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  1. So, I'm sitting back and going "It's been a long time since I've GM'ed a game" and remembered that I tried this game once and had a player bum out on me. So, I wanted to see if anyone else might be interested and put up the information. Take a look, lemme see what kind of interest I can drum up.

    The following is a complete reposting of the original first thread, minus the character sheet. When I know what's going to happen, I'll throw out that information.

    In Japan there is a remote town with two rival schools. Their students come from around the world. At these schools, you are among the elite, and you are also a master in some fighting style. The two schools are run by two families - the Kazegami and the Sakuramori.

    The rival schools can challenge each other in the fighting arena. This is a death match between two students so it doesn't happen too often, but often enough due to the nature of the relationship between the two families. The Kazegami show no mercy, and tend to kill their opponents because it would be dishonorable to fail the bloodline by not doing so. The Sakuramori give their opponents a second chance, inviting them to their school. Though by accepting this offer, a Kazegami student forsakes their honor and is more likely to be challenged and killed by a former classmate.

    The families, the Kazegami and the Sakuramori, have been blood rivals for nearly a century. The families have passed it down through the generations that the other family is no good. In the past there were fights in the arena nearly daily, each side trying to prove that they are the best.

    It is a love story. I don't want to say a Romeo and Juliet style, because it doesn't have to be a tragedy. But I need for one person from each side to fall for each other. From there, be creative.

    I'll go into more details about the story once I know what type of characters I'll have.

    Needs (open)
    At least 2 players for each school with a total of up to four per school.
    No more than 8 players.
    At least one needs to be of the Sakuramori family.
    At least one needs to be of the Kazegami family.
    No more than two from each of the families, the others should be from outside the families.
  2. Sounds interesting, I'm already starting to formulate a character in my brain. I think he's from one of the families but he could possibly work for some one who isn't part of a family, maybe.
  3. I would LOVE to join. I would play as a female character. Also, could it kinda have a kaze no stigma feel? (elementals?) I like fiction/fantasy thrown in. Something that could only happen in an rp or someones imagination.
  4. Ah, wasn't actually meaning zombie characters, but that's not a bad thing to think about. I've been trying to get another story that actual has zombies figured out if you'd rather be interested in that. Sorry if the name was misleading, Ming. ^^;; The "zombified" was because I was bringing it back to life.

    Elementals could be an interesting addition. I'll work on that and see what I can come up with. I'll even watch Kaze no Stigma again just to make sure I get it right. ;) Haha

    What would you want the two main family elements to be? We could tip into Kaze and go air and fire just so they aren't total opposites. Or go ahead and do opposites of some kind. I would want the other characters that aren't part of the families to have free choice for elemental power, just keep the families specific.
  5. It doesn't really mater to me really. I'm such a zombie freak that just from the mension of it, I amidiatly join a thread just from using the word, "Zombie" in any use of the term.

    and as the zombie story goes, You could allways join my thread, Snow-Fallen Zombies 2.0, in Sci-Fi.

    And btw, The family i want my character in is the Sakuramori
  6. All right, I just wanted to make sure you weren't confused! I tend to do that to myself sometimes already. Hehe...

    What to you say about the elemental idea? I want to know everyone's input.
  7. i wouldn't mind it. If anything, it would probely improve it alittle.

    Like: having both families have a different element type.
  8. Both families would have a different element type. If you look at what I said, I wanted the two families to have a set element that could be like Kaze no Stigma, which was the example that D'evil used to point out the suggestion, with air vs fire or something. I just don't want the non-family characters to have whatever we choose for the family's element. If elements are okay, what would you suggest the two family elemental powers to be? This is the opinion I want from everyone.
  9. Ok then.

    Where are we putting up the character script and what format do you want it?
  10. I'll be putting that up later. This is merely to establish interest. Now that I have it, I'm figuring out what kinds of things you guys want regarding the elementals, as well as if there are any other suggestions to make the story more interesting or to make it fit your style, and I'll have an edited OOC posted in the Fantasy forum later with the character sheet.

    Bare with me, I haven't posted for a game since before the forum layout was changed. If you don't have an opinion for the family elementals, sit tight and I'll get the updated OOC link up for you either later today or tomorrow.
  11. Jovian, sorry I'm missing out on the conversation. I'm at school. And when I'm at home, I'm using a phone. But, I think that the established elements should be Fire and Earth. Whichever family has the earth side, I'd be the female family. Also, other side characters (unless cousins to the main family) could have other elements. Also, I like kaze no stigma, but I was thinking it's not magic users (which is what they are in kaze) but purely elementals. Also, it doesn't have to be the other elements. There could be sub-elements. Like sand users, which earth elementals aren't able to control. And we could also come up with other elements that wouldn't be too overpowering of the others, but equal. Also, if you're going with the ideas I'm throwing at you, my character could be a "shunned" character, as she is a sand user, unlike her family.
  12. Hm... I'm going to say a few things, because it's going to help make a little more sense.

    First, I'm going to say this - if there is going to be a secluded member of the family it cannot be the "main" family member that is stated as a requirement.

    Why? Because the "main" family characters will be in direct contact with the family itself should I decide to use that. The "main" family character is like a student representative. That's why I require one character from the families. If she's going to be shunned but still family, I'd want her to be the secondary family member. If that's acceptable, then that idea is fine.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "elementals" versus "magic users." I wasn't aware that there was a difference, I'm afraid. I figure just having a bit of power over the element involved was fine. Nothing too powerful at their level, obviously. Tremors and small fires, that sort of thing. Does that make sense?
  13. I didn't literally mean shunned, as I put in quotation marks around the word. Her family would think her inferior. And there is a difference between elementals and magic users. Its hard to explain.
  14. All right. I understand what meant with the shunned part. We can discuss it if you want, but as I said, the "main" of the family has to be on good terms with the "fathers" so... I don't mind a secondary family. Hell, it would be interesting to see the "main" on the opposite family fall for the "inferior." Just for an interesting thing. I can see a fight breaking out within the family for something like that, couldn't you?

    I'll see if I can figure out the elemental vs magic thing. I'm hoping to get the actual OOC up by tomorrow evening. I just have to convince my friend to let me have my PC back, because that's where everything else is.
  15. Magic users (from my current knowledge, as I have not finished the series) stay at a certain level of skill and can only get stronger by asking the spirits for a contract. Elementals can train themselves to be better than what they are.
  16. That's about how I was thinking it should be, anyway. That will work for me, then.

    Are there any other things that should be discussed? I'll try to have the actual OOC up tomorrow in the Fantasy area and a link placed here. The names listed here will be placed in as interested characters, and I will have those who specified anything identified as well. If there is more I need to be aware of, tell me between now and roughly 6 pm server time (Central Standard) tomorrow. The OOC probably won't be up until after then.
  17. Sounds good. I wish to reserve a spot as a female character from the main family.
  18. I'd like to be one of the grunts of the oposite family she's in.

    for the sake of conflict of course.
  19. Ming, you said you wanted to be from the Sakuramori family. Would you rather just be one of the "grunts" then instead?

    Because of the nature of your character, D'evil, I'll place you on Kazegami side. That family would be more likely to see someone inferior than those of the Sakuramori. If that is acceptable for you, that is.