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BioCyte facility Alpha

His cell was cold and sterile without the slightest hint of an amenity. He was definately a prisoner in this place. He tried to recall how it was he'd come to be in this place but his mind was foggy. The result of drugs no doubt. His clothes had been removed of him and he was wearing a medical gown. How quaint this place was treating him like a medical hostage. He stood up and his side lit up in fire as he winced to the edge and tried to glance around. The soreness in his neck told him he'd been sleeping on that sad excuse of a bed with no pillow for a few days at least. And the pain in his body was new. A few days or less. So whatever happened he was getting hurt while he was here.

To what end though? Who stood to gain anything from his capture? What was the angle? He punched the transparent steel wall. So it wasn't plexiglass as he'd thought. That meant who ever was holding him had means and money. Two dangerous things to factor together when someone was up to no good. He tried to peer around and see if he could see anyone else.

He opened his mouth to speek and choked out a hoarse "Hello?"
Expensive three inch heels clicked down the marble hallway as Zoey strode through the lobby, ignoring the drooling adoration of the almost teenager behind the front desk. "Good evening, Miss. Leavold." The young man greeted, nearly tipping over his chair in an attempt to get a good view of her ass before she disappeared. With a barely noticeable roll of her eyes, Zoey nodded in return, laying her hand upon the electronic scanner before she leaned in to allow it to scan her eye. She then disappeared into a small hallway that held only the door she'd come through and an elevator. She pushed the glowing button and waited.

Once inside the elevator, Zoey pressed the buttons indicating the floors in a certain order and a small panel opened, asking for another ID scan. She followed this one through and was allowed to descend two floors where she exited and confirmed her ID for a third time. This security is fucking ridiculous... She thought, not for the first time as the reinforced steel doors slid open to reveal a long hallway filled with ten by ten foot cells approximately a yard from each other. They looked a little like ice cubes, she mused as she headed to the first cell and lifted a clip board. The side facing the hallway was reinforced one-way glass so she was able to see the occupant; a fae, whom seemed content to sit and sing Gaelic songs that were almost as old as she was. She nodded to the Fae and mouthed "Good evening, Mr. Sullivan." The man looked up as if he could see her and nodded a hello. Some days she wondered if he just did that every few minutes just to make her think she could see him, but she was pretty sure he just knew.

She turned to make her way down the row of cellmates before a gruff voice called out a "Hello." Changing her course to the other side of the hallway she came to the second cell. The occupant was obviously hurt, it was barbaric how the day shift treated these if they were creatures that deserved no humanity...oh, if only they knew. It broke her heart to see this man so bruised and she checked his chart; though she had almost every Subject's information memorized already. A hollow click echoed through Subject D's cell and a crackle proceeded her beautiful, if distorted, voice. "What can I do for you this evening, Mr. Vicenza?"
"I...where...what is this place? Where am I?" He asked after clearing the cobwebs out of his throat. He rubbed his eyes trying to get the groggy sensation out of his system. This place, the people, it was all so sterile. He couldn't figure out why he was here. Had something happened? He glanced around as his eyes tried to focus over the drugs lingering in his system. They would have had to dose him pretty heavy to get this kind of effect. He wasn't a doctor, but he knew the general vampiric resistances to human grade anesthetics.

"What happened? why am I here?" He coughed a little and glanced around as his sight got less fuzzy. He ran a hand through his black tossled hair and brought his blue eyes up to bare on what he could only assume was the area where the voice was coming from. "Are you in charge here?"

He was confused, and there were gaps in his memory he wanted to patch. "Why am I locked in this cage....what have you done to me?"
Zoey's brow knitted for just a moment before her perfect, porcelain skin smoothed once more. Blue eyes sparkled as they scanned the subject and her tongue darted over her lips for just a moment. "I am in charge of the evening shift at the Centre. You have been drugged for your own safety during transportation. Apparently you were a difficult specimen to acquire. You must be famished. Do you prefer human or magical blood?" She scanned his sheet but it didn't list what he was preferential to; he must have been extremely new. Actually, other than basic physical stats and, quite obviously, that he was a vampire. There really wasn't much information on him. She'd have to sit down with him.

