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Crocodile Dundee would get his hat handed to him...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Sep 24, 2011.


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    But there is more......

    A bigger one may be out there....

    Click here for the story and details

  2. Holy shit, that thing's a dinosaur, not a crocodile. O_o
  3. Eeeeek. Monster!
    How did they catch it in the first place? D;
  4. Probably gave it horse tranqs.
  5. Nah, they just sent me in.

    I put that ponce in a headlock and dragged his ass from the swamp.

    And he was all like, "Nuuu, dun hurt meh, Asmo!"

    And I was like, "Shut your cunt mouth!"

    Then I gave him a slap and roped him up good and proper.

    And he was like "Nuuuu!" even though he was secretly turned on by it.

    Then I dragged him with one arm through the swamp so all the other swamp things could see what a pansy he was.

    And I was like, "Job fucking done."
  6. Looks like a good lunch.