Crimson Noir: [M] seeking [F] for dark murder plot

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Rain falls hard against the dark asphalt, pooling into the cracks of the alley’s uneven surface. The light of a far off street lamp combines with the cherry-red glow of a squad car’s flashing beacon. This shifting illumination silhouettes a contorted and bloody figure laying broken in the crux of a dumpster, and the brick of the alley’s wall. Even in the bad light, and the mutilated nature of the body, it’s easy to see that the victim is another street girl.

Pulling a drenched fedora lower over his brow, a man joins the corpse. Kneeling beside her, a heavy sigh is heard amidst the patter of the rain. The flick of a lighter illuminates the man’s handsome, hardened features for a bare instant, before it’s lost to only the pinpoint ember of a lit cigarette. A tendril of smoke crawls from beneath the fedora’s brim, dispersing in the cool night air.

She’s the third one this week… He thinks, taking another pull from the cigarette.


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So, who’s up for a sexy, gruesome, Noir thriller? The basic plot hook would be a string of tragic murders puts a police detective (my character) on a whirlwind hunt for the killer. Along the way, he meets and partners up with a woman (your character), who has her own unique interests in solving the crimes. Basically, there’s going to be some violence, some mystery, and a fair amount of sexual intrigue all thrown into a dark, brooding, gritty blender.

That’s the basic premise. The details I’d like to come up with together with my future partner, so please be willing to add to the tale if you’re interested in this. Building a world with a fellow writer is my favorite part of the whole RP.

Hope to hear from you, ladies!
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I'm guessing I'm a little late to the game here and that this delightful start has netted you a partner or two. If this is not the case and you have an opening, please do send me a line. Check out my resume or some of my recent posts if you'd like to see what I can do. Regardless, have yourself a lovely Sunday.
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