Crimson soul

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  1. The air was fresh and clean in the woods, the cold shadows of the trees and the intermittent sensation of the sun beams reaching the thick layers of the leaves made that place feel heaven-like. David walked peacefully trough the woods, his dark blue robes with white details gently danced with the slow breeze. His eyes revealing their real gray color, his skin showing no other marks besides small scars of past battles. The birds sang to him beautiful songs, a small squirrel even walked next to him, looking at David with a little swollen posture, like if the animal owned that place. David chuckled, Earth was a really curious place.

    David was a sorcerer of the Planes, brought from the very same Edge of Forever to serve as minion for the dark Kings. But refusing that slavery, he was exiled from the underworld and then refused by the heavens when he looked for refuge. With no other place to go, he decided to wander the land of the mortals, maybe waiting for his own death. If that was even possible. David was deep into his own mind when he noticed cries for help. Feeling curious, he approached to the place the cries came from.

  2. As he approached the location of where the cries were coming from, he saw helpless injured figure hiding in a pile of leaves. When he got closer to the figure he a girl with torn clothes, cat ears and a tail. She saw David and tried to run away but her injuries were so severe she couldn't even escape. "Pl....Please, don't hurt me." The girl begged, with tears streaming down her small pale heart shaped face. Eva was her name, she had blonde wavy hair with burgundy natural highlights, and intensive hazel eyes. She couldn't help but keep her eyes off of David. "Who was this magnificent being that came to her in time of need?" She thought to herself since she was scared out of her wits, cold, helpless and injured.


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  3. David looked at her, such a beautiful creature, he only had read about her kind, but never thought they actually existed in this Plane. He took off his hood, showing his short hair, and stood a couple of steps away from her, proving her that he was no threat for her. “I'm not here to harm you, beautiful creature. I promise.” Said him. Her clothes torn apart, showing most of her gorgeous pale skin, slightly damaged and injured. “What is your name? Mine is David.” Asked him, sitting on the floor, getting at the same height she was. “Tell me, who made you this?” Said David, looking closely to her wounds. Even if he was versed and trained in destruction magic, he had learn over the ages how to use that power to heal. “Would you allow me to help you?” Asked him kindly.

