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  1. Hey everyone! I was trying to think up some more ideas I'd like to do, and one of them is of a group of criminals who do the dirty work for either a higher up in their organization, or a government organization. I'm leaning towards doing the Governments jobs, just because it could add in some twists.

    I'm thinking our group would have a team of 4 people with specialized traits, kinda like a team with a tank, a scout, a tech, and a decoy. We can change it up a bit if someone would like, the team doesn't have to consist of these traits specifically. Obviously this will be a Group RP, but if only one or two people are interested I'm sure we could play double characters.

    Anyways, post here if you're interested or message me! ^^

    Character Sheet:

    Rank: (Tank,Scout,Decoy,Tech)
    Appearance: (preferably a pic, if not, description is good)

    I will reserve the Scout position!!

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  2. What exactly do the Tech, and Decoy do? owo It should be fairly obvious, but I want to know what you have in mind! >w< because I plan on reserving a spot for one of them.
  3. o3o I would be very interested in joining a rp like this.
  4. Tech would plan out which weapons/gadgets the team would use as well as doing some recon on the mission. The Decoy would go into the situation and provide Intel for the others that are outside waiting as well as providing some extra support in the mission. Think of it as one person going into a bank to pretend to be a normal person but is actual in cahoots with the robbers. The Tank would be the powerhouse, the person to either take out any enemies the others can't. Scout would be kind of like the weapon specialist/jack of all trades.

    I was planning on having my character as a Decoy, but I think Scout would work for me. ^^ I'll edit the original message and include a character sheet for you guys.
  5. Yea I don't mind either one except tech if thats ok I'll pick whats left of the other 3
  6. This sounds like an interesting idea, I'll throw my hat in for this one if it gets off the ground.
  7. Can I call Decoy? Character sheet is going up soon~
  8. Okay! So since we have 1 more player more than I had originally intended, we need to think of one more Rank or have 2 of the same Rank. I could also try to think up one on my own, but what do you guys think?
  9. Well, what kind of missions are we going on? That 5th rank could change depending on what we need for our missions.
  10. Fine can I call Tank please then
  11. Yea leader works leader can do all 4 and organise which has to be kitten? just suggesting
  12. Basically the missions will be taking out other political leaders and doing whatever the Government doesn't want to do themselves. They could range from taking out a rival gang leader from another country or simply doing something for ourselves like robbing a bank. I'm planning on a few twists in the plots as well, providing the RP goes where I want it to. If you guys had any other suggestions or ideas that'd be great too!
  13. Yeah I could definitely make a Leader Character! ^^
  14. Name: Kylan Wharring

    Age: 25

    Personality: Kylan is a social chameleon, able to switch personalities as the situation demands. He's quick to react and it is rare to catch him off guard, even rarer still to see his guard crack. His social mask has become so prevalent in his life that he has a very hard time being honest about himself with anyone, including himself. Sometime, he catches a lie tumbling from his lips where he meant to be truthful, a force of habit from a life of fabrication.

    Rank: Decoy

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Kylan started off as the "assistant" of Victor Russferd, a business tycoon with a reputation of illegal activities. As Victor's "assistant", Kylan was required to maintain the man's public face of lawfulness and community support, while also being the front of intimidation to those who were kept under Victor's control. With a small team, he'd scare others into signing with Russferd, or beat them into submission. Eventually, however, Russferd found that it wasn't him they were afraid of, it was Kylan, and that kind of power could pose a threat to him.

    A hit was ordered on Kylan, his group to turn on him. However, Kylan had worked himself so deep into their trust that they instead turned against Russferd. Their small team went after the man, succeeding in killing him, but too injured to resist arrest when the law became involved. Kylan spent a year on death row, before being acquitted by the government to come work for them. With few options, he accepted.
  15. I'll hold of until you guys finish your apps. I'll make a character that plays off of those traits.
  16. Agh squizzles. I might have to drop out. >w<
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  17. Aw, that's too bad Seraphinia :( Maybe next time! ^^

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Rose Trehern
    Age: 26
    Personality: Manipulative, but mostly easy going.
    Rank: Leader
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Rose grew up mostly on her own, she had parents but they took little interest in her. As a child she was quiet, mostly keeping to herself and not making very many friends. Then, as she grew into a young woman, entering high school, she quickly found the easiest way to get what she wants. She began a business of sorts at the high school she attended, getting paid to steal things from other people or stores, starting out small before she moved on to the bigger things. She never was caught, which urged her behaviors on even more and as she became a young adult, she knew she would do all right in the world. It wasn't until a year ago that a Government Agency caught wind of her actions and decided that she would be a great asset for their needs. Thus, she spent the next year finding candidates for a team and training them. The Agency had said they could do pretty much whatever the wanted, just as long as they did everything the Agency asked them to do.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Seth Braun
    Age: 24
    Personality: Friendly, but does have a cold streak when someone gets on his bad side.
    Rank: Scout
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Seth was a studious person in school, rarely getting into trouble and always having the best marks. His interest in school decreased when he was introduced to different aspects of life by some friends in University. As he watched them live the way they were living, and he made sure he took notes. Soon he joined the military, though for his own personal gain and served 2 years on duty before returning to his home city and putting his newly earned intelligence to work. He acquired weapons and ammo and stored it in his basement until he would need them. A few months after he purchased his favorite weapon, Rose confronted him with a deal, and he quickly agreed, knowing that this was his calling.
  18. I'll post my Tank soon as sorry for delay been quite busy.
  19. Name: Jim Bob Harvey

    Age: 32

    Personality: Quiet, loyal, hardworking

    Rank: Tank,


    Jim Bob was a policeman for many years, he was dedicated to his work force. He abided by their laws and did everything by the book. If he wasn't at work he was either sleeping or down the gym. Not long ago he was set up by a fellow policeman and framed him for stealing confidential files. The files have been going missing bit by bit over the last year and Jim Bob was trying to find out who it was. Eventually he knew who it was but it was too late.

    What hurt the most it was his own partner who was set him up. He's been working with him since he arrived at the station when he was 18. He tried pleading his case but it was his word over his and was thrown in jail. Luckily someone believed him and now started working for this new agency.

    Jim bob had to go by there rules and trust a new team but he was fine with it as long he didn't have to see his old partner.