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    Crimson Mate (open)

    Animal mutants have been on the planet ever since The Crimson
    Revolution. Nuclear weapons were dropped, and the Earth was bathed in blood. While things died down, the mutants started emerging. All different kinds of mutants, that were also known as "Weres." There were Werecats, Weredogs or Werewolves, Wereavians/birds, Werelizards and more. Each different kind of Were had the characteristics of their a Were animal. Wereavians would have wings, Weredogs/wolves would have dog/wolf ears and tails and urges such as the lust for raw meat, territory, and a mate.

    Not only were Weres a new and strange development... But also another very strange development. Many people were killed in the Crimson Revolution... And a lot of them were women and children. The population went down dramatically.... However a few years after the Crimson Revolution, new scientists made a shocking discovery... Some Were males were able to get impregnated by other males. They later found out that were three different types of male Weres, however two stand out more than the third. "Alphas," "Betas," and "Omegas." The alphas were able to breed with the omega Weres and get them pregnant with a litter of babies of whatever kind of Weres they both are. Since Alpha Weres are dominant and Omegas are recessive, they gained that ability to mate and breed like females. Beta Weres can not impregnate an omega or get pregnant. There are a lot betas, a decent amount of alphas, and very rare omegas currently.

    That's how Weres, especially omega Weres were suddenly in high demand. The government needed a strong and a new generation of people to be able to survive in the harsh new world. A lot of technology was destroyed, setting America, and the whole world back years and years until they were practically forced to use some medieval methods to survive and get by. Weres are stronger, have more brain capacity, and are able to adapt and regenerate faster than the average human.

    So, a new Black Market was started... Now called the Red Market or even Were Market. They sell of course, omega Weres. Although a lot of the omega Weres are usually forced to breed with alpha Weres beforehand, they are then shipped off to any buyers who will pay high enough. Most of the omega Weres go to alpha Weres. In fact only a few choice humans can have omega Weres, since there still isn't that many of them and the population is still at an all-time low.

    I was thinking that MC could be an omega Were(still deciding on a Were type, though I'm leaning towards a Werecat. =^.^=) and he was captured by some hunters that specialize in capturing omega Weres that can produce offspring and breed with multiple alpha Weres so that they can get a lot if cash for each baby that omega can produce. MC will not let himself be used. He is EXTREMELY feisty, extremely stubborn, and extremely unwilling to do anything they say. He is probably the most disobedient omega out there. Since omegas natural instinct is usually to submit to an alpha and have his pups... However this is the complete opposite of MC.

    "Trainers," or people who handle the very "unwilling" Weres like MC, have tried countless times and numerous ways to get MC to be obedient... But it just doesn't happen.

    I was thinking that we could have a "Master" character, he could either be a human or a Were(probably a dog or wolf Were, we can decide together). Where he buys MC from the Red Market. He is a specialized Breeder, someone who can pair two animals, or in this case Weres, and get them to breed together. He is very cruel and very sadistic, but the Trainer that had tried to train MC thinks it is the only why to get him to submit to being used. So, that is how MC and YC gets paired up. YC is the prize alpha Were(whatever Were you want him to be) of the Master Breeder. A true "alpha" and he thinks YC will be able to get MC to finally submit to being used as breeding stock. MC still wants nothing to do with YC who is just as determined to get MC to become his mate... However Breeders make sure Weres never actually "mate" or it is impossible to get them to breed with other alpha Weres, and if that alpha Were the omega Were died, then the omega would be completely useless.

    Not only that, but each day MC does not cooperate with the Master Breeder, he and YC gets punished... Now the question is... How long will they all last?


    RULES (open)

    1) This is a descriptive, third person roleplay. I would like 2-4 paragraphs please! I do NOT do one liners! Also please have correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I do understand a few mistakes but I'd like to be able to understand you! :)

    2) I don't mind anime or realistic pictures. ^.^

    3) This will be taking on a libertine thread, not through pm's.

    4) I'm looking for for only dominants/semes or "alpha" Weres. We will most likely be playing other main/side characters too.

    5) I do not do any of these kinks: watersports, potty play, bloodplay(I don't mind if you mention a little blood, but not A LOT), vore, vomit, anything nasty like that. cx

    6) Comment below the storyline(s) you want to do here or pm! :)
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