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    “Cheyne stoking


    The pattern of irregular breathing often seen in the last days of life. Breathing can be very deep and rapid, followed by periods of slow shallow breaths, or episodes of apnoea, where an individual stops breathing altogether for a period of time.”

    • Let me paint you a word picture.

      Imagine for a moment that there's a filter in your head, a lock that keeps sealed away all the messed up thoughts you conjure up on a daily basis. Call it what you will; your moral compass, your sense of common decency, compassion or whatever.

      Now imagine a virus that grabs that filter and hate-fucks it to death.

      Suddenly all those imagined cruelties and actions come flooding out, unadulterated and unchecked, and there's a nasty little gore-coated voice in the back of your head whispering “do it you cunt do it you cunt do it” over and over and over again. And it will. Not. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

      Not until you give in.

      Not until you let loose every vile, repulsive urge you've ever bottled up, every disturbing, twisted little impulse you've stored away.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]Only this isn't just a word picture.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]This is the virus that is sweeping the globe.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][/size][/size][/size]
    • [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]

      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]No-one knows where it started. No-one knows the cause. All anyone knows is that it's coming. A plague of human locusts, a tidal wave of violence and sadism, rushing across mainland Britain and eating up everything in its path. The government flounders. The army is in disarray.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]And the residents of Thistlehill, Stirling are about to witness the full extent of mankind's depravity and cruelty.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]For T.S. Elliot was wrong.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]The world is not ending with a bang, nor a whimper.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]It is ending to the sound of savage laughter and screaming.
      [SIZE=5] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/COLOR][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]

      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]Humans are capable of some pretty depraved shit.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=white][/color][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][COLOR=white]
      [FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][/size][/COLOR][SIZE=4]
      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]You just need to watch a news report to find plenty of evidence attesting to the fact. Murderers, madmen, maniacs. People inflicting untold suffering on their fellow man just for kicks. When humanity fancies giving it a shot, they can make really good monsters.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=white][/color][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][COLOR=white]
      [FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][/size][/COLOR][SIZE=4]
      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]Now imagine an infection. An infection that spreads like wildfire, so fast the news reports don't even pick up on it. An infection spread through human bodily-fluids, that marks those who succumb to it with a cross-shaped rash across their faces.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=white][/color][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][COLOR=white]
      [FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][/size][/COLOR][SIZE=4]
      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]An infection which drives it's victims to commit the most heinous acts imaginable upon their fellow men.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=white][/color][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][COLOR=white]
      [FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][/size][/COLOR][SIZE=4]
      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]Such is the state of the world in [URL='[URL]http://Crossed'][/URL]Crossed[/URL], a comic series by veteran writer Garth Ennis. It's an 'end of the world' scenario where the smartest move is to just stick a gun in your own mouth and pull the trigger, rather than face what's coming.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=white][/color][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][COLOR=white]
      [FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][/size][/COLOR][SIZE=4]
      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]'Cheyne Stoking' takes place in the first days of the virus, a period of terror and pandemonium as society begins to crumble and the Crossed begin their rampage. Set in the rural Scottish town of Thistlehill, the story follows a ragtag group of ordinary people desperately attempting to keep themselves alive as the virus tears apart their once-simple lives.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=white][/color][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][COLOR=white]
      [FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][/size][/COLOR][SIZE=4]
      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]Welcome to the most fucked up apocalypse you could possibly imagine.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/size][/size][/COLOR][/size][/size][/COLOR][/size][/size][/COLOR][/size][/size][/COLOR][/size][/size][/COLOR][/size][/size][/COLOR]

      [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=white]Once concluded, an overview/summary of the first session will be found here.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

    [tab=STUFF TO BEAR IN MIND][/tab][/tabs][/SIZE][tabs][tab=STUFF TO BEAR IN MIND][/tab][/tabs][/FONT][tabs][tab=STUFF TO BEAR IN MIND][/tab][/tabs][/COLOR][tabs][tab=STUFF TO BEAR IN MIND]
    [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4]With that established, here are a couple of ground-rules:
    [*]Have fun. That is the golden rule.
    [*]Post [I]short[/I] and [I]fast[/I]. Chat RPs have a very quick pace and can contain a lot of players. These players can't wait 20 minutes for you to write a wall of text. If it takes you longer than two minutes to type your post, you're probably taking too long and might get lost in the action/kill the pacing whilst people wait on you. This is an exercise in quick and concise writing.
    [*]In case the imagery of the OOC didn't give the fact away, this a Horror RP. A pretty grim one at that: [I]despair[/I] is a central theme of Cheyne Stoking, as the cast watch their lives fall apart around them and find themselves fighting to stay alive/sane.
    [*]Bad shit can and will happen to your character.
    [*]No, seriously. Really, really bad shit.
    [*]Like, we're talking [URL='[URL]'][/URL]A Serbian Film[/URL]-tier “bad shit”.
    [COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4]Joining the game is pretty simple: just post the filled-in character sheet below then show up for the session at the right time.

