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  1. Bright light rose over the high-rises, glowing so deep a fiery red that the buildings became but a black silhouette. Slowly, the sun sank behind the city, throwing its last dying rays of golden light out over the glass towers. Stars dotted the changing sky, surrounding the bright white face of the full moon. Street lamps stood tall along the already dark sidewalks, casting eerie shadows and dingy fluorescent light on the pavement. A cool breeze whipped by, carrying the sharp salty air from the harbor and throwing it over the city like confetti. The work day ended as the sun dropped behind the cityscape, many heading home to quiet lives with husbands or wives and children to have dinner and enjoy family time before turning in for the night. Those who didn't have family to return home to, those who lived a different life after work hours were over, went out to enjoy some fun. They would crowd the local restaurants and pubs, and bars and clubs, jamming out to the little bands that played there from around town and drink until they could drink no more or dance or eat in the company of friends. The only person the parties were missing was Nick.

    Nicholas Warren, commonly known as Nick, was a young man who knew his way around the city. He walked aimlessly along, paying no mind to his surroundings. He had been this way many times and had long since seen enough of it. He smirked, his hands in the pockets of his gray jeans; he had the feeling it would be an interesting night. Gravel crunched under his dark gray and red boots, his blue eyes narrowed in focus on the path ahead of them. Nick was traversing the shops downtown, making his way casually through the bustling crowds. No one he passed paid him any mind aside from a woman who caught him eyeing her purse.

    Rounding the corner made by one building, Nick went to the building across the street. It was a pawn shop, full of all sorts of gadgets and gizmos and antiques. But it wasn't the antiques Nick was after, as much as they were worth, nor was it the money in the cash register. What he wanted was a specific object. With but a glance to make sure no one saw him, Nick picked the lock on the back door and checked the hallway just inside before entering. He opened each door along the length of the hall, making sure the rooms were clear before he headed into the main room that served as the shop, unaware of the silent alarm.
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  2. Character Sheets (open)

    Name: Marcus Reid
    Age: 24
    Birthday: Mars 15
    Personality: ambitious, stubborn, sarcastic, confident, cautious, outgoing but reserved, serious, short tempered. He don't like to get too close to anyone and won't easily admit his true feelings, but once he do get close to someone, friend or more, he'll do anything for them. A snob, not that he would ever admit it, keeps his place ridiculous clean, and likes to be in charge.
    Appearance: brown hair so dark it almost looks black, light blue eyes, tall, slim but strong




    Tom - Marcus's toy


    Lucas - Marcus's colleague


    Colorful light danced over the window as they drove down the quiet street. Marcus kept following them with his gaze, desperate to find something to entertain himself. He almost started to miss the desk he was usual stuck behind. Surprisingly he was still, after working at the station for almost a year, looked at as the new guy, and got treated as such. «Marc, get coffee.» «Hey, file this form for me.» «Newbie, look through these thousand fingerprints and see if you find anything that match.» Some of the tasks he was set to was clearly a joke, but he couldn’t protest. Not unless he wanted to be disliked even more, or quit.

    Hopefully that would change now. Lucas, who was currently driving the car, had needed a new partner. Marc had never gotten one. So, here they where. A lumpy and slightly old guy who ate too much cookies, and himself - the complete opposite. Marc had wondered if his slim figure had something to do with no one wanting to partner up with him. They apparently thought he was weak or something, but he actually was surprisingly strong for his build. No, the reason for not being liked was definitely the moneys fault. He had been stamped as a rich kid before he even walked into the station the first time, which apparently gave everyone the right to treat him less. As if they where thinking he hadn’t worked as hard as them to get where he was. But what did they actually think? That he had payed his way through police school?

    «This is ridicules,» he mumbled under his breath. Only thing he did when driving around with Lucas, was to be sent to get more donuts and coffee. He suspected they where posted in the least criminal route, because the only calls they got where about neighbors fighting over grass cut heights, and cats that needed to be rescued from trees. Next time a stupid cat got stuck somewhere, he would refuse to climb up after it. He still got scratches all up his arm from the last one.

