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  1. Justice. That to which all humans are subject.

    There are those who will be crushed by it. There are those who will deliver it. And there are yet those who will transcend it.

    When man is delegated the task of delivering just consequence, it becomes tainted. No longer is it what some may call divine retribution. No longer is it pure, right, or true when it falls in the hands of man.

    For justice--or the escape from it--can be bought, sold, taken, given, traded or stolen from the hands of man. The price? Perhaps money? Protection? Life? Renown? Friendship? To stand beyond justice, sacrifices must be made.

    Will you transcend the hand of judgment or will you be destroyed by its ever watchful eyes?


    It is March 15, 20XX, 7:00 A.M. here in New York City. The monotonous bedlam that happens on these streets each day no longer faze you, and as you bump shoulders with another strange face, you exchange momentary glares and snarls before you set back on your way. As you pass by a block of swanky restaurants and window fronts lined with steeply priced clothing, you see a malnourished vagrant sleeping restlessly at the doorstep of one of the restaurants. Not long after, policemen come to escort him away, as he might "disturb the public peace."

    You laugh as you think to yourself what unfortunate events must have happened to this poor fellow. Then, you laugh again as you realize that a true criminal passes by them, yet the envoys of justice punish a man whose crimes were only sleeping, hunger, and poor happenstance.

    You hail a cab, sift through your cash, and hand the driver an exorbitant amount of money earned from your last assignement alone. He looks at the money in surprise and then again at you before tucking away the excess into a jacket pocket? "Where to?" he asks. You tell him your destination and he drives you there swiftly before popping a big smile. "I'll be sure to remember ya, kid. Call me up if youse needin' a ride," he says obviously thrilled from the wad of money you've handed him. You nod back in return and continue to your destination, where yet more blood money will be earned today.


    This is a modern RP set in New York City (setting subject to change), where gangs run rampant and perform business outside of the realm of the "real world" and--more importantly--out of the reach of the vigilant eyes of the law. The underground world has its own set of laws, hierarchies and etiquette. If you do not uphold these understood laws, then judgment is passed, usually in a gruesome way. How you will ascend the ladder of the mobs is up to you.

    • All rules must be observed.
    • No godmodding (controlling other characters/setting to suit your character's interest).
    • No excessive posting that other roleplayers/characters are left behind in the story.
    • If you wish to leave the roleplay, notify me so we can resolve your character's circumstances.
    • Maximum THREE characters per roleplayer: Two (2) major characters and one (1) minor character.
      • Major characters are characters who you will primarily use for active roleplaying.
      • Minor characters are characters who do not play an active role, but provide story and conflict. They are much like NPCs (non-player characters), but you have control over them to an extent)
    • NPC (Non-player characters) can be made by anyone and anytime, can be controlled by anyone and at anytime, but must not hold a major role in story progression.

    Character Templates

    If you didn't bother to read the above rules, you are permitted three total characters: two major characters who play a large role in story progression, and one minor character to play a role in story progression. NPC (non-player characters) can be created and used at any time and with any player, as long as these NPCs do not have a major role in story progression.

    • Full Name:
    • Age:
    • Biography:
    • Gang Affiliation(s): [If none, write "none."]
    • Status: [Position in gang if applicable, e.g. "Boss," "Prospect," "Boss's Grandson," etc. If none, write "none."]
    • Alternate Job: [Any "real/legal" job which this character holds. If none, write "none."]
    • Appearance: [Description or photo. No anime pictures, please.]

    • Amano Family Crime Syndicate: Led by Kenichi Amano and partially by his daughter, Linhua Amano. Kenichi's group has specialized in maintaining and protecting their own territory, as well as striking up good offers as bounty hunters. The Amano family owns Amano's Sushi Bar and Grill, a five-star restaurant as well as Emancipation Nightclub. Kenichi and his men perform more hitmen jobs whereas Linhua and her group perform more drug selling under the guise of the nightclub.
    • East Emperors: A particularly notorious gang of drug traffickers whose territory spans most of the American East Coast, which borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Although many of the new recruits are poorly trained drug pushers who find themselves often caught in the hands of the police, the more seasoned--and therefore more powerful members--are elusive. They produce and sell their drugs along the Eastern American Coast and Europe.
    • Madden Brothers: A multi-generational Irish and Irish American group whose leader enacts and transacts all his business from Cork, Ireland. Many generations of Irish organized crime in the states have made this group resilient and adaptive to their situation. Currently, they're one of the largest organized methamphetamine rings in New York.
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  2. Major Characters:

    Full Name: Linhua Amano

    Age: 26

    Biography: Linhua Amano is the daughter of Japanese-immigrant to America Kenichi Amano and a Chinese-immigrant to America Meihui Feng. Her father was the current boss of the Amano Family Crime Syndicate located in New York City. She went to an all-girl's boarding school while growing up so she was kept away from her father's shady business.

    Upon returning home in her sophomore year of high school, she found her mother mysteriously missing. When asked, her father silences any questions or remarks about Linhua's mother. As she tirelessly researched her mother's disappearance, she accidentally discovered her father's criminal activities. Linhua realized that her mother's sudden disappearance could be connected with her father's activities.