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  4. "E.. E...Eva is my name. It was a dog that gave me these injuries." She nods her head yes in letting him help her. Grateful that someone came to her rescue. "I thank you for helping me. I really am grateful, I owe you.", said she while looking into his gray eyes.
  5. David smiled and get up, as his left hand started to bright in a light blue color. “Don't be afraid, Eva.” Muttered him. Rising his arm, he made appear letters and figures in the air, in that magic bluish glow. With inaudible words, the figures in the air became stronger, as the wounds and injuries of Eva began to disappear. Finally, with a last word, the magic letters faded away, and his left hand returned to normal. “Feeling better, right?” Said him smiling. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Eva.” And putting his hood back, he started to walk away.
  6. "Much better. Thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you too." She notices his departure, yelling. "Hey, wait. Where are you going?!" She turns into full cat form and runs after him. Once she gets to his side, she mews loudly at him, trying to get his attention.
  7. He looks at her and smiles at her mews. It was so cute. “Well I'm continuing my journey, my beloved kitten friend.” Said him stopping his walk and kneeling to her height to pet her. “Why do you ask, Eva? You want to come with me?” Asked him. Truth was his travels had been pretty lonely, and even if he was created without the need of human affection, those rules applied differently in this Plane, and sometimes he missed the company of another being.
  8. "I would love to join you on your journey. My family has been killed. I have nothing to live for, that's I'm grateful for you showing up, when you did."
    She started to purr as he pet her. "Please let me come with you," begging him.
  9. He smiled as she began to purr. Those creatures, called Kajit in other Planes, always had something special that David really liked. “Okay furry friend. You can join me in my travels.” Said him petting her a little bit more, feeling her soft hair on his hands. Then he get up and resumed his slow walk again. “Tell me, Eva, where are you from? What were you doing on this lands?” Asked David feeling curious about the new companion who now accompained him.
  10. She nudges him in affection and happiness. "Well I'm from the Kajit plane and my original family left me in this world with a human family. They wanted me to have a normal life, since chaos is now reigning in Kajit. Would you prefer me has half human, half cat?" she asked him while he was petting her.
  11. That was a question David never imagined himself answering. “Well, I'm more used to the humans here... But be as you feel more comfortable with.” Said him. They kept walking under the warmth light of the sun. Little birds singing melodies to them as they traveled across those woods. Finally, they made it to a clear with a small river on the far side of it. David had been walking for the last two days, and in this Plane, even if he showed more resistance than the humans, he was still linked to the rules of this Plane. “I'm feeling a little bit tired, and this seems like a nice place to rest. What do you say if westay here until tomorrow.” Asked him looking at Eva.
  12. She mewed at him again in cat form, agreeing. "Well with my clothes being all torn, I rather stay as a cat for now. It's only gonna get dark and i don't have a change of clothes anyway. I'm getting tired myself." She jumped out of his arms towards the stream to get some water. She drank a lot after being injured and chased down. Soon enough she saw a butterly fly past by her and starting chasing, laughing while doing it. She almost went too far chasing it and returned to his side. "Sorry about that, I love chasing butterflies, It's so exciting." She lays down in the grass and curls up in a ball.
  13. He took a deep breath and looked around, looking how Eva drank from the small river. He got close to the water too, and took a some kind of small leather bag, then filled it with water and drank from it. Then he noticed Eva starting to chase a butterfly. David smiled, something so simple seemed so fun for her. He lay next to to her, and when the night came, he rose a finger in the air and started to say words in a long forgotten language. As he spoke, small figures and letters were drawn in the air, dancing with each other. Easily, He got about ten or twelve small figures floating around David and Eva, mildly illuminating them in a light blue glow, forming what it felt like a shelter around them, giving warm and protection against the weather. “Good might.” Muttered him.
  14. "Good night, David.", she said back to him, curling up into a ball at his side. She loved being next to him. As she slept, she thought to herself; "Will he dispose of me or keep me? He seems like the type that will enjoy her company." She woke up feeling cold and decided to lay on top, he was so warm when he held her in his arms. "Hope he doesn't get upset with me for doing this.", again thinking to herself.
  15. With the first light of the morning, David slowly waked up, feeling the warmth sensation of Eva on top of him. He smiled and lay quiet, gently petting her soft fur, feeling her little heartbeat in his hands. As the sun beams started to illuminate the clearing, his magic dissipated and the birds sang again, telling them it was time to wake up and continue their journey. “Hey, Eva? Come on, sweet kitten, time to get up.” Muttered him, grabbing her in his arms and sitting in the grass.
  16. She mews good morning in his hands and looks at him, licking him once or twice. Jumping out of his hands and onto the grass stretching and yawning. "How'd you sleep?" She asked him curling up next to him.
  17. He stretched at the same time Eva did, and that made him chuckle. “Pretty well, actually.” Said him. In this Plane, resting was actually useful, and felt really great. He caressed her behind the ears, and played with her a little bit. “You must be hungry.” Said David, putting his hand in one of the pouches of his robes. “Look.” Said him taking some blackberries and offering them to her in his hand. “Don't worry, they are not poisonous.” And with a smile he took one and ate it to prove her the blackberries were good.
  18. "Starving,"she ate from his hand and looked at him graciously, "Thank you. If you don't mind me asking, do you have a place to stay at all or do ever intend on going back to our own Plane. It would be nice to settle down eventually." After a while she gets tired of being in cat form. "Excuse me for a moment." Eva leaves his side and goes behind a bush to transform back into a girl. She emerges, clothes still torn, but not as badly. "Hello, David. Are you ready?" she asked nervously, since this was the second time being in this form since they're first encounter.
  19. He looked worried when she left, but when Eva returned in her human form, he smiled and got up. Even in that form, Eva body still had some cat features, like the ears and a tail in the bottom of her back. But it was beautiful, and for David, Eva was one of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen. “Here, take this.” He took off the outer layer of his robes and gave them to her to help cover her ragged clothes. “Don't worry, you will return it to me when we find you some new clothes.” Said him smiling, helping her to put the robe around her shoulder, like a cloak.

    Then they started to walk again. “And of course I don't mind you asking. I have no Plane to call home, I was taken from the Edge of Forever to serve for the Dark Kings, but I refused to be their minion and I was exiled from the Oblivion Plane. I went to the heavens to ask for mercy and shelter, but due to my origin, they refused me. So here I am, walking the Planes of the mortals, don't really know why, I just felt like it was the only thing left for me to do.” He didn't looked sad. Better an eternity wandering this lands than a single minute serving for the evil.
  20. "Thank you. This might sound a bit crazy, but since you have no Plane to call home, have you ever thought about going back? But this time, with me?" She thought about this, a place for the both of them to settle down, knowing that she will be at his at all times, either as human with cat features or as a kitten. Eva looked at him with hopeful eyes that he will at least say yes to this gesture. She knew, he was getting tired of wandering the mortal Plane for an eternity." All she wanted now was to be with him as a companion, she didn't have a home either, but at least she's accepted by someone else for the first time in a long time.