Criminal x Innocent Civilian?

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  1. New Member Sunset here! I am making no delays to start RolePlaying, but I don't want to start of doing big Group RolePlays. Rather just do a one x one RP. I am open to have more than one partner and it does not have to be a Criminal x Innocent Civilian as I am willing to listen to whatever ideas you may have. This is just something I feel like doing right now. Here is my idea;

    Detroit, a place filled with crime and sins holds some of the biggest criminals alive; and free. [Criminal] is just one of those big name criminals in Detroit but no one has ever seen them in a physical form. It is just a name that haunts the streets as civilians are scared to even mutter the name. One day, [Criminal] commits a crime but for the first time in their lives are surrounded by witnesses and police as the plan "fails". One [Civilian] happens to be at the scene of the crime as they watch the [Criminal] struggle to find a way out of their mess from afar. Unfortunately the [Civilian] was at the wrong place at the wrong time as the [Criminal] makes a run for it. [Civilian] poorly hides from sight, but as the police begin to shoot at the [Criminal] to prevent them from escaping, one of the bullets strike the [Civilian]. The [Criminal] catches glimpse of the [Civilian] getting struck, but something deep down prevents them from letting the [Civilian] lay there out to bleed as the cops try to stop them. [Criminal] quickly rescues [Civilian] but now the [Civilian] is unable to return home till things settle down in the area.

    This can go any way and can be FxF, FxM, MxF, MxM. (I prefer to be female but accepting to do male.) Things could even be changed up to where the characters are mythical creatures/furries/etc. The only thing I do not allow is Sexual Content. Some ideas of how things could go is romance, civilian begins to look up to the criminal especially if they are younger, criminal has a change of heart, etc.
    Anyone interested or wanting to do something different?

    My Qualifications;
    -Must be able to post at least once a day or a majority of the week.
    -Can produce at least one detailed paragraph. Two earns you brownie points.
    -Is not shy and willing to make the RP work. Meaning: You like to communicate through PM for ideas, share thoughts or ask questions. I don't bite.

    Serious people please! Thank you!
  2. Oh this sounds pretty cool, I'd love to do this with you. I can post anywhere from 4pm-2am and I do post a lot, I usually am on my iPhone so responding takes a bit but I still make it work. I understand your no sexual content and am willing to cope with that. So if it is cool with you I would like to do this
  3. Brilliant! PM me so we can begin working on details, still trying to figure how the system works here~
  4. I've been wanting to find some more roleplay partners, so I'll make sure to hit you up soon! You seem to have someone else who's already signed up for the idea, so I won't intrude on that. Instead, I'll PM you once I come up with an idea or a plot-line for us to go with. Though, if you're okay with it, we can start PMing each other now and simply discuss some roleplays together. I'm up for almost anything.
  5. We can PM now if you are not busy. I don't know if I will actually start the Rp tonight though so we can just talk about what we want to do. :)
    The other person has not messaged yet, but if they don't within 24 hours and you want to do that idea we can. Can't wait to hear some of your ideas.
  6. Wow, this sound interesting. I am also knew but I am not new to the concept of r.p. I would like to be a r.p partner, if you don't mind. I of course am willing to post maybe more than once a day, depending on how busy I am . Also I am quite open to r.p ideas as well and would love to brain storm.
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