Crimson Horizon (Arc 1)

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  1. Maiden Voyage (1 week after shakedown trials.) [​IMG]

    The Infinity's Embrace hurtled toward its destination, some farming star cluster that was conventionally far from most of the reported incidents of terror attack or open rebellion. They were still a few hours away from their destination, orbital fortress Nucleus. The Nucleus was the command station for the star cluster, it was commanded by Admiral Rudolf Ortwin, a highly decorated member of the O.E.R. who had once served in Project Ragnarok as Captain of one of the Wolf Initiative flagships.


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  2. Monty leaned back in his chair at his post on the bridge. All aircraft had been stowed away and the hangars were prepped for docking. Now it was all in the hands of the rest of the bridge crew to guide them into port. Without looking up from his stations monitor he updated the captain. "All aircraft stowed, sir. Also, we're down one ordinance specialist. Nothing serious. He just got his hand crushed by a loose bomb." Just out of shakedown and Monty was already a man down. He would have to request a new one after they got to Nucleus station.
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  3. Jerry Rooster cigars were, without a doubt, the best cigars a guy could find. They were also against O.E.R. regulations since Jerry Roosters were made in the same style as old school cigars so they smoked like chimneys, which was apparently unsafe cause they'd mess with the life support or something like that. Clint didn't really remember the exact reason why they were against the rules; but hot damn, he could really go for one right now. And no matter how much the regulations encouraged it, Clint was not going to start using those new smokeless cigarettes. He'd rather go down with a ship than look like he's sucking on a lollipop.

    Clint patted the box shaped object in his jacket's breast pocket, savoring the little rolled up beauties. Not right now, of course. Clint was sitting at the ship's main control console, he couldn't exactly light up right there and then. The Captain was right there on the bridge. Instead he stretched his arms out and yawned while he watched lines of light blur across the screens showing the ship's exterior as it traveled in FTL. They still had a few hours until they got to O.F. Nucleus. Maybe he could sneak a Jerry once they were station-side. That'd be nice.

    He studied the screens around the pilot's seat, more out of boredom than actual concern for the ship. On the readouts were everything from the status of the ship's engines and hull integrity, to the individual readings on life support and artificial gravity in individual parts of the ship. A good pilot had to know what was going on with the ship, inside and out. Otherwise, an uninformed decision could be catastrophic. If they were losing hull integrity, he needed to know. If there were fighters buzzing around parts of the ship, he needed to know. If the engine was leaking coolant even a little, he really needed to know. A ship attempting to enter FTL with a coolant leak would pretty much destroy its engines... along with all the engineers in the engine rooms. And when you're in deep space you really don't want your engines to blow up, because the only lucky ones on board will be the engineers who died quickly.

    Speaking of engines and coolant, one of theirs seemed to be acting up a little. He watched the temperature reading on the ship's status monitor rise slightly above normal levels and then fall below normal levels. He'd expected as much from a new engine and he would've been surprised if it didn't happen. Temperatures would shoot above and below normal levels when coolant flow wasn't adjusted correctly. Most new engines are pretty well tested, but the necessary adjustments came during its first long voyage when the need for them popped up. This was nothing but a minor hiccup and a slight coolant flow adjustment should fix it. Not to mention leaving it like this could cause overheating in the long run.

    He pressed a button on his console that connected the pilot straight to the engineering department. Ships often connected the pilot to engineering, a product of the "pilot needs to know" philosophy.

    "This is Helmsman Commander Everman, ya'll got a ghost in Engine 2."

    'Ghost' was the spacer shorthand for the symptoms of maladjusted coolant flow. Clint was still working on getting rid of spacer-talk in the O.E.R since nobody else seemed to get it, and corrected himself,

    "Engine 2 needs a coolant adjustment, check your temperature, over."

    You can take the spacer out of deep space, but you can't take deep space out of the spacer.

