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  1. Kaylee had a quiet life until about age ten. Everything turned at that point, her parents were killed in front of her. She was never the same after that. Kaylee had years of intense therapy before being let go. Having no where to go or how to fend for herself she went to the black market, where essentially she was taken by the mafia. Hired as a errand runner she learned how to fend for herself. Years of being under the wing of a mob boss taught her a lot of things. Mainly how to kill and clean up after herself. Kaylee worked up the ranks and was now was promoted to a lieutenant position.

    Brushing her hair back and placing it in a pony-tail she stood in front of ten men. All of which were snickering. Smacking down on the table they shut up.
    "Do I have your attention now? Good" She asked not waiting for an answer. "Tonight we have a hit, and it's a hard one" everyone looked around the room and whispered before she hit the desk again. Everyone shut up in that moment.
    "Now our hit is the CEO of a small building company" she started explain. She finished explaining everything before they set out.

    And hour later they were driving in a nice Neighbourhood when they pulled over and she stepped out. Walking around she stood watch in case any police showed up. She communicated with everyone with a blutooth ear piece.
  2. Jace had been born avarage, to an ordinary family, in a everyday busy city. His life was pretty avarage as well. It went school, work, home, homework, dinner, then some television before crashing, He sighed, wishing that sometimes something would happen to break up the flow of things. His whole life he had been an "A" student living a good but rather boring life in quite neighborhood. It was a good place to life, crime was low. As he got up from his spot he went to the window. The guy blinked in suprise at what he saw. A car he had never seen before in his his life...

    Jace slipped on his sneakers and queitly followed behind...what was going on? Whatever it was, he was going to find out! A Smirk came across his lips, finally something intresting!
  3. "Everyone in their positions?" she called out into the headphone. Waiting a second she got ten affirmatives back, "Alright take care of him and quietly" Kaylee place emphasis on the word 'Quiet' "This is a silent neighbourhood, get in out and pick me up before someone finds me" she barked into the headphone still walking around she pushed her hair back to show the microphone.

    She kept walking and pretended to look for a house in case any nosy neighbours started to poke around.
  4. The boy rounded a corner and saw a girl...rather cute. She was just standing there...Curious...He stayed in the shadows for awhile before making himself known.

    "Hey..." he said, coming out.

    Jace's shaggy blonde hair bounced a bit as he smoothed it out. Slowly he approached her...looking her over and seeing her headset.

    "What are you doing here...?" His silver eyes flashed curiously.
  5. Kaylee placed a distressed face on quickly seeing the boy. "Oh thank god a local!" She exclaimed faking an authentic italian accent. "You see I am terribly lost and can't find my way, do you-" she was interrupted by a distant gunshot fire. Muttering underneath her breath about incompetents she looked down the way. The car was shooting down the lane
    'He can't stay here, he's seen my face' She thought to herself as the car stopped beside them. Quickly she pulled out her gun and ordered "Get in" harshly to the boy shoving him towards the vehicle.
  6. She seemed happy to see him. He smiled a bit and stepped closer to her. Her accent was beautiful...but he couldn't tell weather it was real or not. All of a sudden a gunshot rang through the air. His eyes widend and looked towards the direction of the gunshot. Immeditly he looked back to her as a car came screeching down the street. Before he could say anything he was pushed into the car. His heart rate increased as he looked at the girl, a look of panic on his face.

    "What in the world in going on?!" he asked, shaking a bit.
  7. "Oh shut up," Kaylee said dropping her innocent act. She was tired and it has been a long day that just got longer. Rubbing her forehead she sighed knowing that she'll have to explain sooner or later. Waving her hands one of the men in the car smacked the boy on the head.

    Turning her back she ordered them to get to headquarters pronto. A few minutes later they arrived at a large house. The house was two stories and stretched a fair way to be considered a manor. The car screeched to a stop infront of the door and the men picked up the boy. They brought him inside and downstairs where they tied him to a chair.
  8. Jace Frowed at the girl and the man who hit him upside the head. He looked at her, his eyes narrowing a bit.

    "I just get snatched away and I don't get an awnser? Shut up is not an option either..."

    As they arrived at the house the car screeched to a hault. Jace was jolted forward from his spot a bit and he looked at the girl again.

    "Look here, I Demand an awnser from you! Now!"

    With that two rough looking men opened the door and grabbed Jace, Dragging him from the car. He tried to resist the, by pulling, tugging, and dragging his feet, even yelling for help but that was only rewarded by a chloroform rag. When he woke Jace was uncomfortably tied to a chair. His Blonde hair was a mess and he ached all over. This had to be a guy just gets kidnapped by a beautiful girl. But yet this all seemed so real...Everything seemed fuzzy right now but pretty soon his mind and sight cleared up to process the scene and people infront of him...this was real...
  9. Kaylee sat in front of him. Looking around she sighed. It was a terrible place to be in, especially if you have never been here before. The floors are stained red in some places. There's bullet holes in the wall. Not to mention the giant imposing metal door. It was like a dungeon. She waited for the boy to wake up tapping her foot impatiently while she did so. Once he regained consciousness she motioned for everyone to leave the room.

    Cracking her knuckles she stood up. She stood in front of him in a way that she face was an inch away from his face. "What is your name?" she questioned with an innocent smile upon her face.
  10. She was...right in his face. As his vision returned her face was all he saw. Jace immeditly closed his eyes again and turned his head groggily.

