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  1. Arc 1:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Year: 3152 The Old Earth Republic dominates the galaxy, people are living for two centuries plus. It has been almost a six decades since the last war. Yet our military is not weak, Terrorism has taken grip of the galaxy, these insurgents are sometimes backed by powerful corporations that use them to attack their rivals. The insurgents have powerful weapons and ships, this means that the Old Earth Navy never sleeps.

    This roleplay takes place in a newly launched Capital ship as it joins its task force and is given its patrol route, little does the O.E.R. know is that a greater evil is brewing from their own wrongs that have been left to fester.

    The three nations in the universe go as followed.
    Old Earth Republic History (open)
    The vanguard of the universe, it arose from the ashes of the U.T.N. (United Terran Nations) that had torn itself apart from a unstable economy that focused on wartime industry. This new nation knew it had to expand so it didn't become like its predecessor. After colonizing a untold number of galaxies and solar systems they built a unstoppable economy. This was before the time of instantaneous communication, so squabbles broke out among the settled planets, multiple wars were waged for three centuries. Then a two breakthroughs happened on Earth, the discovery of partially instant travel and instant communication. Humanity for the first time could travel from point A to point B in a matter of hours and not years. After of decade things settled down as the O.E.R. unified all colonized planets back under its flag in 3090. Still use kinetic weaponry.

    Spacer's Union History (open)
    A nation built off of money, during the multiple revolutions and wars that happened before the unification of the O.E.R. many banker, corporations, merchants, and craftsmen legally established a sovereign state which would be exempt from O.E.R. taxes and trade restrictions. It became a haven for criminals and your everyday hardworking blue collar worker. Now because it will never be as large as the O.E.R. the Spacer's Union has created the most advanced military in the universe.

    New Roman Empire's History (open)
    In the year 3007 a brilliant doctor had made a breakthrough discovery, he had figured out how to recreate the human mind and body. Cloning as it is called was a very hot topic, a grand court was assembled to decide the fate of the issue. It was decided that due to overpopulation that cloning would be a punishable offense. The doctor argued that they could replace "real" humans in dangerous working conditions or in the military. This was also banned in the O.E.R. because these clones were real humans, and they would be using them as slaves. The doctor became a pariah and fled O.E.R. space. He became the leader of a very powerful insurgent group that was being funded by a corporation. The doctor renamed himself Aurelius Maxentius and has started building many hidden cloning facilities, getting ready to show the universe the power of cloning.

    -O.E.R. Infinity's Embrace-


    Ship Specifications (open)

    Class: Frigate

    Type: Terran Pride-Model 847 "SolarFlare"

    1. 150x Point Defense Turrets
    2. 20x (10 per side) Kinetic Turbo Cannons
    3. 1x Triple super Heavy Kinetic Cannon (On front)
    4. 1x Railgun
    5. 10x (5 each side) Ballistic Missile Silos
    6. 100x Missile batteries

    1. 45x Dainsleif-310 Class Gunship
    2. 30x Cricket-7 Class Light Dropship
    3. 10x Condor Class Heavy Dropship
    4. 100x Manta-Ray Class Interceptor
    5. 75x Pinaka Class Bomber
    6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    7. 4 Per-Fab Barracks
    8. 100x Saber Class Tank
    Crew members: 15,000
    Marines: 5,000
    Pilots: 300

    • Captain (x1)
    • Various Bridge NCO's (Comms, Weapons, Engineering, Wing Command)
    • Pilots (x5)
    • Marines (x5)
    • Various Crew (x5)
    Filled Slots (open)

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Pictures and Brief description please!)
    Personal Weapons: (Two Maximum!)

    ~Rules~ ~ First and foremost, I am the GM, and my word is final. It’s fine to discuss points and ask questions, but when I make it clear that my answer is final, that’s it: It’s final.

    ~ To prevent godmoding, I (the impartial GM) decides who gets hit and who doesn’t get hit in combat. This is to prevent people from constantly auto-dodging every attack, or always sniping everyone in the head without fail. It also makes for some suspense when your character has to take risks and doesn’t know if they’ll pay off!

    ~ Your character is not immortal, and can die a horrible, painful death. To mitigate the odds of that happening: Work with your team, use cover or heavy armour, avoid behaving like Rambo, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the OOC. I’m evil, not malevolent.

    ~ At the same time, no NPC is immortal either. From the quest givers to the big bads, if you outwit the enemy in such a way as to prevent escape, you get to end them. There and then. No invincible villains!

    ~ The RP will advance every weeks. This gives you time to pursue other hobbies, do your homework, work at a job, and generally have a life. At the same time, you’ll always know when the next IC post is coming from your GM, so you never have to ask if the RP is dead. Because so long as you keep posting, I will too, at a predictable, set date.

    ~ I only ask for one paragraph as a minimum per post.

