Crimson Dyed Fate

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      A young maiden accused for practicing the Devil's do, for she is cursed by the tainted blood of magic that which runs through her veins- she is punished, banished from her home, family, loved ones, abandoned from everything she once knew, left to die and rot as the demon she may be, in Hell.

      Although, her fate wasn't cut short quite yet. Her banishment led her towards a castle that resides in the shadows of the Sun, but illuminates by the light of the Moon. A place where a new fate awaits for the confused, but yet, not so human, girl. This, is a place, where true monsters hide, with sharp fangs, and crimson glowing eyes that watch you in the night, for they await to strike.

      For once they do, your blood will spill.
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    A Roleplay between KawaiiDemonQueen33 & Taichou
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  1. "I guess this is it..."
    Anna drew in a breath, looking up to the new 'home' in which she'd been banished to. She knew not why her own home had turned on her so quickly, nor why they'd sent her here of all places, but all she knew was that they sent her here with the intention to be rid of her - permanently. Unfortunately for them, she was too stubborn to give in so easily. She guessed that she would be in, sneak out, return home, and find a way to get back at those who had betrayed her. She would find whoever the hell had framed her, and she would make them pay.

    Walking up to the doors, suitcase in hand, a gust of autumn wind blew past her, and she shuddered in response. I knew I should have worn a coat... She thought, scoffing upon remembering she she really had not much time to dress herself, as they'd rushed her home so quickly. She only had enough time to slip on a lilac off-shoulder sweater that paired well with her black high-waisted shorts and pastel pink wedges. It was inappropriate for someone being banished, yes, but she decided that if she were going to go, it'd be in style. She seemed calm on the outside, due to the light tinkling noise of the bell on her choker, but deep down inside she panicked for her life.

    Lifting a hand, she lightly knocked upon the doors and took a step back. Hoping that no one was inside, that this was all just a myth, it was all a joke, and her hand on her suitcase tightened. If there is a God, then he better fucking get to work. Now.
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  2. The manor was quiet, typical for a night such as this, where the moon was overcasted by dark clouds that calmly floated across the midnight sky. The stars were not visible this night, unfortunate, for it was one of the many perks of this off road location, that resided deep into the woods. Without the illumination of the night sun, there were candle lit lanterns that hung on both sides of the grand medieval entrance, it gave off an ominous feeling just by the look of it, but it was nothing compared to the darkness of the manor itself once the double doors have opened. There was a visitor. An unknown one. A stranger at that, who dared open the doors that haven't been touch in centuries, possibly millennia, for the inhabitants of this silent manor, didn't need to use a simple door, nor any doors of the matter.

    The monsters were said to be away, but one has stayed, he was hidden in the shadows of the east wing. There were three that called this castle their own. Brothers, they were, coming from different blood lines, but their bonds that connected them together, spoke otherwise. The youngest brother, Azusa Mukami, was in the study. A velvet red arm chair placed in the center of a room with walls covered in endless books of many ages, facing a grand window, big enough for its glass to show the illusion of it fitting the entirety of the sky. This, was the soulless being's spot of virtue. As he sat there, his back dipped into the aged cushions that seemed to have lost its comforting feeling, his hands hung off the arm rests, as his legs that hung from the chair, sprawled out on the floor, his head hung low, letting his dark colored locks shadowed his eyes away from the forever changing art that was shown through this window, out into the world's ever changing nature. Silence, accompanied this being, who hated its company the most- that was until, the sound of a bang, or, more of a knock came from the double doors that echoed throughout the resting manor.

    Azusa raised this head, slowly, the grey of his eyes revealing themselves as his fallen curls separated, framing his face.

    "I'm.. not alone anymore.. it seems."

    He slowly pushed himself off the velvet seat, when the tips of his toes touched the marbled floor he vanished from his chair, the presence of the fading moments of the moons light, from the study entirely, into thin air. It was like he disappeared.

    But he did, disappear.

    Ending up in the grand hall, the entrance room of the head of the castle, he stood on the second floor balcony, hiding in the shadows of the pillars from one of the staircase. Another knock came from the grand doors again, it was louder to Azusa's sensitive ears, causing him to grimace. Beginning to step down onto a stair step, he vanished once more, this time, ending up in front of the doors, his slender fingers wrapped around the bronze handle of one of the double doors. He pulled the thick heavy door effortlessly, the sound of the rusting hinges groaning against each other as he did. He left little room for anyone to come in, or come out, cracking it open slightly, only letting half of his body peak through to reveal himself to the unknown guest.

    "What do you want?" Azusa asked monotonously, his dead expression staring blankly at a girl who seemed to be holding a suitcase.

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  3. Anna's eyes widened ever so slightly as she heard the door begin to creak, cursing herself in her head. Fuck. This is where I die. Goodbye cruel world. She grimaced ever so slightly, and took one step back with her shoulders tensed, ready for a quick demise. But alas nothing came, and she heard a voice accompanied by what seemed to be part of a small, male figure. She cocked an eyebrow in confusion, having expected something as horrid as.. A minotaur, a demon, but... This? I can take you down in a heartbeat. She thought, before sucking in a deep breath and deciding to finally speak up after what felt like an eternity of silence.

    "I'm Annaleisa Helsing." She started out calmly, lightly jerking her head to the side to move her hair away from her face as she continued speaking. "I was sent to stay here, by the people of Coniston, that town not too far from here." Drawing in another breath, she handed the male the letter in her other hand. "It's from our Mayor, Berne Moriarty. He claims to be associated, and that it was important for this letter to be read."

    She felt remorseful, mentioning that wretched man's name. Rumor had it that he took care of banishing who was suspected to be witches, possibly sending them here. Knowing that the being or beings who resided here possibly had ties with his wicked deeds made her feel sick to her stomach. She was sure that these were probably just mere gang members threatening the town, and Moriarty probably just handed women over to them like sacrifices so as to not be killed. Coward. She scoffed in the back of her mind.
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