    «What?» Lucas said and glanced at him, frowning slightly. «Did you say something?»
    «No, nothing,»
    Marc said and looked up at the now dark sky. Another boring night begining.
    «Oh… Well, we should get more coffee,» Lucas said and drummer his fingers against the steering wheel. He seemed pleased with these boring nights, unlike his younger partner.

    Lucas let out a low sigh and shifted slightly in the seat, trying to find a position where the belt didn’t dig into his hip. He was just about to ask Lucas where he wanted coffee from this time, when the radio sparked to life and asked for attention on a street just a couple blocks away. Lucas quickly picked the mic up and responded with their patrol number.
    «Silent alarm went of in a shop, you need to check it out,» a female voice announced.
    Lucas was tempted to ask if she didn’t have a more exciting task, but managed to stop himself and just sticked with a simple «message received».
    «Probably just a mouse or something,»
    Lucas sighed and speed up.

    They arrived at a funny looking shop. Definitely a mouse, Marc though as they got out of the car. Who would want to steal something in there. He doubted they had anything of value, even the cash register was probably empty. They couldn’t possibly make any sales.
    «Go around the back, and I’ll check the front,» Lucas ordered. «And remember, don’t shoot anyone unless they are trying to kill you. You have to be absolutely certain about that, preferably half dead already.»
    Lucas rolled his eyes so Lucas couldn’t see it, and gave him a thumbs up before he quickly moved down the alley. The strap keeping his gun secure was unhatched and he strained his hearing for any signs that it wasn’t just a mouse. It better not be, he thought as he walked up to the back door. He would feel really stupid if it was. For a second he actually wondered if it could be some prank made by his colleagues, but he hoped that would be pushing it a little far, even for them.

    He quietly opened the door and stepped inside, slow and easy. Even though it sounded quiet, he took out his gun and held it ready, pointing at the floor for safety. No mouse was discovered as he checked each room when walking down the hall, so he headed for the main room at front. A movement in the dark caught his attention just as he entered the room, too large to be any kind of rodent. At the same time, Lucas rattled the front door, completely blowing any element of surprise they might have had.

    «Stop, police!» Marc said with a stern and high voice, and tok hold of the gun with both hands, raising it slightly while he kept his eyes on the figure.
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  3. "Clear enough.." Nick muttered, pacing the shelves. Tall shelves towered over narrow aisles. Each shelf held its maximum weight capacity in nick-knacks and other various objects. There were porcelain pots and jars and vases of the finest quality, each hand painted from the old days. There were china sets, ivory-inlaid armiores and jewelry boxes made of real stained wood, and clothes and costumes of silk from long-forgotten decades. Walking through the shop was a real blast from the past. It was what was behind the counter that really mattered though. Behind the counter was a storage unit of paned glass where there was kept jewelry, antique knives and guns, and articles of technology. Nick stopped, hovering over the counter, his face practically pressed against the glass.

    It only took a minute or two to locate the keys to the glass display cases. They were hidden in the cash register in one of the small compartments meant for coins. Nick took nothing but the keys, not interested in the hundreds of dollars in cash that weren't put in the shop manager's safe. He inspected the grooves of the lock a moment before he picked a key from the ring to try. The sliding glass panel of the case unlocked with a hollow click and slid back with ease, making hardly a sound. Carefully, he reached a hand in, skipping over the gold necklaces and earrings and bracelets of different jewels, as well as the Swiss army knives. What he picked up was a gun.

