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  1. It was a late afternoon as a black colored car was seen driving down the road. The two men seen inside were talking about something as they were driving past a local highschool slowly. Looking at the red hair female who came walking out after everyone else Xanthus scanned the area seeing no danger at all. “Xanthus we've been watching this girl for three days now. You positive she's the one we're looking for?” Asked the man to his right. Xanthus smirked and said, “Just trust me Adel she has to be. I remember that hair color any day and even though I've lost most of my memory. I remember fleeing with a red headed baby nearly sixteen years ago trying to get that child to safety. That's all I remember of that horrific day.

    “That day changed history. And showed us how vulnerable and weak we truly were to those horrible fiends. Oh sorry no offense considering you are one of them.” Said Adel. “None taken I am the traitor to my kind after all. At least that's what they call me when I come across them. Anyways we've done enough surveillance today let's move out Adel. We have to head back to headquarters.” Said Xanthus.

    The two of them drove on back and didn't take long to arrive. Pulling into the gates Xanthus put the car into park but ended up hitting the sign behind them. “Damn it Xanthus!! I told you a thousand times not to damage my car!” Yelled Adel. “Well, I've told you that I'm still trying to pick up the habit of driving. Besides it's just what you humans call a little fender bender. I'll fix the dent so stop having a child's fit.” Said Xanthus.

    “Sorry... even after sixteen years of working with you I still can't get used your driving...” Said Adel. “I think it's time you retired you old man. I mean how long have you been working with these people thirty years or so?” Teased Xanthus as they got out of the car. “That's about right I was in my prime years about nineteen when I joined. But I still have the will to fight in me so don't underestimate me child!” Adel spoke roughly. “I don't know how old I am, unlike you who time has been rough on. I for one haven't aged a day physically.” Xanthus said as they walked inside the building. The place itself was packed with quite a few people walking around. Some carrying paper work while others were just chatting in the halls.

    “Man look at this place usually it's never this packed we must have had a serious jump in recruits.” Said Adel. “Yes, and not many will live past a month sadly." Said Xanthus. "Half the time you eat those words. Humans are stronger then you give us credit for." Said Adel.​
  2. He stood amongst them.. The "New Recruits" to bolster the ranks of defenders of the human race. Those considered Fresh Meat and expendable until the day they prove themselves. He didn't stand out.. not officially. On Paper he was no different, just another grunt looking for a purpose.. hoping to be a part of something greater.

    To those who didn't know him he was cold, and quiet. His eyes and hair dark with a seemingly permanent scowl stuck on his face at almost all times. To spite this there was no doubt in anyone's mind that "Ryk" was a force to be reckoned with. He refused to use guns, not that he couldn't, he constantly said "it's too impersonal.." he didn't like having to keep his distance from a target, then he was more than capable of neutralizing them in close combat.

    Bullets could be deflected, rockets split, and grenades could be returned to their sender.. but a blade. There was no stopping his edge.

    The new recruits were being put through a little spar-training, gathered in the center of HQ where there was the most space and least chance for collateral damage. Unarmed training with a female officer as the overseer. Her hair was long and dyed a bright violet hue that was parted to one side and spilled over her left shoulder. She wore glasses, and seemed more suited for desk work, but one could never judge a book by it's cover.

    "Next up.. Jordan.. and Ryk." She said in a commanding voice, and two recruits stepped forward. Ryk was the slighter of the two. Not scrawny, but hardly looked a match for his opponent who was everything a soldier should have been. Brave, fired up, and raring to show his stuff.

    "We'll see how good you are without your precious sword in hand, Dick." The man taunted, but Ryk didn't reply. He simply looked straight back into his eyes. Calm, and silent. "Well go on, SAY something, Man! We're supposed to be fighting! Showing our stuff to the higher ups so we can quit with the grunt work!"
    Ryk didn't say a word, he simply raised his fists and gestured for the other to approach him. Jordan answered in kind, charging forward in a furious flurry of well aimed and strong punches. Ryk weaved and bobbed between them, coming close only a few times, and blocking others to conserve his energy. The fight was fast paced and seemingly one sided. Jordan kept pushing, and Ryk did nothing but defend, as if waiting for that key moment..


    It happened so fast no one saw it coming, and whats more those who watched it happen still didn't quite understand what had just transpired. All they knew was Jordan must've made a mistake as Jordan was suddenly assailed with three or more quick strikes and the man was collapsing onto the mat.