  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Krysten was just checking the ships defense fields when she heard Jerry's voice over her ear piece. The man really needed to figure out the English language not some weird slang. Her communicator automatically transferred the transmission from Jerry to the Engineers in #E2. "Clint I suggest you get a taser and start shocking yourself each time you use spacer slang...It would make my job way easier"-transmission sent

    She began her rounds looking at ships they had on board, while using her holographic computer aka Jardis to find all the listing on them. It was good to know what needed repairs or upgrades when they approached Nucleus. It held some materials that she could "borrow" for her ships. As she was getting towards the end of the ships, she was approaching her private bay. This was supposed to be where a Dainsleif-310 Class Gunship was, but she was using it for her tinkering on ships/tanks to make the better. Like when tinkered with Saber Tank and was able to successfully add coretex Engine which supports the power and speed of it. It did however make it more susceptible to crashing the electrostatic shield she put in. Currently she had in the bay was a half dissembled Old Interceptor. Hopefully she had time to work on it. "Macki to E2-C1"
    What happened this time.​

    "Meet the future face to face
    And make sure feel like you there in outer space
    We need to see."

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  5. [​IMG]
    Sage was reading an article about cells manipulation by using freezing cameras to keep the cells alive for ages. Nothing that was written there could really surprise her. She sighed extremely bored by the fact of not having more interesting data to read. What happened to the ancient writers? Didn't they taught their next generations how to write? She looked up before placing her digital watch besides her as she covered her eyes. She was suppose to be sleeping since it was her nap time but like always, Sage had the bad habit of staying up until she reached extremely exhausting. A few used to call her the lunatic doctor of the crew. She wasn't worried about that at all. As long as they didn't sneak into her privacy that would be fine.

    The moment she heard Commander Everman a sight escaped from her soft lips. " Where we go again.... " In a second she rose and stretched her arms up. It was already weeks since the accident happened. Her teammate died during a mission in field. It was so fast she had no time to thank him. She knew a new member would arrive soon in his place and Sage only wished to be someone trustfull. She wasn't a easy member to work with after all.

    Sage walked out of her room walking around until she reached a large window and observed Krysten fixing that damn machine. [/encadre]

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  6. Max laid on his back in his bunker and thought about his brother. He vowed to help as many soldiers as he could for both he and himself. Eyes affixed to the to the ceiling and twirling the pendant thrice in his hand.

    "One day we will meet again brother but for now I need to help them." He put on a shirt and got up from the bunk. He started to roam around the ship to find the bar quarter to relax. Step by step he gets closer and closer until he hears the soft hum of music. As it grew louder he knew he was getting closer. Upon arrival he saw a group of people dancing in the middle of the room while the bartender cleaned glasses with a rag. He sat on one of the bar stools in front of the bartender. Back turned on the people dancing he asked for a drink.
  7. Roland sits up quickly in his bunk in a cold sweat. His hands tremble from the nightmare he just experienced. He swings his legs over the side of his bed running his hands through his hair. He breathes in deeply trying to regain his composure. The images of burnt bodies still fill his head. The smell of charred flesh overwhelming his senses. He stands slowly and walks over to his trunk. Opening the lid he pulls out a bottle pulling the cork out, the rich smell of scotch fills the air. He pours himself a glass full and drinks deeply from it till his hands stop shaking. He lets out a sigh as the memories start to fade. He takes out the prescription the doctor gave him taking two of the tablets. He sighs knowing he should lay off the caffeine pills but with the constant insomnia he doesn't have much of a choice. He finishes his glass of scotch and pulls on his uniform. He pats his breast pocket making sure his flask is still where he left it. He steps out in the corridors and walks up to the bridge. He walks in hearing Clint send off the message to engineering. “Anything I should know about Helmsman?”
  8. Monty quickly straightened in his chair. "Captain on deck!" He announced. Being the officer with the highest rank below commander it was his job to do so.
  9. The main hanger was bustling with activity as everyone prepared for the arrival at nucleus station. In one corner of the hanger a light dropship stood out from the rest of the others due to its paint job and the fact that death metal was emanating loudly from it. In the cockpit Lazlo idly bobbed his head to the beat as he went through the usual routine checklist. "Aw fuck it, that engi didnt need those power couplings anyways. I am putting em to good use instead of them sitting in a locker." Fiddling around with some wires under the control panel Lazlo discreetly checked out a cute looking female pilot who was walking by. "Damn she has a nice ass." After the beckoning buttocks dissapeared from view Lazlo finished up his maintenance and leaned back in the pilot's seat. "I am gonna go fuckin stir crazy if nothing exciting happens soon. All this sitting around with our thumbs up our asses is pissin me off." Grumbling to himself, Lazlo turned on his datapad and proceeded to distract himself by looking up some new music to pirate.
  10. Roland looks around the deck. "I guess its time to see what this ship can do" He mutters to himself. "Helmsman I need a emergency drop from warp, with a hard burn to slow us." "Lieutenant Tyrell sound the alarm for battle stations."Roland sits back in his seat as the restraints hold him in. A emergency stop from warp has been known to vaporize ships as they drop out of the containment field, but it can be a life saving maneuver if heading into a ambush. Roland takes out his pipe lighting it as he watches the flurry of activity on deck as his orders go out.
  11. Clint grunted a quick, "Mm-hmm" to the captain's orders. Interrupting FTL might be a little dicey, but it wasn't anything Clint hadn't done a million times before. He strapped himself to the seat and brought up the ship's main controls.