    "I-I don't have to say...A-Anything...Now let me go, being tied to a chair kind of hurts and...I-It's so...Unoriginal..." A small chuckle escaped his lips as he looked back over at the girl.

    As his chloroformed brain started to clear he took in his surroundings. Bullet holes...bloodstains, These people...this girl!

    "Your...A...Criminal!" he connected the thoughts to events and setting out loud on accident.
  11. She slowly clapped and said in a condescending voice "Bravo, my dear boy you finally figured it out," rolling her eyes she backed up "We ain't going for originality here boy, just business" Kaylee stretched her shoulders cracking.

    "Now don't cause me to waste any unnecessary time on you, or you may just become a personal punching bag to forget this tension" she threatened as she dug through her pockets taking out leather gloves and pulling them on her small hands.

    She pulled off her jacket walked to the boy again asking the same question "What is you name?"
  12. Jace Smirked and he wiggled, reajusting himself in the seat.

    "Personal Punching bag hn? In town for a job? Look, I got nothing to do with you So just let me be on my merry way and you can be on yours. We can forget this all happened, the cops...they would never know."'

    He looked her in the eyes, his bright silver eyes catching his attention.

    "And the last thing I want to tell a criminal is my name. If you want my name your going to have to figure it out for yourself. Your a criminal, use that brain of yours."

    Jace Ethan Evelyn was sitting on his wallet, his drivers licence in it. To get his ID these people had to be perverted or Smart...
  13. "Punching bag it is" Kaylee said shrugging and walking away before spinning around and placing a punch in his stomach.

    "You've seen my face, heard a gunshot that I'm related to, I am not letting you off that easy," She whispered in his ear "Now let me ask again, what is you name? Or do I have to do this the hard way?"

    She pulled away and watched him patiently looking him in the eye.
  14. That punch hurt...He had to admit. But since getting picked on though Middle School he was somewhat used to it. The chair tipped back and he Let out an audilble grunt as the air was knocked out of him. Jace Winced and looked up at her.

    "Well...If the hardway is more entertaining them beating me till I give you my name then why not? If you beat me too much your not getting a name anyways."

    He smirked, winking at her playfully though in pain.
  15. "All right then" Kaylee walked towards the door knocking on it. From it emerged two men "Search him see if he has any identification, and" she paused slightly "Don't be gentle" She said before walking to the corner and watched as the burly men pulled Jace from the chair and smacking him, shoving their hands in places not so nice along with flipping him upside down when the wallet fell out.

    Smiling the woman walked over and picked it up looking in it. "Well Jace, how does it feel to be the new whipping boy for the Mafia?" she asked with a devilish grin.
  16. Several men came in and untied him, searching him rather roughly for an ID. After a bit they just turned him upside down and his wallet fellout. The girl came over and picked it up with a devilish grin. He swallowed the lump in his throat as she asked the question.

    "W-Whipping Boy?! No way! That was a shooting, you killed someone! I've never held a gun in my life, I don't know how to use one! Plus I was kidnapped! You can't blame anything on me!"

    Jace struggled a bit before falling to the ground.

    "I'll deny Every word!" he scowled; none too pleased with the situation.
  17. "Who said anything about you being involved in the crime?" she scoffed "We left a message telling it was 'supposedly' us" Kaylee shooked her head shooing away the men.

    "No, no you now work for the mafia, that way we can keep tabs on you, and control what you do," she explained before kicking him "Now get up, you can sleep in a real bed here before we dump you off at your place in the morning, oh and expect frequent calls" Kaylee said walking away motioning for the men to take Jace to his room.

    She went to her bedroom and flopped on the bed promtly falling asleep.
  18. Him...? Working for the Mafia...?! She kicked him and he groaned, getting to his feet. Control what he does?!

    "N-No! I don't want to work for the Mafia! I-I havn't even stolen a candy bar or J-Walked let alone killed someone!" he looked at her in Disbelief.

    But no matter what he said it didn't matter...He was stuck in this life now. He sighed in frustration, running his fingers though his hair.

    "Fine, Have it your way....'" he said, following directions.

    He did as he was told and tried to sleep...but he couldn't...
  19. Kaylee woke up early in the morning going to Jace's bedroom. She kicked the door telling him to get up and make some food before they head off to drop him home. She walked towards the dining room and sat on a chair pulling out her phone. Sighing she looked around for any of the men mentally sighing when she didn't see any of them. They were all idiotic brutes that she was stuck with because she was the first female lieutenant in the city's mafia.
  20. Jace just laid there...All night long staring at the cealing. How in the world had his world gone from boring and dull to being forced into a job that he didn't even know how to do? He was probably the most honest person in the world, he hated telling lies. Now if he didn't he was liable to loose his head! He groaned in disapproval As the girl pounded on the door, yelling at his to get up and get ready to go. The guy just wanted a little bit of excitement, but this is what he got for trying to improve the quality of his life. Beggers can't be choosers but come on! This was ridiculous, strait A Student who had never broken a law in his life to...a mafia member?!

    He sat up and listened as she walked away. What was he going to tell his Older brother who was a seasoned POLICE OFFICER? Thier parents went Awol and never returned so Iven his older brother had taken care of him since he was in Middle School, still just a child himself. Iven was still young and very good at his job. If he didn't want Iven to know about this...he would have to become good at his he liked it or not. There was no way out of this so Jace got to his feet and wondered about till he found the Kitchen. The girl was still sitting there in one of the dining table chairs with her phone out. He bit his lip before sighing and fixing his hair, sitting down without a word.