    Ryk stood over him as he fell, and cocked his head to the side. ".. my name is Ryk. not Dick. Remember that..."

    Joradn blinked in a daze, then when he came to he couldn't help but grunt. "..Maybe i will. That was pretty good." He smirked and Ryk helped him up.

    "The victor by TKO. Ryk. Next up..."
  3. "I guess it's true when they say it's true all brawn no brains huh Mana." Said Xanthus hopping over and taking a seat next to a kid who held a clip board. "Get lost Xanthus can't you see I'm busy?" Said the boy in an an annoyed tone. "Well someone took an extra cranky tablet before bed last night. So how's the new recruits going?" Asked Xanthus. "So far they suck I see a bunch of high and mighty people who don't know what hell they'll be dealing with. This isn't a fun zone and these people are going to be dead on their first missions." Said Mana annoyed. Hearing a bit of commotion the new recruits scattered fast as a silver wolf came walking through. It came up off to the side lines and walked over sitting down next to Xanthus. It then looked to Xanthus and said, "Word on the street is you're going to be getting a replacement partner soon my friend." "Just great another new hassle to deal with..." Said Xanthus.
  4. The wolf came through and the group scattered in its wake. New blood wasn't used to seeing such things yet and a great deal of them though it was a new enemy who somehow strolled right through their defenses.

    Ryk thought no such thing, instead taking a careful look at the wolf before the purple haired woman patted him on the shoulder and gestured for him to rejoin the others.

    " who are those people Lavette?" He asked and was immediately hit with a deathglare. " i mean.. Miss Pierce."

    "Don't worry Ryk, join ze others. I will return momentarily." And that she left toward xanthus and the others, and raised a brow.

    "Where's ze old man?" She asked curious about if xanthus' partner had finally kicked the bucket or not.
  5. "Adel went on another bathroom expedition and hasn't returned. Man I'm glad I don't need to eat like the half the humans here." Said Xanthus lightning up a cigarette. Though a fist bashed him across across his head knocking the cigarette right out of his hand where it was smashed by Mana who frowned. Glaring at Adel he said, "Thanks a lot jack ass that was my last one! And that hurt as well my cranium can only take so much abuse!" "And I've told you to keep your nasty habits to yourself! Don't subject others to that horrid crap! And do you even know what cranium means?" Asked Adel.

    Hearing the others around him start to laugh Xanthus stood up glaring as he said, "That's it your ass to training floor three right now! Time to settle this the old fashioned way the loser gets the winner anything that they want and I want a new pack of cigarettes!" "Fine but don't start crying when I whoop your sorry ass. And If I win you wash my car the old fashioned way." Said Adel.

    "Everyone clear out unless you wanna die!!" Yelled Xanthus and the newbies all quickly ran off to the side lines. The two of them took the opposite sides of the field. "Shall we show these rookies how it's really done?" Asked Xanthus pulling on his gloves. "Your choice." Said Adel. "Great let me know who dies I'm leaving." Said Mana to the woman as he stood up and walked off. "This is a good way to show them new recruits what it's like to fight a high class vampire." Said the silver wolf after Mana. "Like I care..." Said Mana leaving the doors slamming shut behind him.

    Xanthus just grinned saying, "Get ready old geezer." He then placed his palm to the ground and pulled his hand up a sword appearing. "This isn't usally my style but here it goes!!!" Said Xanthus suddenly appeared in Adel's face and swinging at him. Surprising to everyone the old man did quite a leap and landed behind Xanthus placed a gun to the back of his head. A bang went off as he had shot it and everyone just went wide eyed thinking he had killed Xanthus. But the ground under him suddenly cracked and he jumped back only to get slashed at again. As ice went across the ground the silver wolf had turned back into a man with sleek black hair and he was forced to put up a barrier protecting everyone around the outside. Thus boxing the two in the fighting area and he said, "They sure are something aren't they?"

    "Hold still you old fuck and let me cut you!" Yelled Xanthus swinging at Adel who kept stepping back dodging. "Hell no I don't need to have my head chopped off." Said Adel sending Xanthus skidding back. "Didn't you hear though headless is the new trend this year. But fuck it this sword isn't meant for me anyways." Said Xanthus the blade disappearing he drew his gun and shot several ice bullets at Adel instead.
  6. "Z'hat z'ey are.." Lavette said while taking a seat.

