Crimson Nights MxM (Closed but welcomed to read)

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  1. What more can I say its a boy on boy vampire slave story.

    As usual the auction started. You could hear the roar of noble vampires in the auditorium as a female took stage. "Hmf. I'm not looking for a woman today." Damian thought from the back of the room. He wore a black cloak over his raven hair, deep red button up shirt and his black jeans.
  2. As the aution for slaves kept going a tan male with strong looking body and lean figure was dragged up on stage scowling as the slave owner of the place looked a little beat up "this is Xien he is a warrior from the desert and has warrior blood inside of him. he's calm most of the time and likes being around kids but he has attuide and sharp tounge" the slave handler said as the male scowled sharply and faught to get out of the cuffs that held him.
  3. The bidding started going higher and higher. Starting at 800 dollars now up to 800,000 dollars. "Looks like everyone wants him." Damian mutters before he whispers in his maids ear. "One million dollars!" She yells out everyone looked back as she stood proud. Damian chuckled at her slightly. Everyone was quite. "Going once! going twice! sold to the lady in the back!" The man said.
  4. Xien blinked and looked at everyone eyes sharply narrowed. He wanted to tare that stupid girl apart to bid on a human being. he scowled as no one else was going to go that higher. well he was screwed. He sweep kicked the guard down and kicked him before two more dragged him off to where his new handlers would be able to pick him up. he bit at the guards and kicked and scartched angrily.

    He was dropped to the ground and scowled angrily as his arms folded and stood tall and high refusing to be below someone so careless as these vampires. yes it was a risky move but nothing compared to what he could have done in that adution. He scowled and waited for his new master or masters to come in.
  5. "Come Lizzy we best go get him before he starts something." Damian says pulling his cloak off. His face was lovely and once people saw him terror filled their eyes. He was the most feared vampire. Walking around to the back. Lizzy handed the man the amount of money as Damian signed papers and got all paper work on him.

    "Come on." Lizzy smiles at the young man named Xien "We best get you going. I'm not mean."
  6. He scowled "You still work for vampires which do not make you a friend of mine" he grunted angrily , he wasn't afraid of death or getting killed. He scowled and arms kept cross over his chest "where am I even going" he scowled deeper eyes stayed narrowed in anger and contempt for the whole bloody vampire race. he wore a necklace of his family of the desert people.
  7. "The castle." Damian says walking back to them. His eyes were an unnatural electric blue. He was tall and his body quite toned. You could look at him and tell his superiority. Lizzy skips along to the carriage and gets in. "Lizzy your joyful today." He mutters. "Come now Xien. I don't want trouble this early in the morning." He says watching as the sun rises.
  8. The male rolled his eyes "what scared of sunlight?" he grumbled he loved the sun it was his way away from vampires. many couldn't do well with sunlight. he decided to ride on the hood of the carrige and not inside to be allowed a way away from those two. he started at the sun rise smiling to himself looking at his necklace peacefully.
  9. "Not really. I'm simply tired." Damian says with a yawn as he gets in. Lizzy spreads out her dress and Damian lays on her lap. She giggles at his sleeping face and plays with his hair as she watches the sun rise from the dark curtains. "I miss the suns warmth but being able to serve you makes me happy." She smiles.
  10. The male he was going to be sick hearing that and he vomited off the carrige at that statement. he growled and watched as they came to the caslte and flipped off the carrige easily and stood there arms crossed leaning on a pole. The male sighed as he saw them get out, he was going to be sick they where two love birds and my god how sick he was going to be.
  11. By the time they arrived the sun ways higher in the sky. Lizzy steps out with and umbrella over her head. Damian steps out and stretches out. "Lizzy you best get inside before this sun turns you to ash." Damian says feeling the warmth on his skin. He was a pure blood vampire so the sun doesn't bother him. Still being so bright it annoys him.

    The carriage pulled away an parked. The houses put in their stables. The rustling sound of someone walking withing the garden. Damian turned around to find a male coming at him with a knife. He moves and the man missed. "You! Your a pure blood Lord Rogue." Said the man. Damian grabbed him. "Who sent you!?" He hissed at the other vampire who was in a dark cloak. "No one." He mutters. "I should kill you for being on my land. This is the last time I find you snooping around my home." He says pulling the vampires cloak off. He watched as he turned to ash and walks inside. "Come on!" He tells Xien
  12. Xien fallowed boredly sighing to himself as he kept his necklace around his neck it didn't come off no matter how hard people tried. there was many magical things about this male and one was the necklace . he fallowed and pain half a mind of attention to what he might be saying and other half in his own mind thinking about things.
  13. Damian looked behind him to see he wasn't paying attention. Even though he had not said anything. "Get ready. You have a day of work a head of you." Damian growled throwing Xien into a room and locking the door. The room was simple a bed a dresser and a small privet bathroom. The once bared windows where niw filled in with bricks and stones. Everything was welded to the ground except the blankets and pillows.
  14. The male just sighed and got himself ready. He hated this life already it was strange and not what he would have liked to have been doing. She sat on his bed and mediated annoyed.
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