    Since then, Linhua has become involved deeply with the Amano family's affairs, learning self-defense, firearm protection, and charisma to steer just about any situation, any person, and any thing her way. Currently, she owns and manages her nightclub, Emancipation, from where she gains her profits and conducts "special" business meetings.

    Gang Affiliation: Amano Family

    Status: "Little Mother;" Highest Ranked Female in Amano Family and Second Highest in Command

    Alternate Job: Proprietor and Manager of Emancipation Nightclub

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Full Name: Briana Natsume Amerson

    Age: 26

    Biography: Briana was born from a Black father and a Japanese mother. Briana went to an all-girl's school for most of her high school life, where she met Linhua Amano. Since they were in the same grade and seated next to each other since their last names were alphabetically close, the two quickly became good friends.

    Most people had heard of the Amano name when growing up, but few truly realized what kind of livelihood they lived. The girls who did know, however, picked on Briana for being a "criminal's friend." This teasing escalated into roughhousing and eventually into all-out fights which would leave Briana with large cuts and bruises. Linhua, enraged that her friend would be treated like this, retaliated against Briana's bullies during a summer break, firstly by wielding firearms in their faces and then later sending some of her father's men to conspicuously watch their houses.

    Briana was impressed by her friend's boldness and the two became ever closer. After graduating from school, the two girls stayed good friends. Briana eventually learned of the Amano Family's true colors, but instead of being scared, she became transfixed on that notion. Asking Linhua to help, Briana joined the Amano Family as one of the handful of women employed. Months of rigorous and painful training has made her an excellent hand-to-hand fighter.

    As a woman and Linhua's best friend, Kenichi Amano asks Briana to watch carefully over Linhua. She does so--but perhaps a little too closely. Her many years around Linhua has made Briana develop some romantic feelings for her friend.

    Gang Affiliation: Amano Family

    Status: "Big Sister;" Second Highest Ranked Female in Amano Family

    Alternate Job: Bartender at Emancipation Nightclub
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Minor Character:

    Full Name: Kenichi Amano

    Age: 52

    Biography: Kenichi is the grandson of Naruhodou Amano, former Yakuza Leader situated in Tokyo. After his incarcerated grandfather was released from prison due to "improper trial," a great public revolt ensued, where the Amano family members were each picked off one by one. Kenichi decided to save his own life by running away and going overseas to America, where he would begin a life anew.

    In New York, he would meet his wife, Meihui Feng, and have a daughter with her. Kenichi did as much as he could to support his family, but his poor skills in English gave him difficulty finding a well-paying job. When his family was nearing eviction, Kenichi turned to his skills he learned as a grandson of a Yakuza leader--bounty hunting.

    He was a mercenary of sorts, and a skilled one at that. For a hit, he offered several grand and his skills in stealth made him virtually unseen by the police. Eventually, he had earned so much money that he was able to send his daughter to a boarding school with ease. His proficiency as a hitman had also garnered quite a lot of interest in young men who wished to live a life of adrenaline and money. Kenichi took many men under his tutelage, and within only fifteen years, he had amassed a group of men and women who were ever vigilant and ever more loyal.

    Meihui, his wife, eventually discovered her husband's misdeeds and threatened to reveal his acts to the police. The husband and wife bickered, and in a fit of rage, Kenichi silenced his wife forever. The love of his life was killed and his own hands borne the blood. His daughter Linhua returned from school one year to find her mother missing and eventually, she too found out her father's crafty business. Instead of snitching to police, his daughter instead asked to join his forces.

    Now, Kenichi has used his daughter to expand his criminal empire, and he plans for the Amano Family to be one of the most powerful families alive, and through the facade of his own restaurant, he maintains good status with the "real world" while holding great power in the underworld.

    Gang Affiliation: Amano Family

    Status: "Father;" Supreme in Rank

    Alternate Job: Proprietor of Amano's Five-Star Sushi Bar and Grill

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  3. Is there a list of gangs/mafia to choose between? Or do you just make em up?
  4. WIP
    {insert icons or banner here}
    [insert description of appearance here]

    FULL NAME: Roman Sionis & Ramon Sionis
    D.O.B: August 1
    AGE: Twenty Six
    ZODIAC: Leo
    ALTERNATE JOB:[Any "real/legal" job which this character holds. If none, write "none."]


    GANG AFFLICTION(S): [If none, write "none."]
    STATUS: [Position in gang if applicable, e.g. "Boss," "Prospect," "Boss's Grandson," etc. If none, write "none."]



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  5. Are you gonna post multiple factions?
  6. @Akashi @Tanstin Aherp derp, guess who totally forgot to consider that?