    "Alright folks, hold on to your nuts. We're goin' cold turkey in 3..."

    He started the cooldown cycles on the main engines. Cold turkey meant the same thing as a hard drop from FTL in Clint-talk. Shield strength was doubled using power borrowed from the soon-to-cooldown rear engines.


    He brought up the thruster controls and set the forward facing thrusters to prepare a full throttle to fully slow them down. Clint flicked the blue Bot-Boy bobblehead on his control panel like he always did when coming in or out of FTL; for luck. He used to have a green Bot-Boy, but he lost it. Blue Bot-Boy's head nodded.


    The ship jolted as it dropped out of FTL, as Clint put it, cold turkey. The thrusters that were set to burn began to fire immediately, bringing the ship to a gradual stop. At the same time, the doubled shield strength prevented excess radiation from leaking in. There was a hum as the main engines shut down and began to cool. Coming in and out of FTL was extremely stressful for ship engines, making cooldown cycles a necessity, unless you preferred overheated engines that blew your engineering department into outer space.

    "Aaand, we're clear of FTL. Hull integrity's at 100%. Engies on cooldown for t-minus two minutes. Shield's holdin'; transferrin' the power back to rear engies. Thrusters are stable, we're at a full stop, Cap'n."

    Clint gave Bot-Boy another lucky flick.
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  12. "Copy that." Monty quickly buckled himself in before that nutjob of a helmsman went 'Cold Turkey' as he referred to it. As soon as the ship left warp he relayed the captains orders throughout the ship. "Attention all hands, man your battlestations! Repeat. Man your battlestations!" His tone was intentionally urgent. He figured it might scare the rest of the crew a little more. As he relayed the call to battlestations he rapidly tapped on his screen. He was informing hangar crews on which squadrons to put into launch positions.

    He ordered all the fighters to launch positions with the bombers behind them. The crews had just stowed the fighters minutes before the captain ordered the drill. No doubt they were going to bitch to Monty about it later.
  13. [​IMG]

    GM Post As the H particles dissipated from around the ship, it sent massive tendrils of dangerous radiation swirling and dancing into the void. The ship shook from a shockwave from when the H particle membrane that protected the ship from subspace broke. The hull shuddered, a bunch of crew members were thrown to the floor. The heat sink for engine four cracked as it slammed against the wall of the exhaust port.

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  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Krysten was thrown to the ground with the jolt of the shock wave. Who decided it would be good to be warp? Don't they know better? Looking down at her arm there was blood dripping from a scrape. Now she would have to fill out some stupid form on how she was wounded in the medical bay. Great. Just Peachy. First she would check up on the engines before going to the medical bay. She was supposed to head to E1-C1, but there are more matters pressing. "E1, E2, E3, E4 to Macki tell me what's going on down there" Upon waiting for a reply she left the ship bay and headed to the engine rooms. On her way she passed by Sage. The girl had a perfect view of the ship bay. Could she have possibly been watching her? Seeing as she was passing by her with a wound. "I will see you later Dr. White", she stated currently interest in what was going on with engines. When she finally got a reply.

