Criminal Hearts (Possible Romance/Action)

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    My Character

    Name: Jessica Webbers

    Age on I.D: 21 Real age: 17

    Occupation: Bartender at a strip club/ Member of a gang that basically runs the town

    Personality: Smart-ass, Rebel, Stubborn, Emotionally numb (on the outside), Lost (inside), and Rude.

    Sexuality: Bisexual (In front of her gang)//\\Straight (In reality)

    Species: Human (If we are keeping this like a slice of life) Vampire fledgling (If you wanna go supernatural)

    BackStory: Raised in a small lonely town little Jess had both her parents and till the age of 12 she was a very happy child. Now Jessica soon took an interest in art when she hit 11 years old, but not the paint brushes and pencils type of art. She would go out at night and Spray paint buildings and the side walk some times. Well Jessica was arrested at the age of 12 when cops found her spraying the town hall.

    Her mother went and picked her up from the police station, but on the way home they were attacked. Leaving mommy dead and Jessica in a gang leader's hands. She was raised from then on in an old warehouse, where she was toughened up and taught many different rules.

    At age 15 she got her first I.D. and was finally let out on the streets. She was a thief, pick pocket, and earned most of her money from bar tending at her Boss' strip club. From the innocent little girl she once was to a scared slave to a gang that basically owns every breath she takes.

    I'm looking for a guy or girl to play a man who works for the black market selling women, drugs, and guns within the town and over the border. He goes to the club my character works at and they end up running into each other. After their short meeting he gets a text from his boss sending him a picture of his next target. The picture is of her. Now hes gotta win this girl's trust over enough to lure her into his own trap. But along the way will he end up gaining a soft spot for her?

    You can create his backstory, looks, and personality! ^-^