    It's fixed now. =P
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  7. Would I be able to play a detective type character?
  8. Wait is madden brothers for my characters or it's just made up :0
  9. What would the East Emporoer's be like? A gang or a mafia type group?
  10. **If no one mind's me being one of the head of the East Emperors**
    Full Name:

    Charleston Mangelo



    Charleston peacefully worked part time in the East side Emperor's, while his older brother, Derek, worked full time as the leader of the East Emperor's leader. Over time, Charleston was pulled more and more away from his butcher shop to help his brother in anyway possible for the EE, but soon things turned towards the worse. A victim of one of the Amano hit squads, his older brother along with several other high ranking member's were killed in a devastating drive by. Now a fresh leader of the East Emperor's, Charleston is devastated by the loss of his older brother, and check's revenge against the lost of his last remaining family member.

    Gang Affiliation(s):

    East Emperor's


    (A leader )

    Alternate Job:


    (If this is more of a gang than a mafia, I'll edit the CS​
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  11. [​IMG]

    ** Side Character**

    Full Name:

    Dian Amano




    At a young age, Dian's entire family was killed, the killer's never told to Dian. Kenichi Amano soon took him under his wing, and adopted the young boy and trained him up to be very well trained in all sort's of weaponary, all though he excelled in a sword/kickboxing combination.

    Gang Affiliation(s):



    Personal Hitman/Guard for Father Amano and Linhua Amano

    Alternate Job:

    Head of Security at the Emancipation Nightclub
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  12. It was just made up, but if you want to be under that faction, it'd be okay with me.

    Sorry that this seemed like this was half-assed. :/ Work's been pulling me away from here so I don't have as much time to organize myself better. :/ I'll be sure to check each day if you guise have more questions/suggestions.
  13. Do-Do you like them o.o
  14. First time doing a mafia-related post

    • Full Name: Eddie Bauer
    • Age: 37
    • Biography: Eddie used to work under East Emperors, he was average crook all and all. People never really knew his past before joining up with the East Emperors, but it never really mattered. In the mafia, people know you by when you get things done, and how you get them done. He never really stayed long enough other than to get his pay. Despite these somewhat straying habits, he was an energetic guy. Giving no one any trouble unless you had some beef with the boss. That is not to say he swears undying loyalty to the mob boss. He later left, with unknown reasons, finding a job as a bank clerk, some say he still has a few contacts with some drug suppliers, some of them reaching southward to florida. Some even say he can get his hands on cuban cigars.
    • Gang Affiliation(s): East Emperors
    • Status: Ex-Mafia
    • Alternate Job: NY Bank Clerk

    • Appearance: [​IMG]
    • Full Name: Sara Lillian-Gregory
    • Age: 17
    • Biography: Sara grew up in a fairly high standard New York apartment with her father Gregory Archer, a technician at a computer store, her mother Lillian Archer, a very religious woman who earned money for teaching RE in schools around the state, and her younger brother and sister. She was below average in all her subjects throughout her primary school life, due to distractions and a wandering mind. Going into high school, she fell into depression from constant low test results, and bullying from her intelligent classmates. Her mother would always say it was because they were atheist, and were going to Hell, but Sara always feel like an idiot. She began to despise her younger siblings Max and Ayla, and would snap at them at the slightest provocation. To her parents distress, she began to inflict self harm, cutting herself. This all changed when she met Andrew Woods. Her parents were relieved that her new relationship had turned around her mood, but began to to get annoyed when she would spend most of her time out with him. Sara soon found out that Andrew was a drug dealer for the East Emperors, and soon after finding out was drawn into a life of drugs, alcohol and parties. Whenever she came home, with the smell of booze and cigarette smoke in her breath, she would be lectured by her enraged mother. This only made her more rebellious and she began missing entire weeks of school. After a few months of fighting with her family, addiction and multiple relationships after Andrew left the state, Sara eventually ran away from home, staying with boyfriends until she was offered a small job delivering around the city for the East Empires. She immediately accepted, and soon earned enough money for the cheapest apartment she could find. Sara currently continues to deliver, and uses her body and charm to get her way. She uses what she earns to pay for cigarettes, rent and her drug and alcohol addiction. She is very social within the East Empires, and always likes to know whatever's happening.
    • Gang Affiliation(s): Sells drugs around the city for the East Emperors.
    • Status: Minor dealer
    • Alternate Job: None
    • Appearance: [​IMG]
    • Sara has many piercings on her face, and wears dark makeup around her eyes. Her original hair colour is dark brown, but she dyes it black. Her skin is pale, as she almost never works during the day, and spends that time at parties or bars. She wears small clothes, as to show off her slim and attractive form. She wears her three engagement rings on her fingers, although at the moment she's single. She's trying to save up for a nose job, because she believes her nose is too wide, but she keeps blowing it on her addictions. She only wears converse sneakers, and refuses to wear any other footwear. She has a necklace for each day of the week, each if them gifts from her ex boyfriends. She is always wearing black nail polish, but her wardrobe is full of many different colours. She prefers to wear shorts or a tight skirt, and a singlet.
  15. [​IMG]
    • Full Name: Simone Nathan
    • Age: 23
    • Biography:
    • Gang Affiliation(s): None/Neutral
    • Status: None
    • Alternate Job: She owns her own boutique/clothing store.
  16. Is there still room for this? I would like to give it a try.
  17. Yeah there is, thread is in a dry spell currently what with life and such, but yeah.
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