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  1. The Game Masters of Crimson Soul


    Playing as: All GMCs and NPCs

    Ozzie is the creator and the creative force behind the Crimson Soul Mythos. If you have a question about the setting, plot, or playing a particular character, check with Ozzie.


    a.k.a. Blind Hemingway
    Playing as: Roriko Goldstein

    Rory is the resident Mythos expert. If you are confused about general Mythos stuff, he's usually the one who can answer your questions.
    a.k.a. Autumn Fire Fairy
    Playing as: Ochalla

    Ocha is our CS forum mod, community organizer, and all-around helpful assistant GM. She can answer just about anything other than Mythos-related questions.
    a.k.a. Darth Vayder
    Playing as: Yav 2.0

    Vay is the enforcer. He's in charge of dealing with all player disputes and complaints. He can also help if anything is glitching for you or you are having trouble navigating the forum.


    Playing as: Valerie Ryker, Lienosus

    Grumpy is not strictly a GM, but he IS in charge of approving your character (or telling you why they haven't been approved). If you have any questions regarding character submissions and approvals, ask Grumps.

    If you have any important questions about Crimson Soul, this is the place to ask! Remember, the GM and all helpers have the final say; please be respectful both when asking questions and receiving answers.
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  2. FAQ

    Can I join?

    Yes! This is a mass RP, so the game will never be closed to new characters. You just to need to submit your character and get accepted before you can play.

    I've never played in a Mythos game before! Do I have to know anything about other Mythos games?

    No! This game stands alone and is its own Mythos. While returning players will recognize some things, it's completely unnecessary to have any knowledge that isn't given to you in the Crimson Soul world info threads.

    I've played in a Mythos game before! Where is [INSERT MYTHOS ELEMENT HERE]?

    If you don't see it, it's probably not here and you shouldn't worry about it. Things do not necessarily work the way they did in a different Mythos game. If you really must know, ask.

    Am I restricted to a female character?

    Not unless you want to be a Soulmate! There is every opportunity and reason to play a male character, or for that matter, to play a female character who isn't a Soulmate. View the character submission thread for more info.

    I don't really like playing characters based on "me". Do I have to?

    While playing a character based on your forum persona is definitely encouraged, it is by no means required. Original characters or previous Mythos characters are welcome. (If you want to play a character based on another member, please get their permission and/or check with Ozzie first.)

    Are Soulmates/Knights assigned? Do I need to find a partner, and what if I can't find one? Help!

    Soulmate and Knight pairs are not assigned and are totally up to the players to decide on. If you want to play a Soulmate or Knight but can't find someone to begin play with you as a pair, don't worry. You can either play both characters yourself, or begin play as a "normal" character and make a connection with a partner in-game.

    How many characters can I play?

    As many as you can manage. Please do not be a troll and take advantage of this by submitting a ridiculous number of characters. We will not be amused. (While you have to submit one sheet per character, this is not necessary for any minor NPCs you'd like to pull in.)

    I'm in the roleplay as an NPC! Can I still play as myself?

    Probably! Talk to Ozzie.

    I don't want you to NPC me.

    Well, I'm not sure why you mind, since it's just a game. I will not deliberately defame anyone; I'm not out to bash people, just to tell a story. But if you really have a problem with it, message me and I won't include you in the plot. The exception to this rule will be major plot-linked characters, because I can't remove them without killing the roleplay. Sorry.

    I'm a Soulmate/Knight and my partner can't play anymore/dropped out/otherwise vanished! What now? Help!

    Let the GMs know! ANY character whose player vanishes will be written out or NPCed by a GM as necessary.
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  3. Is it ok to take a character I created for another Mythos (Misera) and adapt them for this one?
  4. Falcon: Yes, absolutely!
  5. So I had a question about the Soulmate Mechanic.... you said in the Knights thread, I'm creating a knight, that similar soulmate/knights should be paired. Fire with Fire, Snow with Storms... I was wondering, because I have a character kinda in mind, and I read one of the character applications for a soulmate and decided I really liked the character. However the character I had in mind isn't exactly the same type as hers, could there be a situation of opposites? For example a fire soulmate with an ice knight? Or a sky soulmate with an earth knight? In one way they are two halves of the same whole rather but they could also be considered exact opposites.
  6. [MENTION=5617]SaejiFine[/MENTION]: It would be an unusual case, but as long as there is an obvious correlation it should still be acceptable.
  7. So, a question about the spheres for the Soulmates, is there a central theme to them? Like virtues and elements? Because I wanted to make one surrounding etymology, the study of words and thier origins o.o
  8. Hello Iwaku! After a few instances of confusion, it seems like it might be helpful to clarify a few things about the Four Powers!

    In a sense, the Four Powers might more accurately be termed the Four Power Sources.

    Soul Arts are any magical or supernatural abilities that can be invoked at will. This can include the shapeshifting transformation of the Shifters, psychic gifts, or any other abilities that a denizen of Iwaku is born with. Things like innate magical or psychic gifts are rare with notable exceptions being the Shifters, and none of them are very broad in scope or high in power. Most normal denizens do not have Soul Arts gifts, and the ones who do can pretty much do one thing. People aren't really born with magic.

    This is why the Soulmates and Knights are so important and powerful. They use Soul Arts to do more things, more effectively. They don't have to cast spells or study. They just do things out of sheer willpower and heart. Soul Arts abilities are divine gifts from the Cycle, and they are a Big Deal.

