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  1. This is where all characters from all times find them in a weird café where there are strange people.This café is for anyone who would like to meet people from different dimensions. Characters from other role plays to people from anime! Anything could happen here!
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  2. Name: Eiji Niizuma
    Hobbies:drawing manga
    Favorite manga/anime: CROW!!!
    Rivals: Akito takagi and Mashiro moritaka

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  3. As Eiji was drawing in is apartment he suddenly fell into a warp hole and found himself in a weird place. Where am I? Eiji said. He was amazed how weird the place looked.
  4. He sat down at a table and asked the waitress for a drink of coffee. When he got the cup he took a sip was the best coffee ever!!!
  5. The doors to the café were suddenly kicked in folowed by obnoxious laughter and a shout "AHAHAHA! I'M ALWAYS RIGHT CUZ I'M THE HERO!"

    The shout belonged to a young man who looked nineteen years old. He wore glasses and a old WW2 uniform with a bomber jacket with a huge '50' on the back. His hair was a honey blonde with a piece that stuck up, his vivid blue eyes flashed enthusiasm.

    "America, please stop shouting!" Came another voice. This one was much more timid and softer.

    When the newcomer entered next he was much shorter with blonde hair and blue eyes. His face was round and childish, abd he wore a white shirt and pants with a brown jacket that stopped mid torso with a emblem on the back with a pair of wings, one was blue while the other was white.

    "Dude chill, you sound like Lithuania!"
  6. Eiji took out his drawing equipment and started to draw some manga. He looked around the room and thought what he was going to draw next for a new manga. He saw a man walk in yelling and that gave him an idea. He started. To draw and did weird things like standing up on his chair shouting. "Awck awck awck!" Then he sat down and drew a man yelling awck awck awck. But this man looked similar to the one who just walked into the café.
  7. (Does this include video games?)
    Name: Link (Or whatever you happened to name your save file.)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Hylian
    Name: Navi
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fairy
    Look them up for pics.
    A young man in strange clothes stood right outside. He was wearing a Green tunic over chain mail, brown pants, leather boots, and an odd hat.
    "Hey!" a small fairy came out of said hat. Turning toward her, Link seemed exasperated. "Listen!"
    "What, Navi?"
    "They say there is a cafe where people from all dimensions can meet. Zelda said to go there."
    "Yes, Navi. We just got here. I'm about to go in. My hand is on the door handle." exasperated, Link entered, then went to the table next to Eiji, because it was quieter on that side of the cafe. He ordered a bowl pumpkin soup and a glass of red potion for himself, with spring water and a fruit salad to split between Navi and himself. Sighing, he leaned back into his chair and grinned.
    Until Navi needed to talk again. "Hey. Hey. Listen. Look. Zelda wants us to be here for a reason. We need to complete our mission."
    "Navi. Zelda didn't send us here. We completed our mission. We just kinda... ended up here."
    "Just eat your fruit and listen to the music."
  8. ((here's a generic character skeleton you can add to first post so people have something to follow i guess?
    chara skele (open)

    Where they came from?:

    my chara (open)

    Name: Kazuma Mikura
    Age: 16
    Species: human
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Friendly to most, he has a small inferiority complex however.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Where they came from?: Air Gear(manga verse)
    Other: Don't let him start talking about Air Trek or he would never shut up.

    Kazuma opened the door to the cafe with a sigh. He had been roughed up a bit thanks to a Parts Wars fight he just got out of. Moving over to a random table he took a seat while rubbing his head. It hurt and was throbbing with pain internally. "Ah man. That last fight was rough." he thought aloud
  9. Name: Avery "Luna" Efrot

    Age: 16

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Tomboy. Doesn't do skirts or heels. On rare occasions makeup and dresses. She can be really nice and compassionate, but she gets really angry if you mess with people she's close to. Despite her some-what tough demeanor, Luna's a really nice girl.

    Appearance: [​IMG] Short black hair, dark gray eyes. Likes to wear shorts, pants, tennis shoes, jacket, tank tops and T-shirts.

