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  1. Because I have no willpower to do anything constructive right now and am deliriously sleepy! 8D

    So what ARE the largest critter clans of Iwaku?

    We have the Fox clan, Cats, Wolves, Falcons, Owls, the occasional Ferrets and Penguins. Dogs. Maybe bunnies?

    Am I missing anybody? O__O Do we have a group of platypus lovers or anaconda people? SNAKES?

    How many people are in these groups!


    *Places Asmo in the Wild Ass clan and skips away giggling.*
  2. Diana! You're missing DRAGONS! XD But I'm usually one to side with foxes.
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  3. What!? No bears!?!

    I am appalled.

    My money is on a few..

    • The lone wolf (Pining too hard for romance)
    • The annoyingly try hard cutesy fox
    • Cats that are a little too friendly
    • Penguins for lolsorandumbxDDD
    • Maybe some more
    Needs more bears.

    Lamia are cool too.
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  4. What's a goat got to do to get some recognition around here? Geez.
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  5. i'm with foxes and turtle's
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  6. [​IMG]
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  8. What the fuck are you all talking about?
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  9. Read, Asmod, and you'll understand lol silly
  10. I feel like I am part of the almighty alpaca clan.
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  11. *reads*

    What the fuck are you all talking about?
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  12. Excuse me?


    There better be more ferrets. We sophisticated gents and gals prefer the company of many others! Harumph. Also, don't leave anything lying around. I have the uncontrollable need to borrow things without asking. And then not return them.
  13. *flicks Asmo with her tail* you're a lost cause haha

    :P just kidding
  14. [​IMG]

    Honey Badger Clan in this shizz.​
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  15. And stink of filth. TAKE A SHOWERRRR
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  16. I'm a rare creature known as a ginger. Does that fit into a category? XD *gets shot*
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  17. I like cats. All kinds of cats. House cats, Bobcats, Big Cats... I like cats.
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  18. Parrots.
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