    "E4 to Macki Heat Sink is cracked"
    "Macki to E4 Heading down to Engine 4 now"​
    Why couldn't people be more concerned with the actual ship? If they think they can warp all willy nilly they got another thing coming. Upon entering engine for bay she spewed out a few orders. "We need to get some repairs done right away! So gather some engineers in other departments if you need to just GO!" she growled at the crew.
    "E2-C1 We need you down here right away!"
    "I will be there shortly! Be patient!"​

    "Meet the future face to face
    And make sure feel like you there in outer space
    We need to see."

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  15. Sage fell roughly on the floor as she felt the huge bump making everything out of place. Her eyes widened as she started to her her transmission making waves. Also her bip was showing red light. It was a light that only would light up when Code's 078 is activated. More than twenty people was injured and some could be seriously in danger. " Shhhhit! Dammit!" She hissed while her hand ran into her head that suffered a strong contusion. She rose slowly feeling everything numb. Slowly she replied to her captain saying she would be assisting the the second main area affected since it was the one closer to her. Sage ran to her department to grab a few more supplies and moved into the messy area when she caught the sight of Krysten. her eyes snapped open as she caught the sight of a stain on her arm. She hurried to her grabbing her by her collar as she replied to the other's. Sage could be small and weaker for a fighter but when it comes to make her job she would be stubborn as hell. " I'm sorry miss Mackie but that will not be possible not in the next two minutes until i make a fast scan on that arm. I wouldn't go against the captain's lays if i was you. A soldier hurt will only cause more pain later. So let me apply a spray to stop the bleeding and bandage that also...i will go with you. I Seem to know the exact location of this eks and my Gps is acting stupid since the accident. It froze..."

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  16. As lazlo was browsing music on his datapad he was suddenly thrown forward against the control panel as the entire ship shook. "GODDAMMIT!" Brushing himself off Lazlo watched as everyone scurried around while alarms blared. "fucking idiots cant even tll its just practice. No specific threats have been identified, the gunners havent gotten orders, cmon how stupid do they think I am?" Grumbling to himself, Lazlo reclined in his pilot seat and shoved his headphones on over his ears to drown out the loud alarms.
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  17. Monty held his headphones as the hangars chief reported in. He updated the captain. "Fighter squads 1 through 4 are prepped. Bomber wing is also prepped. I'm gonna prepare dropships just in case." He sent out the additional order for the dropships. Monty watched the flurry of excitement in the hangars on his monitor. Everyone was performing their tasks with speed and efficiency but he still like they could shave a seconds off armament time if they tried a little harder.

    He noticed an automated forklift pushing a rack of missiles directly into the exhaust path of a taxiing bomber. There was nothing he could do to stop it in time. He shouted into his mic. "Chief! Stop that forklift!" The intense heat would surely cook the warheads and make them detonate.

    (GM post?)
  18. 'Zap Zap Zap' went the plasma cutter as sparks were sent onto the ground and all over the helmet he wore. "Alright, that should do it" he muttered before quickly adding "Alright Peter! Give her a turn over!" he yelled back down the wired hallway as a gloved hand gave a thumbs up in the distance. Then like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, lights flickered and the Mass Accelerator Cannon whirred to life as the sounds of sirens and buzzers sounded to notify all around that the MAC was live.

    Grayson couldn't help but chuckle and clap a little as his handy work held up just fine at keeping the Anti-gravity field from pooling out onto the engineering deck. "Alright, Shut her down. Everything's fixed" he sighed, placing the plasma cutter back onto the work bench and moving towards the control console as 'Pete' mouthed out "Jeeze, and here I am thinking its the end of the world, what was wrong with it anyways?". Grayson now removing the leather spats onto the bench shrugged "Eh nothing serious, just the Anti-Matter protective barrier was a little shaky so i put that back together, then i noticed that the exposed anti-gravity generator had been effected by the leak of anti-matter radioactive waves so I also did a little work on that. Then i just sealed it up. Wait...arent you the one who fires this thing?" he spoke standing up. "Well yeah...I just don't know how to fix it..." the gunner answered. Grayson turning around to walk away muttering "Jeezus...were doomed"