    Where she came from?: She originally lived in a small little city, not having many friends. She was often looked down on because she hated wearing her school uniform's skirt and cut her hair short. Not to mention most of the girls weren't fond of Luna's tomboy attitude. They thought she was a freak and enjoyed verbally bullying her. Of course, Luna didn't let it show.

    Hobbies: Watching anime, reading manga and books, and listening to music.


    Luna gasped as she fell through a hole in the floor of her room. How she never saw it before, she had no idea. It felt like she was falling from a cliff, taking her breath away. Before she had time to scream, she landed on the ground. Luna grunted and sat up, rubbing a knot on her head. Opening her eyes, she expected to be in a hole surrounded by darkness. Instead, she saw buildings around and people walking the streets. Raising an eyebrow in confusion, she stood up and brushed her shorts off. As Luna looked around, a small cafe caught her eye, seeming to draw her to it. Deciding to just roll with it, Luna walked towards the cafe and opened the door. Her eyes widened as she saw many people inside...very familiar people. She gasped silently and realized it was people from anime and video games. Luna pinched her arm, trying to see if it was a dream, but smiled when she realized she was awake. Walking over to an empty table, she suddenly felt a little out of place. She secretly hoped her appearance wouldn't keep people from meeting her.
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  10. Within the cafe was the fairly beaten up Kazuma who was enjoying a cup of coffee. He hadn't noticed the newcomer and didn't seem to care at the moment. His eyes were going over his arms and legs looking for all the bruises he could find. "Man.. that's a lot." he thought aloud as he looked the bruises over. He the turned to the cafe entrance and saw another human. He waved lightly as if to invite them over.
  11. Luna watched as the beaten up boy waved over some other people. She cocked her head at him and looked over his injuries. They looked bad, but they weren't serious. Most of them were bruises, so nothing could be helped but to grit your teeth and let them heal. Luna stayed sitting, not knowing who the boy was waving to. Crossing her arms over her chest, she hadn't noticed the waitress had asked for her order. Luna shot her head up and smiled at the waitress. "A-Ah, sorry. I'll just have the-uh...just a cup of tea." She finally decided, cheeks growing warm in embarrassment. The waitress just smiled kindly and patiently before nodding and leaving. "That was embarrassing..." Luna muttered to herself, sinking a little in her chair.
  12. ( Since I can do any creature from any dimension...
    I always wanted to do this
    really, I did.
    I'll do two)
    • [​IMG]
      Name: Nick Mast
      Age: 18
      Gender: Male
      Personality: Very excited, very happy, and in otherwords, mood swings a lot depending on the weather.
      From planet: Stick planet, where everything, even the soil is made out of sticks.
      Likes: Being a stick, sticks, trees, plants
      Dislikes: humans for being ovals, circular stuff - even his head, meat
    • [​IMG]
      Name: Phil Will
      Age: 29
      Gender: Male
      Personality: Funnily serious with determination everywhere
      From planet: pokeymen planet, where all the pokeymen reside.
      Likes: stickmen
      Dislikes: Ash ketchup.

    Nick sat there with his black and white pencil drawing a black and white tree. His world was full of black and white. No color what so ever. Everyday, things were appearing like holes or notebook paper lines. Sometimes, Nick began to wonder if his world was just a piece of paper as well. He sighed as he continued to draw. However, a door popped in front of the tree, and Nick was troubled. Doors are randomly appearing in his monochromatic world? No. He had to see what was in it before he got to disposing it. When he walked up to the door and pulled open the door, he saw a world unlike any other! The room was so full of color! When he stood around, in awe, he walked through the door and realized, he was turning orange! Laughing to himself, he hopped over to a red table and laughed to himself. Loudly. So loud, everyone could hear his stickly laugh.