Strictly speaking, the staff wasn't supposed to associate with the subjects more than absolutely necessary but Zoey was an exception. The staff all thought she was amazingly brave and just "too nice to hurt" though many of them worried about her. She'd been warned off her social interactions more than once but considering this entire facility was hers, the staff didn't really have much say. As far as they knew she was just a sweetheart that fell into a huge inheritance and somehow knew a lot about magical creatures. In truth, saccharine poison was more on the mark than sweetheart, the money was all hers and she wasn't too nice to hurt, she was too fucking scary. She was, after all, even older than the Fae Lord; and he was a little over fifteen hundred.
He shook his head averting his gaze. "Human is fine..." he paced his cell like a caged cat that was being teased with a piece of meat. "Why was I acquired? What am I doing here? What are you doing to me here?" He scanned around the cell trying to spot possible weak points but the construction was solid. Whoever put him in there knew what to expect of vampires and how to avoid problems. He wouldn't even be able to shamefully try and seduce anyone to get out. He was trapped in an unbreakable cage with only his reflection and a disembodied feminine voice to keep him company.

"Not very fair I get stuck looking at myself while you can see I even get to face my capturs?" He glanced around debating striking the walls of the cell to stress test it, but he doubted it would get him anywhere and his strength wasn't where it could be. She was right, he needed to feed and boost his metabolism. Unless they laced the blood with it and that was how they made sure they kept him pliable enough. He cursed his breath and circled tightly in the cell. He missed his home, his safe spot.
Zoey took her finger off the intercom button and dialed a brief number into a small device that looked not unlike an x-box controller. Within seconds the door at the far end of the hallway opened and a trembling man collapsed at the rough shove of a guard. Cold eyes lowered to the man on the floor and she crossed her arms, waiting for him to come to her. She didn't even have to use her glamour anymore, this man would drag himself across red hot broken glass with shattered legs if it meant he could get to her; the benefits of being as old as she was. As is, he was able to stand and walk to her side. It was then that she entered another password and went through an identification process that required a retinal scan, fingerprints, a password and a drop of blood. Finally, the door to cell block D opened with a hiss, the reinforced steel sliding upward easily as the airlock was broken.

The man walked into the cell without being told and Zoey followed, the door closing behind her within seconds. If the subject had attempted to make a break for it she could have snapped him in half before he made it half way out the door, even if he was a vampire, so she wasn't all that worried. Plus, the scent of fresh blood would hopefully distract him. The man she'd chosen was a child molester. He'd raped three thirteen year old girls, one of which was his daughter, so she had no problem feeding him to a vampire; if this man was the killing type. Some where, which is why she chose only human scum for her feeding cells.

She then commanded the man to bear his neck to the vampire as she settled onto his bed, legs crossed. She wore a white ankle-length lab coat over very expensive black slacks and a black top that v'ed over her breasts enchantingly. Her platinum blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun, though a few locks spilled free around her face to highlight the crystal blue of her eyes. She was, in a word, breathtaking. And she knew it.

"Feed." Zoey said quietly, not that she'd needed to command the man since he'd been starving. She then averted her eyes politely; some preferred to eat privately, and waited for him to finish. "Don't spare him unless you're inclined, he doesn't deserve his life." She added as an afterthought. Though she was usually one to feed without killing, the more hungry and weak a vampire was, the harder it was to resist the urge; and some didn't try in the first place. Either way, her vampire obviously needed the extra boost of vitality a kill would give him and she didn't want to deprive him of that unless it was his choice to pass up the healing euphoria.

"We can talk when you are finished and I will answer your questions honestly."
The scent of flesh and blood flooded his nostrils and his retina's contracted momentarily. His gaze locked on the man and then the woman whom he assumed owned the voice that spoke to him early. He glanced between them for a moment as she sat on his bed instructing him to feed on this man. He glanced to her and tried to retain some dignity as he fed on the man. He could feel the mans heartbeat. Fast, nervous almost...and the more Vitorio fed on him the more he could feel that steady beat slow and decline. As the beat slowed down he felt himself start to slip. He tighted his grip and thrust his fangs deeper into the flesh and felt himself surge with a renewed energy and vigor. At last the heart beat stopped and he threw the corpse down and let out a maddening howl.

