Criminals Turned Heros

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  1. Welcome to world of Caelus:

    Earth is no longer the beauty it use to be with the large buildings, towers and lights. The people of earth didn't see any of it coming; didn't know their government had so many secrets under the wraps. Before the fall of earth, the government had spent over 50 years experimenting on hundreds of criminals that had been locked up behind the red zone. Unfortunately something went wrong with several of their experiments and many of the criminals natural form turned into that of monsters. To cover this up the government built walls around themselves and the citizens to protect them. This left any 'normal' Criminal to defend themselves against the monsters who seem to grow stronger and smarter by the day. Now that the monsters threaten to destroy those precious walls, the government needs help. Now is the time they must rely on the only people with the skills to eliminate the threat. The very people they threw away and forsaken.

    The government has injected a chip within each and every single one of the criminals... or at least the ones that had been strong enough to survive the experiments that had been forced upon their bodies. These chips are tiny little bombs that can tear their head apart within seconds of it being activated by remote. If the criminals act up, it isn't rare to see them end up electrocuted as punishment.

    Most people haven't been able to move on from the old earth and refuse to move within Caelus; they live beyond the walls. Luckily the monsters seem to be fearful of light so they attack at night. Of course attacks don't happen every second but when they do happen, the Criminals are in charge of tracking down the monster and destroying them.
    1. The Governement- they are strict in their laws and have absolutely no pity for the Criminals that were forced to get rid of the monsters and beasts that forced the people of Caelus to live behind walls.
    2. Citizens- This is the place that holds those who have clean clothes, good food, warm beds and their daily activities (as many as they can within the walls)
    3. Red Zone- Where the criminals who have been locked up stay. They aren't given protection from others and must save themselves. Most people make gangs, showing they aren't alone and have back up if they are messed with.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.