Cross Academy! The Kiryu sisters!

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    Lucinda awoke in her shared room at cross academy in the vampires dorms. her silver hair was a mess it was everywhere she always slept rough during the day she didnt sleep well ever she missed her mother and wanted to see her dad today he said he had a present for her and her sister silvia who was 3 years younger than her. she awoke and began to get down off of her bed and began to dress. she smiled as she brushed her hair the little cross beneath one of her eyes was a reminder of her mother it was lucinda's birth mark. she says silvia time to wake up come on little sister we have to meet dad before class starts and remember our last name is cross not kiryu here so dont respond to kiryu unless its me or dad. little sister wake up come on sis she gently touched her sisters shoulder.
  2. Silvia turned a moment not waking up the first time she was shook until she was once again by her sister. She often seemed to sleep pretty easily in the day but only because she shared the room with her older sister. Or that was the reason Silvia understood being it sometimes would be a few minutes before she could sleep and would end up starting in her sister's bed. Both of them was taking their mother being gone pretty hard but Silvia didn't seem to as much as her sister. She finally turned her head to see her sister's face. "But it can't be time to get up already." She said starting to rub her eyes tired still from just being woken up.
  3. she says i know little sister but remember dad wants to see us before class. she says come on we have to little sister she hugged silvia as reassurance they were ok and that they were safe.
  4. Pausing from rubbing her other eye she felt her sister hug her then gave a smile. "Okay" She replied then sat up a bit more before waiting to be able to get out of the bed with her sister now slightly on her. She was feeling a bit more awake and remembered something about meeting there dad.
  5. she says ok get up silly she released her sister from the hug and says im in the hallway if you need me she turned and gasped slightly her fangs showing. she mumbles dang it no not now. she went into the hallway leaning against the wall after she closed the door gasping for air her eyes glowing faintly red. she says im ok im ok.
  6. "Okay I'll be out in a second" She called after her sister seeing her leave the room and got up soon after. Silvia heard Lucinda gasp and paused. "You alright sis?" She asked after just getting out of bed and quickly working on getting ready to met her dad and be ready for class later. Getting ready she was a bit distracted to pick up on what her sister was saying.
  7. she says im ok silvia dont worry aaron walks out of his room he says lucinda hey are you ok? Lucinda says aaron do you have a blood tablet? she had her teeth clenched. she had forced back the glow in her eyes. aaron was a descendant of the ichijo pureblood blood line.

  8. "Okay about done then." She replied getting the very last bit of her uniform on and added her scarf. Silvia then began to double check that she was ready before she would head out.

    Aaron stopped and pulled out a small box he had on him. "I got a few on me yeah." He replied. Looking at Lucinda a bit concerned. "I'll go get you some water to go with it." He said quickly turning around and coming right back with a glass of water for the the tablet to go into.
  9. she says thank you aaron youve been so kind to me ever since me and silvia came here where is henry? she knew she couldnt take blood tablets but it would have to fake work for now. henry was born into the akatsuki blood line lots of purebloods lived here.

    Lucinda collapsed to her knees gasping her fangs growing in even longer her hair turning more wit than silver her eyes glowing red. her breathing heavy the mark on her right shoulder glowing under her uniform.

    she says aaron back away she was shaking she bit her lip trying to drink her own blood to satisfy her craving it had been about a week since she last drank from a pureblood and it had been aaron last time who had helped her he knew who their parents were and knew when her and silvia needed help.

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  10. At the question of Henry she thought a moment. "He might not be up yet or he's down stairs." Aaron replied then took a step back when Lucinda told her to. "I can go look for him if you need." She replied. She had noticed Lucinda had started to shake soon after telling her to back away.

    Silvia began to walk toward the door to go met her sister again being she was sure she was ready.
  11. She says Aaron its not u or henry I'm just a little hungry she took the glass and downed it but coughed it all back up but she relaxed her body just showing more of the degeneration her hair pure white instead of her silver she stood saying thank you Aaron I'm sorry you had to see that her fangs showing. She says Silvia u almost ready?
  12. "It's alright." Aaron replied relaxing now that Lucinda seemed to be okay even if the blood from the tablets was coughed right back up.

    Silvia opened the door. "Yeah I'm ready was just doing a last moment check in my head to make sure." She replied and then glanced seeing Aaron and noticed her sister's hair but didn't comment. "Guess we should hurry now." She added.
  13. She says I'm sorry I wasted your blood tablet. She says hey Silvia umm yes we should go Aaron thank you and remember to you our last name is cross in public not kiryu OK?
  14. Silvia nodded then seeing Aaron gave a small smile. "Um hey and bye then I guess." She said before looking to her sister and started to follow after her. "I'll remember." She added when walking with her sister.

    Aaron waved a hand. "Don't worry about it I can get more." She replied then laughed at hearing Silvia. "Alright bye see you both later." She said.
  15. She smiled and began to walk towards the vampire dorms doors and suddenly turned right down a hallway. Zero was standing at the end she said daddy?
  16. Silvia smiled as she followed then when they turned the corner moved a bit faster seeing Zero. "Daddy" She called at the same time as Luccinda seemed to ask. She slowed down realizing she had passed her sister to let her catch up.
  17. Lucinda said go ahead to him.

    Zero says life your late I have some newa first I want a hug my kids.

    A sudden creek could be heard through hall zero was suddenly in front of them protectively as henry walked past out the door.

    He says kids I have gifts for you.
  18. Silvia smiled and then once more went up to her dad. She paused to listen to him and then turn seeing how he suddenly went in front of both of them protectively then listened as he spoke once more. She then hugged him after a moment when he started mentioning the gifts. "Yay" She stated simply smiling and looked to Lucinda glad that her sister was able to wake her up. "And dad you don't have to jump every time a door opens do you?" She asked curios on why he had reacted so quickly when they were on school grounds.
  19. He says your uncle kaname has been spotted in the school I'm worried about u girls. He hugged Silvia. He said Lucinda for you is bloody rose my most trusted weapon and for u Silvia your mothers trusty Artemis rod.
  20. Silvia let her farther go to get the presents. She didn't think much about it when he mentioned their uncle but gave a nod to show she understood. Silvia looked at the presents. She didn't expect him to give them his and their mother's weapons as guardians. Her eyes looking at Bloody Rose that would be for her sister then to the rod, Artemis. She wasn't sure what to say.
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