    Nick turned the cold metal tool over in his hands, inspecting it, only to wipe it off on his shirt and put it back. He did this with several of them before grinning with finality. "This'll do." He held it up to look at it in the light that came through the slats in the blinds over the windows. Locking the case back up, he put the keys away and made sure to wipe off whatever else he touched despite his prints weren't in the system. Nick tucked the gun away at the small of his back, hidden under his shirt and jacket and secured by his belt. As he stood and started back for the hall, a noise behind him made him jump. Whirling around, Nick saw a man at the shop's door; and not just a man, a cop.

    "Shit!" The blonde cursed under his breath as another officer appeared the way he had come, blocking the exit. He crouched by the counter again, peeking around the corner. He couldn't very well see the cop, due to the little light, but perhaps that meant he couldn't see him either. Nick dashed for the shelves, stalking between them. If he could get around the guy, he could make a run for the door.
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  4. The figure disappeared so fast that he doubted if he had actually seen one. Maybe it had just been a shadow, or his imagination going a little crazy. "Anyone there?" he asked, feeling incredibly stupid. Had he really just asked a shadow to stop? If that was the case, it was a good thing that he was alone. He would have been the laughing stock at the station if not.

    "Marcus, let me inn!" Lucas yelled and banged at the door, the blinds rattling.
    Marcus groaned softly and glanced at the door. "I don't have the key, you moron," he muttered before he cleared his throat and raised his voice. "You'll have to go around!"
    Lucas made a loud sigh and stepped away from the door. Marc good the feeling that he had just walked back to the car. He was after all a pretty lazy cop, and Marc hadn't given any signs that he needed back up.

    Marc slowly let his gaze travel the room while standing still. It was hard to see everything though, with all the shelves blocking parts of the room. In other words, there was a few good hiding spots. He let go of his gun with on hand and felt the wall, and a second later the room became bright as day when the lights turned on.

    "You triggered the alarm," he said, kinda hoping someone was there to respons, and took his hand back to the gun. "And I have a gun, so for your sake it would be best to come out quietly."
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  5. It was between two shelves of china that Nick found his hiding spot, crouched beside the bottom shelves packed with any number of sets of dishware still in their boxes. He raised his head a little to peek over the first open shelf, hardly able to see the cop through all the merchandise and in the dark. The only comfort in that was the knowledge that, at least he was well hidden. His sharp blue eyes were drawn back to the shop door as the officer outside banged on it. The blinds rattled and threw shaky shafts of light across the room, causing Nick to duck down again.

    "Are these guys even cops?" The blonde thought to himself. Neither seemed very bright, especially the one calling to be let in. Why hadn't he thought to go around in the first place? On toes and fingertips, Nick stalked to peek around the shelf unit, an action he was quick to regret when the lights came on. He reeled back into the shadow the unit cast on the aisle with a groan, rubbing his eyes and blinking hard. His vision was blurry and infested with little bubbles of bright light that he couldn't seem to get rid of.

    "Do a guy a favor and turn the lights back off, will ya?" Nick chided only just loud enough for the man to hear, squinting. It helped him see no better. He scrambled back to his hiding place and around to another aisle. This made him closer to the officer, though he was also closer to his escape. He scolded himself mentally for his carelessness; of course, he should have thought about the alarm.
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  6. "Ah, good," Marc muttered and smiled slightly. So he wasn't going mad. "Won't be doing you any favors, I'm afraid. Just get up and I'll take you to the station. Maybe we'll be a little nice there, since it looks like you haven't broken anything."

    Finally, Marc thought. He had actually captured someone, done some proper police work. Now his colleagues would have to look a little nicer at him, since he apparently wasn't useless. Maybe he should even thank Lucas for giving him this opportunity, all thanks to his laziness. That would probably piss him off, but that would just make Marc smile, so maybe it was worth it.

