Crimson Soul Plot Discussion and Chat-o-Rama

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  1. Welcome to the official Out of Character discussion thread for Crimson Soul! You can use this thread to chatter away about your characters, what's going on in the RP, and so on. If you have an important question about the RP or about character submission, please use this thread instead.
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  2. Ok. So who wants to be my soulmate?
  3. I too, am in the market for a Soulmate =D
  4. We seem to have a distinct lack of soulmates.
    No, I'm not putting on a dress.
  5. You're all allowed to chat here, you know. So... chatting...

    For all of you Mythos vets: Let's talk about how [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION] is playing a woman. Who is quite possibly Ryker and Grant's lovechild. (OTP)

    For Mythos newbies: Who's excited to be playing in a Mythos game for the first time?
  6. And here I'd have thought someone would have wanted to do some epic role playing in the act of gaining a knight/soulmate.

    Also, Why can't Ryker and Grant have a Lovechild? Stranger things have happened
  7. And I'm sure stranger things will continue to happen..
  8. Can I just say how excited I am to take part in this! =D
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  9. I feel so noobish right now it's not even funny v.v
  10. You're telling me. This is my first time RPing with more than three people and I'm not really feeling comfortable about this.
  11. I haven't been roleplaying all that long compared to most of the people here and I'm trying to fit a character I used a while back in a story [as well as my mascot of sorts] into this universe as best as I can, so yeah, I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable as well xD
  12. We should make a club. Uncomfortables United, we could call it.
  13. Think of it as the first time you are jumping into the deep end. You will float and be able to breathe. Even if you don't lifeguards will be there to help you out. =)
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  14. I certainly hope that's true. Last time I jumped into something deep I ended up burning air quicker than usual and it was dark and chilly.
    And I'm not talking about diving.
  15. ...o.o...

    That's one way to look at it :)

    Hey! I just finished my character sheet :D Eh, for now at least. I kinda just jotted down the first thing that popped into mind when it came to her calling. I was stuck on that for quite sometime .-.
  16. At least you managed to get a calling.
    My soulmate left me for another man.
  17. Ceru is right, you guys. The point is to have fun working on a story together and if you need help, the GMs are there to lend a hand. Don't get discouraged! Pretty much everyone who has submitted a character has been asked to adjust their sheet at least a little, so even experienced RPers and those who've been in a Mythos game before aren't necessarily one up on you.

    If there is one thing I want out of this roleplay, it's for everyone to have a chance to shine. :]