    Dream Weaving, on the other hand, can be used by anyone with the time and inclination to learn it. The drawback is that these abilities require you to do things in very specific ways. All Dream Weaving involves the use of verbal incantations, runes, talismans, reagents, magical circles, ritual acts, or some other kind of tool/method that has to be used just right or the magic doesn't happen. It requires study, practice, and some amount of technical aptitude. Not everyone has the patience or the interest.

    Reality Bending is also a big deal for this reason. It is used ONLY by the Crimson Cadre (although some of the Infected, in rare cases, develop Reality Bending powers as well). Explaining how these abilities work is difficult, because no one actually understands just how Reality Bending works... except perhaps the Crimson Cadre, and they're not telling. This stuff is high caliber magic that can make even Soulmates look like junior league.

    Confluence, the last power, can more or less be summed up as natural law. This is How the World Works. These skills are "non-magical" in the sense that they have no mystical source, but may not necessarily be "realistic" as you or I would define it. Anything that operates off of the physics of the in-game universe qualifies as Confluence.
  9. [MENTION=5184]Exprimere[/MENTION]: Yes, Soulmates and Knights each have a sphere of power that encompasses a central theme.

    EDIT: Oh, wait, do you mean does it have to be either a virtue or an element? No, they're not limited like that per se. For example, Julia Foxtrot is the Soulmate of Shifters.
  10. Ah, okay! Thank you ^^ So etymology is an acceptable power sphere (as weird as it may be >.>)?
  11. [MENTION=5184]Exprimere[/MENTION]: It would depend on how it was done. Since you've submitted a character sheet already, you should be hearing from Grumpy NotaIrish soon and he should be able to tell you if you're on the right track.
  12. Alright, so I've ok'd it with Sairyn to have my character play her knight. My idea was to have a Knight of Truth, which makes me think of the concept of "Light". However that has already been taken by someone else's Soulmate (I just found out.) Is it still al, my right to do light? Or must I change it to something else because someone else's soulmate is light?

    The idea comes from the fact that Sairyn is kind of timid and shy, matching her shadow soulmate choice. My character creates a balance for her, some trust that she can rely on. The relationship of shadows and light is that shadows can't exist without light and where there is light there are bound to be shadows. Is this ok?
  13. [MENTION=5617]SaejiFine[/MENTION]: Unfortunately, you cannot have the same power sphere as another character unless they are your Soulmate/Knight. Everyone has to have a distinct sphere of power. So you cannot be the Knight of Light. :[

    You CAN be the Knight of Truth, but that's a pretty shaky association with Shadow.
  14. Would I be allowed to have a Knight-esque weapon if I wasn't a knight? Long story short, I had to make some changes, and I had a weapon left over. It's fine if not, I just want to know.
  15. [MENTION=1370]Laggy Lagiacrus[/MENTION]: The Weapons of the Knights are magical items summoned by the Knights and are basically manifestations of their powers. They only work for the Knight in question- in the hands of anyone else, they're just normal swords/etc.- so there's no way to get one unless you're a Knight.

    Items of power- such as the Sword or the Staff- do exist, but you'd better have a DAMN good reason for having one.

    Dream Weaving does allow for the enchantment of minor objects, usually little charms or trinkets. Spells are cast on these items, and the spells typically wear down over time. You're not going to get anything with an effect that exceeds the limitations of whoever spelled it, and the bigger and more complicated a spell is, the more taxing and difficult it is to bind it to an object. So you aren't going to find anything very powerful.

    So, in summation: An enchanted weapon is possible, but it's not going to be at all comparable to the Weapons of the Knights, and it's going to be really hard to come by.
  16. [MENTION=1061]Ozzie Chanter[/MENTION]
    I've yet to edit my form to say so, but would a bow that electrically charges arrows be acceptable?

    It'd be a result of years of research into using parts of a monster in a weapon, combined with the talents of a crafty blacksmith.
    The shocks wouldn't be particularly powerful, but would certainly smart if they ever hit. Plus, the bow would be solar powered - it'd just be a normal bow if it ran out of power. Albeit a rather strange-looking one.
  17. [MENTION=1370]Laggy Lagiacrus[/MENTION]: I saw you've submitted a new character, but just in case you still want an answer: I wouldn't rule it out, but I'd expect a really good explanation as to how and why your character obtained it. Your idea sounds a lot like the Monster Hunter franchise and I'm very iffy on that.
  18. Hi Ozzie, I'm still not done asking. What if my character isn't just any foreigner but an outcasted princess form a small neighbor territory? Is that okay?

    Because this is Mythos, the character's essence is still me, but can she use multiple names and personalities? She's kinda...weird.
  19. [MENTION=4780]Lorchenne[/MENTION]: You could possibly be misplaced foreign royalty if you want, but I would definitely like to see the backstory behind it!

    As to the multiple names/personalities: Using aliases (especially if she doesn't want her identity as princess of x country known) is probably fine, but I'm dodgy on the actual personality bit. Multiple personalities smacks of Insanity.

    That said, I'm rarely going to rule out a concept off-hand before seeing what someone wants to do with it. If you submit your character sheet, Grumpy NotaIrish will work with you to make sure everything fits the setting and makes sense, or figure out if it's going to work at all. Don't worry about getting things perfect on your first try! Like I said in the OOC thread, pretty much everyone is being told to make at least a few minor tweaks before approval. :]
  20. Yup. I mean, she got in Iwaku before her calling, would that mean she might have had the touch of Insanity? I didn't realize that. It could have been negated when she became a Soulmate. But with side effects...
    I actually meant she kind of changes personality because her power-gaah. I'll get to the character sheet.
    /takes a sheet, reads it upside down