Crimson Skylar Pack

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    Windie rested her head against the bark of a tree. Her sides were heaving. The way the Dark Blood Pack tortured the Alpha born females was unreasonable and she was done. The young Alpha shook her fur out and headed deeper into the forest. She was ready to start her on pack. Jewel Blue eyes peeked around her surroundings. And this would be her territory. All she needed now is a pack. Theyd show sooner or later. She began to search for a cave. This was her new home.

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  2. flame was abruised and abandoned by her own pack she once called family. Her pack soon chased her away not caring for where she ends up. Her own mother didn't even try to stop it. Flame wondered about a forest in hope of finding a pack to where she could be wanted. Screenshot_2014-09-29-12-36-50-1.png
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    Garmen had been ignored, forgotten, and left to die by his pack. He wandered the world for many days before he came across the area and saw it was unclaimed territory. Rejuvenated with hope, and by some game, he set out to make a pack that would never forget and leave behind one of their own, no matter the cost.
  4. Alpha Windie pounded to the new wolf without hesitation. She gave a low growl. "What brings you to my territory and who are you?" she questioned. She stood over the smaller female
  5. The flame colored female appeared from behind a tree. She gave a low warning snarl as the male came near her hunting grounds. getting into a hunters crouch she snarled. "who are you?"
  6. Flames head goes low as she looks up at windie with a whimpering low growl. "I have been casted away from my packed and I'm in search of a new alpha." her tail goes low and body low to the ground.
  7. Shamar's fur bristles in the cave's moist breezes as his head was calmly rested in his paws. The cave was decorated by unique, violet crystals that glowed exotically. The crystals were similar to those ingrown on his shoulders and the back of his paws, though they never bothered him. Droplets of water trickled down from the cave's ceiling into a small pool of collected water like a seer's pool of visions, the pool glowed a heavenly blue. The droplets were in a rhythm that once could sleep too, but Shamar was alarmed as the droplets ceased. The mystic raised his head and looked outwards, there was a presence outside. Raising slowly, his fur flowed elegantly yet mystically as the cave's moist breeze could not move his fur alone. He headed towards the outside of the cave as his paws made a tapping sound on the cold ground.
    Upon reaching the outside of the cave, he noticed there was a wolf wandering around with glistening blue eyes. She appeared in search of something, and Shamar was curious why a wolf like her was alone. He approached the wolf from a distance, calmly, he raised his head and kept a neutral grin on his face. "You there, what is your reasoning here? You should not be alone around here." His tone was wise and strong, standing before her with a brave stance. His mystical fur flowed as if there was wind carrying it, but there were none. Shamar's pale grey eyes reached out to her's cautiously.

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  8. "You can be in my pack." Immediately the Alpha relaxed on her defensive posture and put a playful paw on her head. "Im Windie" she laughed
  9. Flame tail immediately started to sway low as she smiled up at her new alpha. "I'm flame and I would like to be apart of your pack" she then saw a proudly walking male with purple fur appear from deep in the cave* "There is someone behind you lady windie" not knowing who he was a low growl could be heard.
  10. "Garmen." his voice replied gruffly as he turned towards her, adopting his own defensive stance. He didn't growl or snark back, and stared at her with more curiosity, he had thought these areas were uninhabited.
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    Windie sat letting her pink tail fall on her paws. He ruby blue eyes glistened with worry as she cocked her head to the side. "So what im understanding is all of you need a pack correct?" she questioned in a husky british accent. Her ears flicked as she listened to them with her full attention. Her pink silky mane hid half of her face. She flicked the fur out of her eyes before continueing to follow.
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    Flame red tail swayed as her ears flickered. "I am." she said shaking her smooth fur and licks her paw. She then looked at the other two gentlemen as her jade Green eyes wondered to.
  13. Shamar stood there rather shocked as wolves seemed to appear ever so quickly. His pale grey eyes glanced at every last one of them, then focused on to the pink one who spoke. "Please excuse me, but I am in no need of a pack. This is part of my territory as the cave near by is my home. I simple ventured out to see what the new scent was. My name is Shamar, I am a seer in these parts." He kept his stance, it was clear now what this pink wolves intentions were; to form a pack. Unfortunately he was not comfortable sharing land with an unknown wolf. Shamar, despite the fact, kept is calm as he listened in to everyone.
  14. "Well this is Flame and Im Windie..uh this is your territory..?" she asked her head cocked. She sniffed the air. She hadn't been aware of any scents. before. She went to stand next to Flame.
  15. Flame stood next to windie and listened to shamar explain himself. Ears flicked and tail keep moving. "I didn't smell any other scent either."
  16. "My apologies, i had not known this area was claimed Shamar. Knowing this information, I shall take my leave." A hefty american tone filled his voice as he began to trot off, before answering Windie's question. "Also, as far as packs go, i was abandoned." he stated calmly before trotting into the forestry.
  17. Shamar chuckled slightly as they tried to wonder why they didn't smell is presence. He slowly approached them with no aggressive intentions. I am aware you would have not smelled my presence, as I am hidden for a good reason. My scent is covered so I can be left in peace as I am growing too old to continue filling everyone's dreams and desires. Windie, you are trying to start a pack I see. I do not want to cause any harm but I would like to come to an agreement if you want to settle here..." Shamar lowered is head as if bowing before Windie, respectfully. Then he sat back up resting his rump to the ground. The crystals ingrown on his shoulders and paws were struck by sunlight making them noticeable by their glimmer.
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    Turning on his paw he sat down to face shamar and the others, from a fair distance away. A small huff escaping him while he stared at everyone for a few moments, taking in the information as well as he could, he stayed quiet while listening.
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    Flame saw how the Crystals glistened from his shoulders and paws and was amazed when the sun shone and hit the Crystals. Her Jade eyes soon turned to the forest for she couldn't see the one who named was Garmen anymore but his scent was faint.
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    "And that is?" Windie asked the elder flicking her tail in welcoming towards Garmen. She looked calmly to Shamar. "I wont accept anything that could hurt my pack." she spoke clearly and stated. Her pink flame colored tail flicked from side to side in interest. She once again flicked her fur out of her eyes setting her waiting blue ruby gaze on the male.

    She would do anything to find safety for her pack no matter the cost, now that she knew what it was to be a true Alpha she'd die for them. She was filled with great pride, loyalty, and commitment. She wouldn't let her pack end up like there last packs. She would not risk their lives, abandon them, or treat them harshly. She put each and every one of them before her self.