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  1. Now ain't that just the most original title you ever did see? So yes, I'm bored, I can't get a good group RP going if it's not in Jump In, and I can't find someone looking for what I am. Soooooo... *shoves partner request in your face* I made this.

    The stupid boring stuff that you still have to know:
    - I'm looking for people able to post a paragraph at least. If I like the plot then I'll be glad to post up to three if you want.
    - Decent grammar
    - No smut
    - Is fine with posting on threads because that's what they're for.
    - Must be polite and won't bloody poke me
    - Ok so this is the big one... I don't like romance. Yea, I know it's weird for a partner request but that's that. It simply doesn't interest me.

    The slightly more interesting stuff that you have to know:
    - Depending on whatever is happening in my unpredictable life, my posts can go from once a day to once a week. The former, of course, is much more likely.
    - I am willing and able to play both genders.
    - I, love, comedy. If you couldn't tell, I'm not exactly a serious person so my posts in general are mostly light hearted, with the occasional serious moment here and there. However, I love to make people laugh and would be more then happy to have a carefree RP based off just that.
    - I'm a visual person, which is a nice way of saying I use a shitload of pictures. If you want to describe stuff that's fine, just know that if you are a pretty picture enthusiast as well, I don't care what style you use, cartoon, anime, or realistic, whatever best describes whatever it's representing

    WHAT YOU CAME HERE FOR otherwise known as plots:
    (If I would prefer to play a certain character it will be in italics)

    - Near anything steampunk, most of all:

    - Fantasy
    Mercenaries and/or monster hunters.
    Master and student in the way of the sword.
    Pirates. (really want to do a comedy of this)
    Robin Hood-like thieves. (Steal from the rich and give to the poor baby!)
    Lone Ranger and Tonto-like western duo

    - Fandom
    Cave Story
    Shadow of the Colossus (would probably take place after the game)
    Pokemon mystery dungeon

    - Oddball
    Two self aware video game characters (Not a fandom)
    Dimensional traveler and (previously) unaware neighbor
    Paranormal investigators in Victorian England or Great Depression New York.

    My ONE romance:
    A perfectly sane woman is kidnaped and taken into a corrupt asylum. She finds a long time patient is in her cell with her and together they must find a way to escape.

    Also looking for a good fight. All power levels under city smashing allowed.

    So that's all I can think of at the moment, if your interested, or have a idea that you think I'll be interested in, post here and I'll send you a PM.

    Good day, and may the rest of your days also be good!
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  2. Ooohh, Pirate misadventures sounds like fun. Hit me up, buddy boy!
  3. Still looking~

    Added some fandoms, two of which I doubt anyone has heard of.
  4. The one with two bffs on a quest to save their fave MMO is pretty awesome
    ( omg, dudeee, i love comedy too xD I play the clown often and I love pretty pictures- there is just some things words cannot do justice [and my vocab has probs too xD ] )
  5. Added another oddball and the only romance I would be willing to do. Why? Because I have the perfect character for it.
  6. Shadow of the Colossus :O

    Yes please~

    The mercenaries/monster hunters idea is pretty dang awesome as well.

    I've never really been a romance person either; I have trouble getting into it. Though I DO enjoy stories of escaping asylums. Romances like that I can more or less handle. I don't usually play "normal" characters though. Gotta say though, tweak the normalcy to a very slightly crazy and the whole plot idea is golden in my eyes.

    But I am totally down for anything, and just really want to find a roleplay partner. I've had a lot of spare time lately, so chances are I'll definitely be able to post daily. If needed, I'd be available more often than that, but I'm a patient person who knows that people have lives :)
  8. FANTASY PIRATES. *Looks at replied* Looks like its taken, but I STILL LOVE IT. Yeah... what can I say; pirates are bloody brilliant. If its no longer open, though, perhaps you'd be up for that paranormal investigators idea?
  9. None of them are taken. I'm all ways willing to do more then one of one type!
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