    Ryk moved out of the way as ordered by his superior, then went on to watching the fight. they were incredible, but he wasn't as vocal about it was everyone else was. It was more of a learning tool for him, information gathering and analysis. The gap in power was amazing.. he only hoped one day he'd honed his edge to match their skill.
  7. As Xanthus was forced to deflect a dozen or more shots from Adel. He frowned saying, "This is why these guns are such a pain not using real bullets but energy shots means endless suply. I really don't want to be swiss cheese either." Seeing the door open as a tall man wearing glasses came walking in with a laptop tucked under his arm Xanthus was forced to stop as he said, "Shit I forgot to put my report in!" He got frozen on the spot and Adel was in his face saying, "I win." Xanthus sighed and said, "Very well I'll let you have this one but only if I can take your car through the car wash later."

    "Deal." Said Adel as Xanthus broke the ice off his ankles. The barrier dropped and the two men gave each other a high five before Xanthus ran by the guy who came in as he said, "Nice to see you out of your hole Kai I'll talk later!" The doors slammed shut and Xanthus was gone. "Very funny smart ass..." Muttered Kai as he pointed to the man who dropped the barrier saying, "Noir where's Mana? I need to see whose going to be bumped up and put into a team from all the recruits today." "He left a while ago I don't know where too though." Said Noir.
  8. Lavette smiled fondly upon Kai, in spite of Xanthus' constant teasing, she at least enjoyed the mans company and respected the work he did. "Welcome Kai, you just missed ze duel. It was quite splendid.." She said with a kind smile.

    Ryk enjoyed the duel and watched as it was over just as quick as it had began. Amazing to watch, but even better to learn from, and Ryk intended to do just that. You never knew who you might end up fighting one day, and a good warrior is an intelligent one. He looked toward Lavette in question, but she seemed occupied and so he opted to go occupy himself with the other recruits until she opted to return.

    " Z'ey already know who's moving up? Exciting! I'll bet ALL of my boys will be promoted to ze next Rank. Z'ey are a bit rough around ze edges.. but zey're a very capable group." Lavette noted pointedly with pride in her tone.
  9. The doors opened and Mana came walking in before turning and saying, "I'm telling you Zane it's nothing really impressive to my eyes and since Xanthus and Adel are screwing around we won't get anything done for a while." The man who came walking through the door after Mana had everyone on edge. "Oh wow it's been ages since I seen him come out among the people..." Said Noir. "Well he doesn't need too really step in unless it's something as dangerous as back then.... Sixteen years ago was a hell of a blow to us..." Said Adel.

    "Oh looks like the fight ended already between those two clowns." Said Mana seeing things had calmed down. The doors swung open and Xanthus came in stopping and seeing the organization's leader standing right there he grinned and suddenly ice formed with a snap of his fingers several large spikes shot toward Zane who just held up his left hand they stopped mid stream making everyone gasp but what was to come next would scare the living daylights out of everyone. Zane just snapped his fingers and Xanthus threw himself out of the way and a hole was blown clear through the door and half way through the wall and building afer Zane had let lose a bolt of lightning. The crack was loud enough to make everyone jump and hold their ears as it was loud as hell.

    "Shit man I was just teasing you trying to kill me!" Said Xanthus freaked his hair now standing on end thanks to the electricity. He flattened it back down and Zane said, "I don't fuck around next time I won't miss..." "Real smooth smart ass don't come crying to Joel when you're burnt bacon next time!" Said Mana glaring. "Jeez I'm just glad only this room is occupied on this floor... Otherwise we'd have dead people on our hands..." Said Xanthus.
  10. When Zane made his entrance everyone stood at attention, Ryk included, though keeping calmly to the back while the more arrogant recruits moved closer to the front to try and impress with their loyal faces and bravado.

    Lavette moved calmly to her feet, crossing her arms over her chest while shaking her head at Xanthus' antics. "A foolish man, even a vampire, should show some manner of respect to superiors, Xan." she noted, before giving a salute to Zane. "Z'ough control would be advised, Master Zane."
  11. "That was only five percent of my power... Anymore I'd be a bug zapper and besides that idiot had it coming..." Said Zane. Xanthus glard as a few people snickered at him being Noir and Kai. "Anyways Mana who passed are you going to give me your report or tell me first hand?" Asked Kai. "I don't need anyone getting big heads let's take it back to your office." Said Mana. "That's even if you can make it through his front door Mana. Last time I walked in that place it was a trash heap." Said Xanthus with the roll of his eyes.