    Marc glanced around quickly and was happy to see that there weren't any other doors, accept for the front door and the one he had come through, which he was still standing in front of. "There is no other way out, so just give up."
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  7. "Fuck. This guy's not gonna move, is he?" Nick cursed, stealing another peek at the door. The officer was still standing in front of it, leaving him no way out. There didn't seem to be much of a chance of his getting past him, either; especially not since he had a gun. No matter the scenario that Nick imagined, there didn't seem to be a way out of this that didn't end with him getting arrested. The best option he had was probably to surrender, but what if they managed to link him to all the other thefts he committed? That would turn his short stint in jail for attempted robbery into years in prison. While Nick liked to gamble, he wasn't sure this was a risk he was willing to take.

    "'Maybe?'" The thief repeated sarcastically, "Cooperation goes on the record, yeah?" He asked with uncertainty. "Am I honestly considering this? If I get arrested, there's no way I'll ever..." Nick shoved this thought aside. He didn't want to even consider the repercussions, even though he knew they were inevitable. "But if I try to get away and fail, it'll only look worse." With a sigh, he reached behind him and pulled the gun out from its hiding place, staring at it pensively. He could only lose at this point.

    "Looks like I'm out of options.." Nick grumbled as he stood and idled out into the open. His blue-green eyes met the dark-haired cop's, squinting again in the light. The guy looked young for a cop. Nick held his hands up, gun in one hand, then slowly placed it on the floor in front of him.

    "It's not loaded, probably doesn't even work." He said and nudged the antique gun forward with the toe of his boot. His hands were still up. "Not that that matters I suppose."
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  8. Marc tightened his grip at the gun when he saw the man holding up his, but quickly relaxed again as it was placed on the floor and nudged towards him. "Yes, just cooperate, and this will be a much more pleasant experience for all of us," he said before he grabbed his portable radio. Lucas had actually gone back to the car, what an idiot. "Lucas, I need bak up in here. I'm making an arrest."
    "What?!" Lucas answered, and then he sighed before the radio became quiet again.

    "Put your hands on your head and turn around," Marc said and walked closer, and moved the gun on the floor further away with his foot. "Did you take anything else? Do you ave any other weapons on you?"
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  9. "There goes a profit. Damn." Nick sighed as Marc got on his radio, presumably calling the not-so-smart cop who tried to come in the front door. He'd actually almost forgotten all about him since he never came in back. The way his voice came over the radio, it seemed an arrest didn't happen very often, or perhaps that it was more of a burden than anything else. Nick's eyes fell upon the gun on the floor, gleaming thoughtfully. Next time, he'd get it for sure. He would have to be more careful from then on, be sure to check alarms.

    "Well, I suppose that depends." Nick said, smiling wryly as he turned his back to the officer and placed his hands on his head. "I could tell you my honest answer, which is 'no;' however, whether or not you believe me is another story. Feel free to pat me down and see for yourself, though." He raised one blonde brow, a smirk tugging up the corner of his lips. He couldn't have helped himself if he wanted to.

    "Or is my honesty sufficient enough for you?" This he doubted. Criminals had no honor, and therefore were not to be trusted.
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  10. "You're very funny," Marc said without any humor in his voice. He waited for Lucas to get in before he holstered his gun and walked over to the thief. After a through pat down, he brought his hands to his back and cuffed them. "So, you have the right to remain silent and all that. I'm sure you've heard it before," he said and tok hold of his arm, and lead him out to the car.

    "Watched your head," he said as he nudged him into the back and closed the door. "And where the fuck where you?!" He looked at Lucas who was about to get back into the car.
    He froze at Marc's word and looked at him in surprise. "Excuse me?"
    "You left me in there, alone,"
    Marc said. "He had a gun."
    "You didn't tell me there was someone in there!"
    Lucas complained.
    "The alarm did! We are supposed to back each other up in case something happens. Didn't you learn that in police school? Or are you getting so old that you have forgotten everything?" Marc knew he had said too much as the word left his mouth, but he couldn't stop himself. He was too angry. It wasn't fair that after all his hard work, he got stuck with shuffling papers at the desk and working with the careless idiot.
    Lucas scowled at him and opened the door. "Watch your mouth," he said and then got in.