He hadn't fed like that in some time. His gown was stained a dark crimson, and his chin and bottom lip were coated in blood. He turned to face her now as his eyes slowly started to return to something passed for human. He wiped the excess off on his arm and turned his gaze from the body to the woman and back. What place was this that would torture him and then treat him to this? Were they testing him? Or pushing him perhaps?

"Who are you and what do you want with me? Tell me why I'm here."
"First of all, you need to be a little more civilly dressed..." Zoey produced a folded up pair of dark grey sweat pants and a plain black t-shirt which she'd brought in tucked under arm. "I've seen you naked but if you want privacy I can turn my gaze. I wouldn't suggest trying anything while I have my back turned." She laid the clothing down on his bed and turned her head again. "I'll also have more comfortable furniture delivered if I can have your word it won't be destroyed. We brought in a werewolf a few months ago that tore about three thousand dollars worth of things to shreds. Needless to say, we're more careful now."

She waited until he'd dressed before she turned back to him and answered his questions. "My name is Zoey Elizabeth Leavold. I'm the head of this operation. And you're our first vampire." She flashed him a grin, wondering if he'd be able to notice the lie she was technically skirting around. "Welcome to your overly humble abode. Your purpose is to provide as much information as possible on vampires. Feeding habits, strengths, weaknesses, all that stuff so I can use it in my research. We plan on acquiring more vampiric test subjects where we can but vampires are actually pretty hard to catch. Go figure." She smiled at him, an open gesture that lit up her face and made her radiate like moonlight.

"Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable? Other than the forestated?"
He caught the clothes cautiously and struggled with the novelty of the situation. He let the medical gown slide freely away from his body and pulled the sweatpants up his lean form first. Then the top and she turned back around. He found himself wanting to undress her with his eyes and he beat the thought back violently. This woman was holding him hostage. Planned to test on him like some kind of guinea pig. How could he be thinking of something like that at a time like this? It'd been a long time since he'd shared his body with another woman though.

He sized her up for a moment, a nice attractive form in modest clothing. She meant business and was out to make good on what she said. Those lips though...He shook his head again.

"So you plan to use me as your pin cushion to learn more about vampires. Then what? What's the end game? We stay out of humanities lives as best as we can. At least....most of use do. Why go through such an elaborate process to learn about us? What's to be gained?"
"Oh, no drugs will be involved. I don't believe in animal testing." They way she said it you could tell she was quoting the other people who worked in the facility...and that the words made her sick. "Just basic physical things really. You'll be well fed and, should you prove to be a willing and cooperative subject throughout the process I," She cleared her throat, pissed at herself for the slip, "we may compensate you for your time. As for what we get out of it, a greater understanding." Her eyes flickered brightly for a moment and, were he looking a just the right time, he would notice the predatory gleam. "That's not all, of course. But that's all I'll tell you. Any other questions?"

Zoey wiggled back on his bed and leaned against the wall, legs curled to one side beneath her. Her entire demeanor was relaxed almost vulnerable...she wondered if he'd take the bate.
He watched her quietly as she spoke. Looking for anything he might be able to use. Though he was more comfortable in isolation he'd become accustomed to reading people very quickly in order to figure out how to deal with them. This one was a perplexing individual. On one hand she seemed compassionate and concerned. Modest and well dressed, and businesslike in a lot of ways. But there was also something else behind the bun and lab coat and those lips...It was like staring a lycan in the face. A hungry one that had you cornered and aimed to put you on the menu.

"'s just like that? I do what you say and I can go free? How long will I have to be here?" He was almost within arms reach of the bed before he noticed he'd slowly drifted over almost unconsciously. He needed to taste those have them, claim them and make them his. He tried to shake the feeling but he was feeling overpowered by it. He'd never met a woman so enthralling so...captivating.

