Crimson Skylar Pack (Sign-Ups / OOC)

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  1. The Crimson Skylar Pack is located deep in a Canadian forest. Its home of the most, quickest, intelligent, and proud wolves you could ever imagine. Theyre not only a pack, their family. (ill write more later)




    Rank wanted

    Back Ground
  2. Name: Akron Lowtide

    Age: 10

    Appearance (open)

    Rank wanted: Beta or Alpha

    Back Ground: Akron is a scavenger and hunter for the pack, and is also good at teaching cubs what is right and just within the rules of the pack. @Karuko_TheShifter
  3. Accepted
  4. I'm interested :3
  5. (I didn't like Windie's character but im sending in a new one in replacement but I'll let you two decide who'll be the new Alpha first)
  6. Im interested as well. Question. Is just a ordinary wolf story or a human/ wolf, shapeshifting kind of one?
  7. Oops. My bad. I wrote in the wrong one.
  8. @Karuko_TheShifter

    We don't allow purely Out of Character posts in the In Character sections! Please use your OOC thread to talk to your players.