Criminal Guilt

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  1. You wake up with the most intense headache you ever had the unfortunate displeasure of ever experiencing. As you open your eyes you see a body besides you. It's your best mate's fiancée and she's dead. Panicking, you dispose of it, sure that you must have killed her somehow last night. Fidgety, you go back to sleep just to be awakened by a phone call. It's your best friend and he is panicked. His fiancée have been missing for two days. What will you do?

    ​Anyone interested in that one? I would be alright in playing either the protagonist or the best friend.
  2. I'm interested. I'll play whichever character you don't choose, but I'm quite alright with being either one.
  3. I'll take the murderer, then :)!

    Anything to add to the plot before we start?
  4. The murderer is actually in love with their best friend. They didn't mean to kill his fiancee, but it happened from a sudden rage. If the friend discovers that his fiancee is dead, then after some mourning time we could add in another character who is trying to get with him. Since the murderer was helping out his friend for the longest time, he/she feels betrayed, and will plot to kill this other person that is getting in the way of his/her love.

    What do you think? Just a rough idea.
  5. Sorry, I don't really do romance, I'm afraid :s...
  6. Mkay, then how about your character is looking into why they killed the fiancee? Going a little crazy about it, trying to pin it on someone else and hide it from their best friend just to keep things a little normal. The murderer could be haunted by images of the body, possibilites of what happened. See flashes of things every now and then. Of course paranoid that someone may know something and turn him/her over to the police.
  7. That's what I was thinking. He would be terrified of getting found out.
  8. Mkay then. I'm sure we can come up with something extra later unless you want to keep brainstorming.
  9. Yeah, I'll work on the first post shortly.