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  1. Pardon me, I'm still trying to figure this website out. But I'm currently craving a Criminal Minds roleplay, and since I know on other websites this has been a slight issue I'm going to state now that my love interest is Spencer Reid. Also because this website is already giving me a slight headache because of the color scheme please message me via my e-mail ( And now I'll go ahead and list my rules/preferences:

    • Length:
      Minimum length is gonna be 1,200 for the whole reply. 600 words a side, and if there's more than one love interest that we're typing for at the same time it'll be bumped up to 1,800 words. c: There's absolutely no cap on the word limit!

    • Grammar:
      I'm not a grammar Nazi but just use a basic spell check all right? I literally (yes - I mean 'literally' and not 'figuratively') cannot read a reply if there's a bunch of red squiggly lines and just a lot of spelling mistakes. Then I have to correct it before I read it... it's stressful. xD

    • Limits:
      Hey, I've been roleplaying a while and I actually have just a couple of limits. A) No teeth or nail torture. B) No pedophilia - your OC has to be at least 18. If you're into smutty stuff, put "Lemon Cake" as the subject. If you like fluffy stuff put "Angel Food Cake" and if you like dark put "Devil's Food Cake." But if you're into normal kinds just put "Cake."

    • Reply Time:
      Like most people I have some form of life outside the internet but I'm asking that you be able to reply every two to three days at least. And don't ignore me, m'kay? If I'm trying to chat outside the RP with you don't ice me out. I send my partners stuff, after all. Like gifs, banners, the very occasional video, and if you're comfortable with it enough I'll even send you some gifts through the mail (if we are roleplaying for a while or something... or if it's your birthday).

    • Ditching:
      Feel like ditching me? That's fine. But please try and let me know? You don't have to and I'm not going to give myself an ulcer worrying over it but I make friends with my RP partners and I'm going to be mega bummed if you're just going to up and leave me and ignore me.

    • Characters:
      I encourage detailed OCs but it's not a must. If you just want to send me the real basics that's fine, but keep in mind that I really do prefer you have a face claim. And just so I know you didn't just super lazy skim put your favorite type of bird in your message so I know you read at least this far.

    • Gifs:
      Admit it, you thought I was going to say that you have to have gifs, right? No, gifs in the replies aren't a must or anything but sometimes I like to add some into the reply (although if you love having gifs in every single reply I'm fine with that). If you don't want them or if they make your computer slow let me know so if I just happen to make you something like a gif or a picture I can send it in a different e-mail.
  2. Hello! Welcome to the site. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that you can change the color scheme of this site whenever you want. At the bottom of the page, on the bar that has "Contact Us" "Help" and "Home" on the right side, there's a word on the left side of that bar with a paintbrush next to it. If you click that, it'll open up an overhead where you can select a scheme that better fits your personal tastes. :D Happy partner hunting!
  3. I went searching and seen this after I started researching Criminal minds. I'm up to Rp is you want
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