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  1. (( Sorry to bug you but I was wondering if I may join..? (: ))
  2. (Yeah)
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  3. (Sure anyone is welcome):)
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  4. (( Can I join? MY FIRST TIME DOIN' JUMP INS. QQ ))
  5. ((Sure))
  6. ((I'm letting people make their own kind of sheet))
  7. //going mobile, responses will be slower//
  8. ( i may need to get off suddenly, so dont think im just randomly leaving at weird places, i always get off around 8, its my limits to time... also, he is 2000 years old, that like, puberty for him, where he will need to be more virtuous so that he can still express himself in the ways, well, a normal teen would..)
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  9. ((Neither, just looks that way as the Soti are rather demonic (and pretends to act that way because it's fun for her)))
  10. ( so will my guy have to pacify her? because thats what he was created for.. governing a chaotic world of animal-humans...)
  11. ((Ah, No, She isn't a real threatt to anybody, but she can be a little troublesome.))
  12. (( good, but my guy is fairly teasy to bad people... )) if you want to rp with the others, go ahead, im gonna get off...))
  13. ( omg! i was doing primitive polish! let me translate the words again...)
  14. ((Alrighty then, Noted! ^^ It's alright, just a small mistakes.))
  15. ( But i will still use primitive polish gestures... )
  16. ((POLISH XD okay, now I get it. My friend speaks draconic. Never knew it really existed 0_0 the funny thing is that he reads this occasionally.))
  17. ( i translated it, but i edited my old post, so please add your post! :P )
  18. ( and a nice glass of COCOA COLA, as the name stemmed from its use of cocaine and cocoa beans >:P )
Thread Status:
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