest, Tracker.

    Now, if I can get the other character sheets... I'll get the IC up and get us started.


    I need to get my character up too, don't I... I'll get that up if the others come up!
  15. If Effort chooses a slot I'll be more than happy to take up the one that is left. I don't wanna join up and leave him without a choice.
  16. I'll give him a shout. There may be more slots open, depending on if the few that haven't posted their characters are still interested or not. I'll be sending out a couple PMs tomorrow, probably.
  17. Name: Kiku Kazegami
    School & Character type: Kazegami family member
    Age/Grade level: 17, Senior
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: anime-girls-102.jpg

    Weapon: Katana

    Personality: She is a very sweet girl in person but she is ruthless on the battlefield. It is not uncommon for her to kill her oponent and she feels no remorse. She is a very flirty girl and she likes to party which can sometimes get her in trouble.

    History in brief: Kiku is the twin sister of Masa. Kiku was born second, therfore she has always tried to be the best in her fathers eyes, but she is always second to her sister. That doesn't stop them though, they are faternal twins so you can see the resemblance, however they don't look identical. Kiku and her sister have both practaced combat for as long as they can remember, often sparring against each other. Kiku isn't as strong as her sister, but she also isn't as focused. She can kick ass though when needed. Her and her sister are really close and they get along very well, most of the time.
  18. Name: Renji Satoru
    School& Character: Sukaramori Student
    Age: 17 Junior
    Gender: Male
    Appearance:[​IMG]( Black Hair)
  19. Name: Etsuko Sakuramori

    School & Character type: Sakuramori family member

    Age/Grade level: 15; Freshman


    Gender: Female

    Weapon: A pole-arm. There is nothing particular about this weapon, no tool or blade at the end of it. It's just a normal, very long wooden stick.

    Personality: Etsu is a very playful, happy-go-lucky kinda girl. Always with a smile on her face, she very seldom will show any negative emotion. She is kind and outgoing, and welcomes everyone as friends with open arms; Which is a good thing, because once you've made Etsu your friend, she'll be a true, loyal friend for life. She is very well liked among her peers for this reason. She dislikes seeing others in a sad or angry mood, so she won't hesitate to break out her cheesy sense of humor to brighten the atmosphere. A bit lazy and an underachiever, she gets scolded constantly by her family and teachers for being too laid back.

    History: Being born in the Sakuramori family, Etsuko carries the burden of maintaining her family's honor. Which, for her, is an extreme challenge, for she does not carry the pride that most attending the Sakuramori High School do. Etsuko is very much against violence, and her fighting style reflects that. She'll avoid battles whenever she can, but when she can't, she'll reluctantly take part. Trained in martial arts, she'll use her skills in self defense and pole-arm to keep enemies at a distance. Eventually, she'll either lose, or win by annoying her opponents and making them forfeit the fight. "I will never hurt those for the sake of hurting! I use my power to protect!" Is a common phrase she'll blurt out while grinning ear to ear. She's managed to go through with just barely passing grades this way. But it doesn't bother her, for she would much rather make another friend than another enemy. However, there will come a time when Etsu is willing to release her true strength, in order to protect a loved one. When that time comes, it will be the most devastating scene the two rivaling schools will have ever witnessed.
  20. I still need to get hold of Effort, XC, and see if he's still interested. I keep finding him in Cbox and being distracted. I'll just PM him just because it's easier, at this point.

    Nostalgia, that looks good. Is Etsuko a younger sister or cousin to Ming's Saekoa?
    Kronos17, I am curious about what that weapon is called. And I'd like to see the history bit at least, if you can.