PORTRAIT REQUEST Critter "Reboot" Request

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  1. I'm involved in an RP, and have had a few issues with other player characters getting my character's appearance wrong. So, using the same material I tried using for the RP, I'd like to see if I can get someone here to provided some freebie image based on this pic:


    I also provided this description, and added the changes I wanted, to turn the above character into the one I wanted to use for the RP. Here are the changes:

    Name: Unknown

    Age/Sex: Young adult male

    Race: Takasiheen

    Appearance: Looks pretty much just like a Nism... like Deen above, for convenience (and because Creators tend to create in their own image)... except for a shoulder-mane of quills, instead of a shroudruff of feathers. And, no forehead badge. Still a strong, tough bugger, though! Never argue with claws or teeth (or a charming smile).......

    As in the above image, I'd like a full-body pose, preferably "anatomically correct" as detailed in the description, just so the other RP players have "everything" they need to get my character right. Any questions, just ask... oh, important: By "shoulder-mane," I mean a thick ruff of fur to "cushion" his quills, from base of neck to mid-back. Don't want him sticking himself with his own quills when he folds them against his back!

    Thanks, and Thanks Again...