"I..." She was almost there....he ached for her touch and he wasn't even sure why.
"More or less, yes. Just like that. If there's nothing else..." Zoey then stood and walked to the door which was nearly invisible when closed. "The movers will have your new things here within the hour. I have a couple werewolves who will do all the heavy lifting...and will kill you if you attempt to escape. Have no doubt about that." She paused and turned to him with pursed lips, silent for a moment. "You should know, if you don't do what I say, I'll kill you." And with that the door opened and shut as fast as the metal could possibly move. There was a hiss as the door closed behind her and Zoey released the breath she'd been holding. Of course, vampires didn't have to breathe, but she found it made people immensely uncomfortable when she didn't...and it gave her it had become a habit of late.

If he was clever, the vampire would have noticed that she'd specifically said that she would kill him. Not that she would have him killed. And though that could be interpreted the same way it would, if he were as intelligent as she hoped, give him something to think about.

At that, Zoey returned to cell B as if nothing had happened and resumed her rounds, barely a half hour behind schedule. Her eyes flicked over the werewolf's chart and she scowled a little, her gaze rising up to see the man stretched across the giant navy blue shag rug he'd pulled onto his bed and was using as a furry sheet. She assumed this had more to do with personal eccentricity than the species but still, it was amazingly odd. She took a note and, almost smiling to herself she replaced the chart, checking subject B off her list. Only seventeen more to go...
He snapped out his daze as she was up and at the door before he had a chance to react. He began to wonder about her more now as he rolled what she said around in his head. How would she plan to kill him? She didn't seem like the type to be cheap and use some kind of trap or fixture. He got the impression she meant by her own bare hands. The thought puzzled him as much as it did intrigue him. He hadn't been very much interested in anyone else. Not since...he shook the thought from his mind and went back to musing about his situation.

What did he know? He was in a cell that seemed designed to specifications specificially made for him. They had the resources and manpower to seek out, and detain vampires against their will. They sought to understand them, learn about them, study them. This felt way too much like a build up to something bad. This wasn't typically something he'd put himself to, but he needed to figure out just what it was they planned to do with the information they collect from him. If this put his people at risk he had to tear this place to the ground somehow. It had been a long time since he'd ever used violence against another being. It wasn't something he was pleased with doing, but had no reservations against it if it meant the security and well being of his kind. He wouldn't just sit back and let this woman potentially destroy his kind.

He turned and went back to his bunk and sat on it closing his eyes and waiting in the silence for his next visitor(s). He knew it would be some time most likely so he had no issue with being patient. The more he played along the more information he could gather on them in return.
A few hours later, Zoey returned to cell D and opened the intercom button. “Mr. Vicenza. It is time for your first physical. During your medical exam we will switch your furniture and provide you with fresh clothing. I'm going to open the door now. Do you plan to cooperate or will I need restraints?” She paused to allow him to answer. No matter what he said, she was flanked by four armed guards. Two with heavy duty tranquillity, two with M4s. With the exception of facial features, these men all looked identical.

They were in black armour that was obviously made of something stronger and more flexible than anything the military has ever seen. All four of them were just as obviously ex-military and they kept the hair-cut and attitude. They also had identical hair cuts and honestly looked like a bunch of Hulk clones. Oh yes, and sunglasses. Though the hallway had no windows or anything other than blaring fluorescent lights, each guard wore specially designed glasses that guarded against glamour; one of Zoey's personal inventions.

The metal door slid open and the five of them stood back simultaneously, allowing room for subject D to step out. He would notice that a weird fog seemed to cloud all of the one-way mirrors on the other cells, making it impossible for him to see the other occupants. Zoey was more than proud of her ability to think ahead in these sorts of situations. Cell mates who could see each other could form alliances...secrets...escape plans. And that would not be tolerated. She turned, leading the party with the vampire behind her and the guards behind him. Usually, it would be stupid for her to turn her back to such a predator, but she knew he had no chance against her guards, let alone her.

“Follow.” Though the command wasn't necessary, she knew it would annoy him to obey orders from her; he was obviously at least a tad dominant. So she did it to push his buttons; to see how far she could go before he snapped. And, though she would tell herself it was just for research, her heart beat just a little faster at the thought of a well matched battle. ...It had been so long.
His eyes snapped open instantly and he turned to face the door. He rose and approached the wall and looked at it as though trying to peer through the reflection. To see through to the otherside. He knew it was a waste though, and nodded to her in compliance. "Yes...I'll cooperate." He rubbed his wrists consciously. Being shackled was something he wasn't too fond of. It was insult enough being locked inside this...prison cell. The fact they were trying to make him comfortable was a farce. Still, all things considered he guessed it could have been worse. He figured they really could have just strung him up and done whatever they wanted to with him and toss him aside when they got what they wanted from him. The alternative was a much better method in retrospect.