    Marc let out a heavy breath before he got in too. After fastening his seat belt he picked up the radio to report what had happened to the station. He told them they were coming in with a suspect, and then turned his head to look at their passenger. "Want to tell us your name perhaps?"
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  11. Despite Nick's poor choice of humor, the officer searched him for more stolen goods and weapons. Of course, he didn't find anything except the small screwdriver that he used to pick the lock in the back pocket of his jeans. He couldn't keep the smug "told you so" grin from spreading across his face, even as he was being read his rights; although, he wasn't sure why he felt so proud, since he was in trouble. He said nothing as Marc took his arm and led him outside, plopping into the most uncomfortable back seat of the police cruiser.

    "He's right, though" The blonde muttered to himself, watching with interest as the two argued. Wouldn't such conduct usually get a cop into trouble? He started to laugh, quickly biting his tongue to silence it, looking away in feigned innocence. Only did he look back at them when he was addressed about his name. Oh, all the things he could say! Which snarky answer did he want to give this time? There were too many good ones to pick through.

    "Do I want to tell you my name? Heavens, no! But seeing as it's going to be discovered one way or another, I suppose I might as well tell you. It's Nick." Nick said, speaking with an exaggerated positive tone, as if he was talking to a toddler. "Warren, if you wanted the last name, too." He added with a roll of his eyes.
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  12. Marc took up his work phone and started typing down the details about the arrest. It was a slim screen, almost as large as his palm, constantly linked up to the police database. With his fingerprint, he got access to everything. Or, almost everything. There was obviously some stuff that was only for people on higher levels than him.

    "Did you say Dick? That's fitting," he said, keeping is face as neutral as always. Lucas snorted and Marc shot a slight scowl in his direction. Marc was still considering if he should report him or not, for leaving him alone back there. What if Nick hadn't been alone? Or what if he had started shooting? Marc could have been lying dead on that store floor now. Would Lucas even had cared about that? Sometimes it felt like none on the station would mind if he disappeared. Idiots, all of them, Marc thought.

    He shook his head slightly and moved his concentration back to the screen. The phone had done a search on 'Nick Warren', but there was no match. So he was probably just another stupid kid with too much free time. Or, he was lying about his name. That wasn't unlikely.
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  13. "Aha ha, aren't you so clever?" Nick said sarcastically, rolling his eyes again, this time in annoyance. He raised an eyebrow at Lucas, a rather rude thought crossing his mind. He chose to keep his mouth shut rather than speak his mind, a smart decision in his case. His eyes drifted from the lazy man to Marcus's phone. It was sleek and slim, probably a recent model provided by the local police department for work. Nick couldn't determine the exact make of the device, but it was obviously, definitely worth a pretty penny. It was something he would steal.

    "Hmph" The criminal chuckled to himself when the phone didn't turn up any results on his name. He didn't have any priors, so there wouldn't be anything to find. Nick didn't say much the rest of the ride, aside from snarky answers to questions and, jokingly, "I don't know if I should answer that without an attorney present." He was more than happy to get out of the car; although, not so happy to have to go into the station. He saw no one he recognized in any of the holding cells, which he found a great relief. One of the last things he wanted was word getting around that he got busted.
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  14. Walking through the station with the thief, Marc got some stares. Most of them actually seemed surprised. That didn’t help much on his mood, especially not after Lucas had dared suggest that he could take their prisoner inside. In other words, take the credit for all the work Marc had done. Marc had almost punched him in the face for the suggestion, but he had managed to just stick with a scowl and walk away without saying anything. He felt confident Lucas had got the message anyway, even though the punch would have felt a lot better.

    They got to his desk which was standing in the middle of a large and busy room, where his colleagues were talking on phones, walking around and shouting to each other, all in all making a lot more noise than Marc thought was necessary. Or he might just be in a bad mood, but he would never admit that.