    "Speaking of big heads the girl Xanthus how is she doing?" Asked Zane calmly. "I am not obligated to become a certified staler. Same as always she hasn't shown any abnormalities signs or anything showing what she is." Said Xanthus. "I see... just give it time her power will show..." Said Zane. He then said, "By the way I already got you a new partner since Adel will be moving elsewhere." Said Zane. "Huh..." Said Xanthus shocked to see it was actually true. "Ryk will you come over here please." Said Zane over the heads of the other recruits and everyone turned looking at the guy.

    "No... no way I don't have time to fucking babysit Zane. He's just a kid in my eyes and that's suppose to be my back up partner!!" Said Xanthus angry. "That kid has the level of a B rank hunter." Said the voice of a woman who came walking up. "You're serious Sapphira how the hell could he?" Asked Xanthus. "I looked at everyone's blood results earlier his has the highest reading of any of the recruits here at the moment." Said Sapphira calmly. Xanthus slapped a hand to his forehead saying, "Why me..."
  12. Lavette raised a brow and paid closer attention to the conversation when the mention of the girl came in. She was curious as to what would happen when the girls powers manifested, but tat the same time.. she worried. What sort of life would this girl be leading? to be pulled out of her normal life and turned into a warrior just like that? All because of what she was? It hardly seemed fair.. but these were desperate times. And they needed to end this war before the entire planet gets torn apart by it.. more so than it already has at least.

    Then Ryk's name was called and all eyes were on him in an instant. His eyes grew wide for a moment, then narrowed in question. Not that he'd dare disobey an order from Zane.. but to be picked out was an honor very few got to experience. "Yes sir." He replied, and made his way through the recruits to stand before them at attention.

    Lavette felt a slight pain there... sure, Ryk was a capable recruit.. but he was still family first and the thought of him traveling with that ticking timebomb Xanthus.. would she ever see him again? Xanthus had a habit of finding trouble..

    "Erm.. perhaps... Z'ere's a more experienced soldier better suited? Master Zane? I mean.. I'm honored you chose someone from my group but.." Lavette asked, but Ryk stopped her with a calm glance.

    "It's fine, Levy. I graciously accept my new assignment." Ryk said, then turned his attention to Xanthus. "..and I hope to learn a lot from you, Master Xanthus."
  13. "Yeah be up at 5 a.m sharp any later you'll be walking." Said Xanthus. He then said, "Zane we need to talk now please. " As the two of them further down the damaged hall out of earth shot Xanthus started talking. And he was obviously doing everything he could not to explode as he kept glancing back in the directions of the others. He looked pretty mad and finally he gave a whistle and said, "Ryk come with me I need to talk with you about a few things." Zane came walking back over saying, "Lavette I appreciate your concern for your student but I wouldn't have Xanthus in the front lines if I did not trust him and to be blunt I'd trust him with my very life. He has lost all his memories except his name and what he is so be a little nicer." He then walked off and left the area. Noir said, "Zane's right Lavette... Some people are being a little too cruel to Xanthus. The other day I stopped by to deliever a report to him and saw him scrubbing red spray paint off the wall to his room. I saw some pretty harsh words on that wall so be a little more kind."
  14. Lavette felt a little bad after that.. Perhaps she was judging Xan a little harshly. Then she looked to Noir with an understanding nod. "..I never knew. He always seems so unphased by quips about what he is..." She apologized, and looked after them as Ryk nodded and started after Xanthus when Zane left. "Perhaps they'll be good partners zen."

    Ryk was called and so followed after Xanthus' lead, "Sure thing, what did you wanna talk about?"
  15. "I need to know your combat style to see if you have what it takes to cover my back." Said Xanthus firmly. "If that's the case why not run the boy through my simulation program with you? It's as close as to the real thing as you can get to realstic combat." Said Sapphira walking up. "Didn't the machine go haywire and those things can really fuck you up even if you're not careful..." Said Xanthus. "Actually there was a virus in the system how it got there I have yet to find out. I think one of the youngsters in my department accidently did something but there will be no one but me operating the virtual battle except me from now on." Said Sapphira.