    ~ Finally, if you have any questions, feel confused or upset, or need help for any reason, ask me in the OOC, via a PM, or over Skype.

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  2. I will be writing as every NPC encountered and as the GM. The starship will be named by the crew and Captain.
  3. [​IMG]
    Krysten Delilah Macki

    Corporal(Head Engineer)...Which means I am the queen.

    Female...Do you need to get sent to the medical bay?

    ...Your not supposed to ask a woman her age.(120 but appears 27)

    I have a gorgeous slim figure with a banana body shape. My height is 5’9″ and I weigh 130 pounds.

    My outfit is a tanktop, pants with four pockets, and steel infused boots. My accessories include two belts. One just below breast which contains a various amount of small objects of constructions(ex.screws,microchips, etc.). My lower utility belt contains a various amount of equipment(tape measures, wrenches, multitool,etc.). I have to straps around my upper thighs that contains my research equipment(ex. examining scrap metal detect whether it is aluminum or steel). My right arm has various amounts of straps and wiring to help me lift much heavier objects(ex.lift 1 ton crates).

    Some may say I am egotistical, but they just can't see my greatness. I am quiet intelligent, and this is why I don't like talking to brutes. I am usually independent and do not like dealing with others in my work. Outside of work I may appear socially outgoing. Some call me a perfectionist, only because they can't stand my own perfection. I can become quiet curious to foreign technology, and can be very inventive when it comes to making a tool I need.

    Mechanical Engineer...I am the one who makes your planes zoom zoom in case you don't understand.

    My parents were 150 when they gave birth to me. They were both scientists working for a doctor who was replicating humans. When he had to leave because the O.E.R my parents went with him leaving me with my Aunt Nettie at age 13. My Aunt had her own children to tend to and often forgot about me. She wasn't mean just forgot about me 9,456 times leaving me at the park or not serving me a plate at the table. Usually she would always pick me up a treat every time she did. After I finished my primary schooling. I discovered I had a knack for fixing or repairing things. At this time of my life I loved fixing up my Aunt's old car or tinkering with the dish washer. By the time I began my secondary schooling in engineering, I had my own Mk.v25 Rio Hovercycle. This was one of the most exciting times in my life. After the schooling in mechanics and Engineering, I had interned at O.E.R. Now with experience I joined O.E.R, becoming a engineer.

    MultiTool....It has a knife do not make me use it
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  4. I'll take that Wing Command. CS will be up in a few.
  5. Awesome, just FYI you will be on the bridge directing fighter movement and bomber targets.
  6. thank you
  7. I will give a try and post my char soon :)
  8. How many fighters will be directing?
  9. All of them. The exact number will be found when i post the ships character sheet.
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  10. Name: Lt. Monty Tyrell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 130 appears 35
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Respectful, loyal, resilient, resourceful and kinda narcissistic.
    Occupation: Wing Commander

    Monty lived a normal childhood. From a young age he showed much interest in aircraft and spacecraft. He signed with the OER as soon he was old enough. He started out as co-pilot of a heavy bomber. The crew he flew with ran a couple bombing runs close to the end of the Granada Civil war. He soon changed to a fighter MOS and transferred to a new unit.
    He saw heavy action in the defense of the Kepler asteroid belt. He racked up 10 kills before being shot up himself. A few pieces of shrapnel pierced his left lung and shoulder. As a result he was deemed unfit for combat flight. Not wanting to leave the OE Navy he retired from flying to directing flights. His new post is onboard the new Infinite's Embrace frigate.

    Personal Weapons: Auto-pistol
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  11. Name: Roland Tokarz
    Gender: Male
    Age: Physical 43; Actual 234
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 200

    Since the captain has been a marine all his life he still has a sturdy physique but is starting to grey.

    Personality: Roland is a intuitive, and quick thinking commander. Though a functioning alcoholic/smoker he commands any vessel he is on with absolute mastery.
    Occupation: Captain
    Background: Given up at birth Roland left the orphanage at 13. Having joined the OER illegally at the age of 14, Roland fought for the regulated space militia on Granada 7. Being one of the few survivors of Butcher's Bay, Roland was promoted to Sergeant post haste and received the Distinguished Cross for his heroism in the defense of Horiam. Once the Granada's civil war ended Roland was transferred to the Borealis taskforce and served with them through the Vinvini uprising. During these engagements Roland was promoted to Commander of the bridge aboard the battleship Orian. Having been personally congratulated on his heroism aboard the Orian by Admiral Wilhelm, Roland was promoted to Captain and given command of the new Infinitys Embrace frigate. He awaits his crew.......
    Personal Weapons:
    1. m3013 semi-automatic pistol. That he has used since Butcher's Bay
    2. Standard issue utility knife
  12. @Xytheus You can just use a regular picture and say his clothing with a description
  13. google saves lives
  14. Find a better picture mate.
  15. He seems to be missing some clothes. Althooooough... >.> not bad.
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