As the door opened he cautiously glanced out the opening unsure of what the procedure was expected in this instance. Was he to step out freely? Or were they to enter and withdraw him against his will? Eventually he creeped out of his cell and immediately noticed the awkwardly armored and sunglass sporting goon squad at her flanks. They looked military and over steroided. An eyebrow perked upwards for a moment as he inwardly smirked at the outward appearance of the help. As he was led through the halls he mentally noted the smoke clouding the view of other inmates. It was a very tight operation they had running here. If he was going to do anything about this place it looked to be all on his own shoulders. After he gathered his information though, and not a moment sooner. Well...perhaps a kiss first, then his escape. He winced mentally...

Damnit Vito, get your head clear.

He glanced back up again as she ordered him to follow her. It seemed a redundant order but he figured it was issued more from habit sake and having to break in the new guys than it was her thinking he wasn't competant enough to understand the balance of power in the situation. She was the one holding his leash, and his life for that matter. Just like so long ago...His memory flashed, Isabella...He shook his head with a grimmace. Something he preferred not to recall. Not now at least, with Zoey there to remind him of her. His eyelids narrowed slightly still at being told to follow her. It made him feel like a animal. This whole place did, it was such an insult to his dignity and pride. He grit his teeth and nodded his head as they marched onwards through the sterile halls.

"So...where are we going?" He paused a minute and glanced at linebacker number 2 and then back to Zoey "And are they all this ugly?"
Zoey struggled to restrain her grin so it took her a moment to respond since she wouldn't dare allow her voice to hint her amusement. “The medical wing. And yes. Unfortunately, most of that crap is usually necessary.” She didn't elaborate. Information was power.

Upon approaching the door, Zoey went through the scans and entered a different password from her usual one. She shielded her typing with her hand, of course. The new password told the computer she was taking someone with her. The door slid open, a green light flashing twice as she walked through with Subject D. The door slid shut behind her and she walked to the elevator but didn't press the button.

“We have about four seconds to talk freely. I've turned off the camera in this section for the five minutes it'll take to get you to the medical centre. I know you don't like being here but I will explain in time. All you need to know is that I have no hostility toward you. The people who beat the shit out of you bringing you here have been killed. Think on anything you want to know without being monitored and ask me next v-.”

She was cut off by the door hissing open and shut for each of the guards. The first one came through with his weapon readied and pointed toward the vampire in case he'd tried to make a move against Zoey. “Put that down. I'm fine.” The guard sheepishly lowered his weapon as the second one joined them. “Sorry Ma'am.” He grumbled. She didn't respond. When all four guards had joined them in the room she pressed the elevator button and went through the necessary security to get the six of them to the medical wing.

Zoey smiled at the doctor and offered her a wave. “Hey there Sasha!” The doctor turned, revealing that she was clearly as beautiful as Zoey. “Hey honey!” The two of them appeared to be complete opposites. Where Zoey was pale with bright blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, Sasha was of native american colouring. They looked like chocolate and cream though their appearances seemed to be their only differences. Their personality was almost identical.

“Brought a new one for you. A vampire.” Zoey winked and Sasha's eyebrows lifted for a moment as she eyed him. Like Zoey, when speaking to anyone other than the other woman, her tone as all business. “Sit please.” She said, directing him to a medical table where she had a tray full of needles. “Remove your clothing.”
He glanced to Zoey who was becoming more and more enigmatic by the moment. First she struck him as all business and quickly asserted herself in dominance. Then took a softer approach with him in the elevator. Was she a double agent of sorts? If so wouldn't it have been easier to sabatoge their progress instead of helping it? Questions for a more worthy mind he supposed. For now he was forced to do as they asked for face the consequences. He sighed for a moment and swallowed his pride and dignity as he shrugged off his clothing and did his best to cover himself. He tried to keep his thoughts cold and neutral but the idea of Zoe seeing him like was kind of exciting.

