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  1. Microsoft will allow Xbox gamers to play against PS4 and PC players

    Assuming this will become a reality, I'm very happy about this and I hope Sony does the same! As someone who plays fighting games frequently (it's my favorite genre practically), it'll be great to play across platforms with my friends who don't own the same console as me!
  2. This should have been a thing a looooooooong time ago.

    Nice that the companies are finally smartening up though.
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  3. Microsoft has become better ever since Phil Spencer took over
  4. Seriously?

  5. Aw man, can't wait to dominate on PC because mouse and keyboard is and always has been the superior fps control scheme.

    Pretty sure they tried this with the shadow run fps and console plays got completely shit on by PC players.

    Stupid net lost half my post.

    For games like Rocket League like the article mentions it'd surely be nice to have more players. Lots of benefits. As long as you avoid twitch competitive style games.

  6. This is like the video game of equivalent of putting Sony's Spider-Man in Marvel's Civil War movie.

    What? Topical reference?

  7. Nice of Microsoft to finally catch up to Sony and the PC Master Race and allow Xbox owners to play with the other kids. Shame certain genres will probably never feature crossplay. Not without further, equally radical additions.
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