    After returning back to his room he moved to rest his head...until he was thrown into the roof of his bunk and down to the ground with a hard thud of a fairly painful looking faceplant "FUCK!" he grabbed his face and rolled around on the ground as his armour, which had been resting fell to the floor also, putting a gentle dent in the metal ground that it rested on. First thing he thought of was the Anti-Matter field on the MAC had failed. Grabbing the data-pad he screamed at Gunnery level "PETER I SWARE TO GOD! IF YOU BROKE THAT THING AGAIN IM GONNA SHOVE YOU INTO IT AND PULL THE TRIGGER!"....expected no response....Now the damn question was....the hell happened?!

    Moving to run to the bridge he barged in the door holding a wrench to throw at the person responsible. "Alright! Who's getting a wrench sandwich today?!" he spoke before adding "The hell happened?"
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  19. Nikolai grumbled, he had spent the majority of the time in his quarters. He didnt have many personal items but he did like to keep a bottle or two of brandy in his room for emergencies. Or late nights, boring nights, nights in, night before missions, nights ending in a y. He pulled it out of his standard issue duffle bag and unwrapped the clothes he had wrapped around it. He smiled and unscrewed the cap, he took a fair sip of it and set it down on top of his dresser. He had taken off his fatigue shirt and was wearing only a white tank top. He grabbed the clothes from his duffle and dumped them into his dresser. His fatigue shirt was folded and rested on his bed, he relaxed and laid back on his bed. He let himself sleep. He was dreaming of this girl he met, shortly before dispatching for the Infinity's Embrace. She was a dancer, exotic type. She had some scars and was heavily tattooed but damn he kept thinking about her. He was getting to a good part of the dream when he felt a jolt and heard glass shattering. He jolted up from his bed and heard the call for battle stations.

    "Well fuck me," He said looking at the glass and brandy on the floor, he read the partially cut lable that held together some of the glass shards. He walked to his locker and began pulling on his armor, he grabbed his helmet and tucked it under his arm as he walked out the door. He snagged his LMG off the wall and held it in his left hand. He ran down to the barracks where his team was meant to be. He'd not met these men yet but they were about to get a real rough wake up. He jogged down the corridor and saw that these men were already in their gear. Nikolai marched in and gave a brief look to the 14 marines in front of him.

    "Attention!" Nikolai said, the men all stood in front of their bunks at arms at their sides and their helmets tucked under their right arm.

    "I am Nikolai Krom, Also known as the Beast. I served at Butchers Bay, I killed many men, and I'll kill allot more if you lot dont fuck around on me. We're moving to battle stations boys, not sure what the situation is this time."

    He let his helmet sink to his hand and pulled it onto his head before securing it. He rolled his shoulders then turned on his heel and held his LMG over his chest as he and his squad jogged out of the room. Towards the hangers to await orders.
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  20. Roland

    Roland admired the efficient work ethic that his bridge officers were working at. The only problem that worried him was the slight mishap with the automated shell loading system in one of the hangars, thankfully nobody was hurt. He stood up and stood behind Monty as he worked at his station. "You did a great job making sure nobody was hurt." He clapped him on the shoulder, being almost father like. "Just make sure that doesn't happen again. In a actual combat situation we might not have been able to spare the time." Roland paced back to his command chair and sat a bit heavily down. "Helmsmen sound the klaxon for battle preparations, have the marines board their landing craft, have fighter started up and ready to launch, I want every cannon ready to fire on my mark." He calmly gave his authorization.

    He wanted to measure his soldiers reaction times and this also had the fighters already prepped for their patrols after the impromptu drill. He checked his antique watch, it would be about a half hour to a hour before the ship came underway. Then it would be maybe another four hours until they reach the nexus.


    After I roll to see what happens when the fighters go on patrol, we could have a time skip forward to when we reach the Nexus.
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