    «Here we are. Get comfortable,» he said and loosened the cuffs on one hand before he pushed Nick down in the chair. He fastened the cuff to the chair and then sat down in his own. The plan was to interview him first, and if he didn’t talk, he would stuff him in one of the holding cells for a while. That usually loosened them up. «So I’ll need all your information. Full name, address, date of birth - pluss contact information to your parents or guardians if you’re underage, occupation–«

    A pile of files landing on his desk interrupted him, and he looked up from his screen. A man with grey hair and matching mustache was looking down at him, seeming very pleased.
    «I’m kinda busy, Tommy,» Marc said and gestured towards Nick.
    «These files need updating again, Marcus,» he said, completely ignoring what he had said and nick, and his smile disappeared. «And it’s still just ‘Tom’.»
    «It will have to wait,»
    Marc said and shoved the files to the corner of his desk.
    «Just get them done before you leave,» he said and glanced at Nick before he walked away.

    Marc let out a low groan and looked back at the screen. «Where was I…»
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  15. After all the fuss about the arrest and Lucas's laziness, Nick was a bit disappointed that Marc didn't put up more of a fight. If he were in his position, he certainly wouldn't let the fat one get away with his misconduct, but he didn't say so. Instead, he settled for giving him a disapproving look. The station was a lot more active than Nick imagined it would be. Actually, he imagined a whole lot of doing nothing, and drinking coffee and eating donuts. The hustle and bustle was a surprise and perhaps a bit unpleasant since there was so much noise in a confined space. Some officers were on their phones, presumably looking into the cases whose files sat open on their desks. Others conferred with their coworkers, got ready to go out on patrol, or questioned those brought in.

    "'Parent's?' How old do you think I am?" Nick asked rhetorically, rubbing his free wrist. He couldn't remember the last time he spoke to his parents, much less the last time he saw either one of them. Luckily for him, he wasn't a minor, else he would shit out of luck. "Know what? Give me a pen and paper and I'll write it all down for you." He said, leaning back in the chair, eyebrows raised expectantly. He turned briefly to look back at the officer who dropped a stack of files on Marc's desk, more interested in reading the tabs on the folders than the gray-haired mustachio. Nick leaned over the edge of the desk to get a better look.

    "Uh.. My information?" The thief answered, still reading. His attention strayed to the other folders on Marc's desk. One of the files in particular caught his interest. "Still no leads?" He inquired, craning his neck in order to read. It was a case that had been talked about on the local news quite frequently in the last months. It had been reported that the police had only one suspect who had recently been cleared, leaving the case at a dead end. "Obviously, you're just not talking to the right people." Nick returned his attention to Marc. "How about that pen and paper?"
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  16. (Oh, I meant that Marc walked away with Nick. Sorry!)

    "Wow, we're talking to the wrong people? If only we had thought about that! You're a really smart one, aren't you?" He grabbed the files and dumped them down in a drawer, away from Nick's curious eyes. Then he got the form that needed to be filled out, and laid it down in front of Nick, along with a pen. "And you can even write, how wonderful..." he muttered while he looked over his screen.

    He started typing in what had happened, wanting to get down some details before he forgot about them. For now he left out the part with Lucas leaving him alone, but he might add it later. He would see how he acted on their next shift first. Maybe the idiot had realized he better start acting like a proper officer if he didn't want to get reported.

    "So maybe you should start telling me whatever story you have for breaking into that store. I'm sure it's a good one," he said after a minute and looked back at Nick. It was clear that he wasn't under age, and if he had to guess, he would say they where pretty close. Too bad age wasn't a guaranty for being smart.
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  17. "Oh, but of course! Because the 'right people' is sitting right in front of you." Nick returned flatly, scowling as the files were removed from his sight. This was sure to be a great deal more boring now that he had no reading material. He would just have to settle for bothering the cop. "Yep, and I can even spell my name and count to ten." Nick picked up the pen and started reading over the form, jotting down the required information on the designated lines. There was one section he omitted, the one pertaining to family. If he could have, Nick would have liked to scribble over it until it was just a big black blotch on the paper.