    The cast of Cheyne Stoking are meant to be [I]ordinary people[/I] who find themselves trapped in a terrifying situation. Which means no soldiers/police officers/Rambos/superheroes/wizards/power-fantasy self-inserts, okay?

    It's also important to note that this game is set in Scotland, so your character is most likely British in some shade or another (unless you have a bloody good reason otherwise) and they will [I]not[/I] have access to firearms. At all. Period. If you join the game and your character miraculously produces a Glock, I will have them dog-piled by a herd of Crossed faster than you can say "Freudian metaphor".

    NAME:[/B] ((What is your character called? Any nicknames?))
    [B]GENDER:[/B] ((Male/Female/Potato/Etc.?))
    [B]OVERVIEW:[/B] ((Give a brief, two/three sentence summary of who your character is and what they're about. Keep it short, snappy and concise, compiling important details the GM might need to know but leaving the rest to be explored in-game.))

    [B]IMAGE:[/B] ((Please provide an image of what your character looks like. The use of anime pictures will result in you being fed to a bunch of Crossed face-first.))[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/tab][COLOR=#981212][FONT=Courier][SIZE=4]

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    -rearranges her entire schedule for this roleplay.-

    NAME: Megan West
    OVERVIEW: Megan was the "miracle child" for a pair of rich parents using a surrogate. But shortly after she was born, they found out they were pregnant the "natural" way, and more importantly with a SON to continue the family legacy. By the time she was fifteen, she was fed up and ran away from home. Apparently the shits didn't care enough to look for her, as now she's eighteen and working at a gas station. Life sucks and she hopes everyone dies in a fire.

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    As for the date and time, I kinda just pulled it out my ass; if anyone has suggestions for a time/date that would work better, lemme know.
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    NAME: Bran Wallace
    GENDER: Male
    OVERVIEW: Humble origins and a big family sent Bran into the working world at an early age. Although he claims to have done it for his family, in truth he just wanted out. It's not that he doesn't love them, it's just that he doesn't like kids. He's been a rail worker for a while now because there's nothing better than a metal home where he doesn't have to take shit from anybody.
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    NAME: Clarence
    GENDER: Male
    OVERVIEW: Popular stage and screen actor relaxing by deceased mother's estate, planning out new shows and conceits and playing with new toys and women. Classy, clean, and conceited, but nevertheless cunning, especially with all the madness he's experienced for his shows. Most famous for his stage and screen Macbeth, his particularly stunning productions of the Theban trilogy in both sides of the Atlantic, his own plays based on the village life, his voice acting work down in America, and his on-again, off-again relationship with some famous French screen actress.

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  12. Since people are gonna be a bit late, I can move the starting time back by an hour so you all don't miss as much.
  13. NAME: Jamie Lightbody
    GENDER: Potato
    OVERVIEW: A photographer who's found his career in a slump since his move to rural Stirlingshire to escape his faltered marriage along with his young daughter Penny. When the infection hit the town, he was en-route to collect her from school; now Jamie is facing the imminent choice of saving his own skin or searching for Penny to see if she's still in possession of hers.
  14. Name: Jess Williams
    Gender: Female
    Overview: She is a shy, 16 year old orphan girl with a small stutter. Fnd of nature, but insecure around people, Jess trusts nobody. And I mean NOBODY. Her parents are a very hard subject for her, and she's smart. Computers are her best skill, while she is fast, btu not very physically prominent.
  15. Jess Diane Williams:
    She's a hacker.
    She's fast and an exellent fighter.
    Jess is NOT very strong.
    General Appearance:
    She is underweight, 5'6, has bright blue eyes, and short brown hair.
    Hacking, gaming, and programming.
    She's an introvert with a crazy hot temper.
    Jess hates to be left alone, and cannot stand to be too attached to anyone for fear that she might lose them.
    General Personality:
    She is crazy, tempermental, but reall sweet.
    Inner Personality:
    she has a dark and light side, and is scared of most people.
    Her parents died when she was 8.
    Character Biography:
    Mostly unknown.

    Stole it all from my BIO, sorry for the odd layout.
  16. Name: Leeum Faust (Known as Lee)

    Gender: Male Adult 21

    Occupation: Skate Shop owner, Crafts the boards hand made every day.

    Strengths: Very fast runner, fit good health and knows how to use crafting tools. Good survivalist. Well with fighting.

    Weakness: He's very kind and will do everything he can to help.

    Appearance: Black pants with a black button shirt, long black hair to his shoulders combed back. Sometimes wears red hat. 6ft 1in. Height

    Talents: Knows how to build stuff without tools and very good climber.

    Inabilities: Scared of heights.

    Overview: Has a couple of months with his skate shop that has been doing very well, but lately his business has been a bit slow. He worries for his skate shop knowing that he has wasted everything money, love life, school. He loves to see children walk in sad just to leave happy with a new custom board that was made every day by Leeum. Adults, kids, teens. He loved making people happy with Skateboarding and accessories. Lately though he's been worried for every day customers haven't shown up in a few days. He hope s everyone's okay.
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