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  1. Be gentle, this is my first time ^.^

    But Symphony and I are putting together a plot for a story we'd like to see if others would want in on too. It's a Modern day setting involving Vampires. The backdrop of the story is that Vampires exist alongside humanity in secret. That keeps the peace best, so that's what has been done. The problem is that some want to expose what they suspect is the problem, where others want to expose themselves tired of living a secret lie.

    Vampires of all walks of life and age are welcome to sign up, I only ask for the basic info.

    Just a brief snipit of their background should suffice but the more the better so other players can better get involved. Alongside this players are also encouraged to sign up as humans if they should wish as I'm open to new angles intro'd by that :)

    That said, the door is open :)
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    is the link to the thread.

    As far as Vampiric capabilities, the vampires in this world have super strength and speed, superior senses and rapid healing. They can be killed by sunlight, decapitation and have a reaction to garlic though that is non lethal to them.
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    Name Vitorio Vicenza
    Age 350 years
    Nationality Italian

    Growing up in Italy during the Renaissance, Vitorio was exposed to the world of science and art with a vivid passion for painting. In time he was apprenticed to a master painter who in time could teach him all he knew. However, Vitorio's world was soon derailed when his apprenticship was cut short by a vampire attack. They came quick and silent. Rabid and feral, they had lost their minds. Soon they were killed, Vitorio had seen the darker world with his own eyes. He knew. In time he was approched by a woman who was quite seductive. Entrancing him to her and her world he had nothing left to lose. Joining her he allowed himself to be changed. But in his new life he quickly found disgust for himself and what he'd become. More so when the woman who made him was killed by her master for bringing him into their domain. Alone and with no where to go, Vitorio set about establishing a life for himself. A quiet life free of people and intervention.

    His years of solitude had made him a stubborn and sometimes hard to deal with person, but in this, he is also quite weak. He often finds himself craving social areas and having people nearby even if he doesn't even know them. He needs that partnership of people. Without it his mind would errode into insanity. Overtime his fortunes grew until he was wealthy enough he could live comfortably and quietly alone. That is, until he was abducted by a company looking to cash in on the genetics research one stood to gain from captured vampires.