    "Here you go. You might want to check my spelling." The blonde mocked as he slapped the pen down on the paper and slid it across the desk towards Marcus. Nick wrote his name as Nicholas A. Warren. His birthday indicated that he was twenty-three years of age; his address was an apartment on the edge of downtown. He worked for a small delivery business that delivered anything and everything, no questions asked and would do other small, odd jobs for reasonable sums. The one contact he listed was the name of an attorney and her phone number, and not just because for legal reasons.

    "Not really much to tell." Nick said with a shrug. "A guy told me that if I got the gun, he'd pay me. Simple as that." He ran his free hand through his hair. "I don't even know the guy's name; however, I do know where he lives. I delivered a package to him not quite a week ago. He's a collector or so he said."
  18. "Interesting..." Marc muttered, not seeming interested at all. He read through the form and sighed, not really enjoying this part of the job. Catching petty criminals, how fun! He laid the form to the side to be put into the computer later, and quickly typed in Nick's little story. Here he had finally caught someone, and he got rewarded with more desk job. Maybe he should have let Lucas take him after all...

    He leaned back with a sigh and folded his hands behind his head, looking at the screen for a few seconds before he turned to Nick. "What do you mean 'sitting right in front of me' anyway? Are you trying to say you are the right people?" he asked with a smirk. The idea that this no-body knew something about one of their biggest cases was very amusing. Marc didn't belive he had enough luck to catch someone who could actually help him move forward with something. It was too good to be true.
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  19. Nick slumped down in the chair, waiting for Marcus to finish reading the form and typing the report. He tapped his foot impatiently, wishing more with every passing second that this would be over and done with. That was always one of his problems in school, getting bored and merely waiting for the day to be over. He watched the clock on the far wall as if, if he stared long and hard enough, he could will the time to pass quicker. But a watched pot never boils, thus watching the clock only made time seem to move more slowly.

    "Wow, it took you that long to put that together? How exactly did you get this job?" Nick raised a brow at Marc. "As a matter of fact, yes, I am. Already, a name of someone you could talk to comes to mind. I'm willing to give you the info, of course, my assistance comes at a small price." He sat up now, leaning forward in the chair, his chin resting on his palm. "Ask one of your senior officers, and I'm sure they'll tell you - though perhaps not directly - that they have a confidential informant. I would be willing to be your informant, if we can overlook these charges." Knowing the other would be skeptical, Nick took up the pen again, and wrote a name and address on the corner of the nearest sheet of paper. "Better yet... Go to this diner and ask for her. Tell her I sent you, she should have something to tell you. If you don't believe me, I mean. 'Cause, if I turn out to be lying, you could always just arrest me again."
  20. Great, now even criminals are questioning my ability to work here, Marc thought when Nick came with his insult. He knew all about confidential informants, you had to be stupid not to pick that up after working here a while. Unfortunately he didn't have one for himself, but now that possibility was suddenly presenting itself. He still thought it was too good to be true, wondering if this was some stupid prank his colleagues had set up. That would after all explain Lucas stupidity back on the scene.

    "You're very charming, aren't you," Marc said and pulled the paper close for a better look at the address. It wasn't that far, he could make it there and back within an hour or two depending on the traffic. It would definitely be worth it, if Nick was telling the truth. "I think I'll keep you arrested until I check this out. Wouldn't want to risk you wandering off now, would we?" he said and smiled sweetly, before he stood up. "Not sure how I'll convince people to overlook your break in and robbery though, so this better be good."

    He ripped the corner with the address off and stuffed it his pocket, before he unlocked the cuffs and pulled Nick up. The cuffs came off completely when they got to the holding cells. Marc grinned when the door closed with Nick inside. "There, how nice. I'm sure you'll be able to make some friends just fine while I check this out."
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