    "Go, NotaPikachu!" Phil yelled as he threw his pokeball towards the center of the playing field. His opponent wondered what a NotaPikachu was and became puzzled. The ball opened up and a white light flashed. Then, a monster came from the ball. It was a pink... cat. A normal cat, only its fur was pink. It was Phil's most prized possession, and loved it so, even if he lost 95% of the battles with it. The opponent laughed. "You can not defeat me with that! Ah ha ha ha!"
    Phil cringed at the man's laughing. It was painful to his ears. "Just you wait, I will get you this time! Huah! Go, NotaPikachu!"
    The NotaPikachu dove forwards, but suddenly disappeared when a hole opened up in front of it. Phil was stunned and quickly ran after it. "No, NotaPikachu, nooo!" Phil yelled as he ran after it, jumping into the hole willingly.
    When he opened his eyes, he came upon a café. A stickman sat there laughing at... something? He sighed. His NotaPikachu was not in sight, and he wanted to return home. However, the hole was gone before he could even leave. "Why does this always happen to me?!"​
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  13. Luna gasped as she saw a stick figure enter, laughing obnoxiously. She cringed a little from the loudness that erupted from him, but drank the tea the waitress handed her. Once again, her eyes found the bruised boy and she raised an eyebrow. 'How did he get those bruises?' she started to think, subconsciously twirling her spoon in her tea. Then, she shook her head and bit her lip. 'It's none of my business, it's probably personal reasons. The last thing I want to do is make people not like me in the anime world, too.' Luna sighed and ran a hand through her short hair, resting her chin on her hand.
  14. The boy noticing her eyes from time to time dart over to him sighed and waved at the girl. "You lonely over there?" he called out with a chuckle as he paused to drink lightly. " He spoke with a calm and inviting demeanor before he rummaged through his pockets and pulled out some bandages. Sticking them over his bruises and sighing with slight relief. "I noticed you darting eyes over here and looking at me."
  15. Name: "I'm Crowwe Mason. And you?"
    Age: "well, im 19 years old"
    Species: "Why, half crow half human, of course, why if you arent half animal, you must be from a different dimension! "
    Gender: "REALLY, DO I LOOK LIKE A GIRL!?!!?!!"
    Personality: "i would like to think of myself as a mysterious, unpredictable person..."
    Appearance: "well, let me give you a picture, i'm a white crow, ya see, i come from japan " crowwe said, then winked, like he was exotic...
    Where they came from?: "Why, im from the planet Animalia Terra, of course, arent you? you must be half fish, you got a tiny brain, boy!"

    Other: " well, im pretty straight forward, I dont eat poultry... so yeah..."


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  16. "BRAWK! This isnt squirrel shop! BRAWT! UGH! why do i always get lost, might as well stop for a while," i mutter, then I walked up to a waitress, who must be half husky, because she looked so Kee-Yewt! (cute) "Hey, You know where i can get some squirrel soup around here? i kinda was on my way to a shop to buy some." i said, winking, and smiling cockily. you must always look sure of yourself around da chicks *chk chk* "SQUAK!!" i said sexily, then i smacked her rump, i then a series of actions happened, where i ended up with a mug of coffee and an ice pack on my cheek "Scraaw" i said, quietly, painfully.
  17. Luna's eyes widened as she saw the boy call her over, asking if she was lonely. She nodded and stood, making her way to a seat next to him. "Sorry about staring, but the bruises looked like they hurt." She said, watching him put the bandages around the bruises. For someone who looked tough, the boy was actually friendly and had a sense of humor. "So, did you just get bruises?" Luna asked, raising a curious eyebrow. She hoped she wasn't prying by asking the question, but she was always a curious person. "I'm Luna by the way." She said, handing out a hand for a handshake. Most girls didn't just offer people handshakes, but hey, Luna was a tomboy, and she wanted to be nice. The boy did offer her to sit by him when she was by herself.
  18. i look over at the girl and guy and i say, just loud enough for them to hear, in my most childish voice " kee-iss (kiss) KEE-iss" then i blew a hostile raspberry, but if she started to run over, i would probably apologize before i got slapped on another cheek...
  19. Ignoring the comment made by the scrawking parakeet for all kazu knew. Kazu took her hand and shook it with a smile. "I'm Kazuma Mikura. Just call me Kazu. These bruises i got fairly recent in a fight. Wasn't too big a deal, just part of a thing called parts wars." He said calmly, answering her questions. Delighted that he got someone to talk to.
    I said, my talons coming our, my mouth half morphed into a beak, my white leather hightops turn into albino crow taloned chicken feet. i snap my fingers and i grow wings in place of arms, and i flap over, i reform my arms, and i put my hands up in a moi tai position.