Crimson Skylar Pack (ooc/sign-ups)

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  1. OOC: OKAY I might as well too
  2. (Windie was going towards your cave.) x..x
  3. (Sorry gosh -.- and no I guess its because usually when I rp a wolf its wolves the size of the wolves in the Twilight movie. At the beginning of the rp I thought I described my wolfs size but I guess I didn't.)
  4. OOC// pretend my post came before he passed out? XD haha sorry. And yeah, squirrels and rabbit are easy game for a solo wolf.
  5. Dear RolePlayers,

    Please keep your OOC out of the IC. If you need to discuss something with the other players about the RP take it to JumpIn Discussion, or post on their wall (PM them). Thank you and enjoy your RP.

    -Your Forum Moderator Gyspy

  6. ll.png The Crimson Skylar Pack is located deep in a Canadian forest. Its home of the most, quickest, intelligent, and proud wolves you could ever imagine. Theyre not only a pack, their family. (ill write more later)




    Rank wanted

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