Did I just call her zoe?

"Now what?" He asked the doctor, she was the one holding the cards here. She had the power, he was just doing what he was told.
Sasha blinked as if the specimens didn't usually speak to her like that. “Full physical. Including a fair bit of your blood.” She indicated the tray. “You'll then be sent out for a run, right Zoe?” Zoey nodded and took a seat, waiting for the doctor to finish.

Sasha blew on her hands and rubbed them together to warm them up. This, if nothing else, was an indication that she wasn't accustomed to this line of medical work. Never the less, she was efficient as she checked him from head to toe, and as polite as possible as she drew ten large phials of blood from his arm. She then allowed him to redress and nodded to Zoey before taking her phials and notes into a back room.

“Come.” Zoey said to the vampire; again making mostly unnecessary commands for the sake of asserting her dominance. And with that, she left the room and headed down the hallway as if there were no question he would follow. Of course, if he didn't, he'd be shot down and dumped back in his room, so it was a relatively safe bet. “Sasha was right. You need to be set free. Do you prefer cities or wilderness?”
He did as he was told and then followed along behind Zoe. Now he was just perplexed. Why had they gone to the effort of furnishing his room if she was just going to cut him loose? What was going on? " City is fine. I can find my way from there. But what is this all about? You've thrown more curveballs at me than a major league pitcher." He caught up to her for a moment and risked hooking a hand in her arm and turned her around. It was bold and risky and not typically something he'd do. But he needed to see her eyes, to see what was going on in that head of hers. To try and get a fix on what was going on.

"What about you?..." He trailed off. He wasn't sure what or how to say it. He felt compelled to stay near her. Something was different about her, something off. He couldn't pin it down with is finger but he had a feeling if he left her alone something bad might happen and he couldn't risk that on his conscious. For too long he'd kept himself pent up, isolated from the world. Now he was dragged out of his comfort zone and this woman was his only source of interaction. Perhaps it was stockholm syndrome, or perhaps it was insatiable curiousity for her, but he didn't like the idea of just abandoning her for his own safety.

"I'm not going anywhere without you."
Zoey stopped the instant his hand touched her. She hid her gaze at the last moment so no one would notice that her eyes had turned snow white. She wasn't, however, able to contain her other unconscious reaction. Her hand flew to his and crushed it where it sat on her arm. When she allowed herself to turn to look at him, she made sure the guards couldn't see her eyes.

“Guns down. He didn't hurt me.” She said without looking, knowing it was a miracle the vampire hadn't been shot already. Releasing his hand she said quietly, “This is my facility. I am in no danger. You will do precisely what I tell you when I tell you or you will die.” A little louder she shook her head, her eyes slowly fading back to blue.

Set free is the phrase we use to describe testing you in your natural habitat. It's a simulation. Trust me, you wouldn't be lucky enough to just be set free like that.” Three of the guards scoffed a little but the one closest to Zoey was looking at her carefully. “I don't mean to tell you your business ma'am...but you're not breathing.” He grumbled...or maybe that's just how he spoke. “Oh!” Zoey giggled, allowing her tone to sound a little ditzy for a moment. “I guess he just gave me a fright. It's okay. We'll take him in to the simulation room and I'll go grab a drink.” The guards nodded but the one that had spoken watched her a little more closely.

When they reached the simulation room Zoey opened the door and shoved the vampire none too gently into the room, closing the door behind him. “Guard that.” She ordered the guards, even though there was no way out of any room from the inside. She then walked off toward her office where she could drown in a glass of deep

The simulation room was the largest room on the entire facility. It was approximately three square miles and could project any scene though, usually, Zoey used the extensive forest outside the facility to conduct her wilderness experiments. Werewolves and such can tell the difference between a simulation and the real thing, you know. For the city though, the room was perfect. As soon as Vicenza was thrown into it, the room flickered to life and looked like a perfect simulation of New York City. Complete with simulated people, and a few real ones...though it was hard even for his super senses to tell the difference. This was obviously amazing technology.

Though the objective was unclear it would be safe to think he wouldn't get out until Zoey had gotten the result she wanted...and after what had happened in the hallway...