    "Fine set it to level five facing C class battle simulations will be more then enough to teach the kid how shit works." Said Xanthus. "As you wish boys follow me to my floor. Once there head to platform C and once I got everything set up I'll let you know." Said Sapphira. "I hope you're ready kid... this will be nothing like you ever done before. First time I went in here I freaked the hell out and that was nearly fifteen years ago when I had to learn how the hunters did their job." Said Xanthus looking to Ryk.
  16. Ryk followed behind Xanthus and listened closely to what he had to say. He could tell by his body language and the harsh way he spoke that her wasn't all too happy to have a new recruit at a partner, but Ryk was determined to change his mind.

    "Not a problem. Tell me what to kill and consider the target neutralized." He said confidently, but the talk of the training room going berserk wasn't something he could shake off so easily. Where was the line between training session and life or death survival? His senses almost heightened instinctively, but he fought the impulse and figured it best to keep things.. Human for the time being.

    He then took careful notice of Sapphira, someone he hadn't seen before. "Should I get used to speaking with you? How should I address you.. er.. Ma'm?" He had to learn, the more he knew the more use he would be to Xanthus... Even if the vampire was as reckless as he was incredibly lucky..
  17. "Relax kid I'm just another nobody like yourself." Said Sapphira. She then stopped and said, "Here's your platform you two I need to go up to the main control area and start everything up. She left and Xanthus lead Ryk to the middle of the platform. Standing there in the dim area Xanthus didn't even jump when the lights snapped on around them and Sapphira's voice come through the speakers above their heads saying, "Everything's in top shape are you two ready.

    "Ready as we'll ever be care to explain what we're about to get into to him though?" "Sure listen up Ryk what I'm about to do is actiate the vitual battle here. Everything in the world you're about to enter is capable of hurting you. Your job is to rely on your skills you've learned to keep yourself alive and slay the enemies you come across. The enemies will be marked with red cursors above their heads while normal civilians have white cursors. OK now that's all explained you two ready?" Asked Sapphira.
  18. Ryk crossed his arms over his chest and listened to the explanation carefully. So.. it was like a video game? Or a simulator that can kill him? Seemed simple enough.

    "Sounds good to me. When does the simulation end?" He asked, curious.
  19. "I know what's running through your head boy this isn't those video games you're thinking of. Anyways it'll end as soon as I can get an idea of what you can do." Said Xanthus. He then held up his hand waving toward the camera saying, "Start it up Sapphira." "OK get ready boys." Said Sapphira as the lights dimmed and the platform vanished from under their feet. As the area began to particalize up around them the area they turned out to be on was on top of a high building. It was dark around them and above their heads was the night sky with a blood red moon seen above them.

    Once the area was stable to Xanthus he grabbed the radio off his waist and said into it, "OK everything seems stable is it safe to move out Sapphira." "Yes and good luck I'll be here when you're ready to get out of it." Her voice said coming back through the radio. "OK you heard the woman off we go hope you aren't afraid of heights kid." Said Xanthus as he stepped to the ledge of the building. "One thing you need to know your human limitations have been gone since the moment you came in contact with that acursed substance. Hunters are capable of performing things normal humans can't do. Like jumping long distances so here we go." Said Xanthus leaping to the next building over with had to be at least a hundred foot gap between the two. "Come on we don't have all day kid!" He called waving back over waiting for Ryk to take the leap.
  20. With a quick glance at his surroundings, Ryk marvelled at the brilliance of it all. The concrete of the rooftop beneath his boots, the smell of the air around them, Even the night sky that held the moon in its breat. It all loked so real, felt like they were no longer in the room.

    Then came Xanthus' check and his brief speech before he cleared a gap of eadily a couple hindred feet over the streets far below them.

    Ryk gawked at the feat and took a tentative few steps forward. Ryk was fine with heights, sure, it was boats that got him queazy, but tall buildings never bothered him. However, what xanthus had just did was superhuman. Granted he was technically just that, Ryk hardly thought this a time to show uncertainty.

    Exposure to critial X made him different? He had thought it must have some sort of effect since he survived the trial by happenstance.. Suppose it better to find his limitations now than later.

    Ryk took a few steps back, honing his senses and opening his mind. He could do this, he said so in his mind as he gave himself a running start strait to the ledge and kicked off. He could feel himself launch higher than normal, body soaring throught the air with nothing but the wind at his heels. Then he grew cocerned as he started to fall sooner than expected. He wasn't going to make it..

    His eyes narrowed and he braced himself as he blasted through he window of one of he lower floors, tucking and rolling to his feet before looking back over his shoulfer with a relieved sigh. "Shit.. Too short." He grumbled then dusted himself free of glass. He needed to find his way to the rooftop.
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