Crime, killers and drama galore! Now with extra spirits! [mxm, non-binary]



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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a couple of new partners since I very much miss role-playing and hope some of you will be interested in what I have to offer. I understand most of what I'm suggesting is quite dark but I'm up for some fluff mixed in as well, I don't like going all grim dark.

!Please PM me instead of responding to the thread!

Some information so we are on the same page:

- I am in the CET time zone, so I'm sorry but if we're on opposite sides of the globe I probably won't be able to do more than one reply a day at the fastest. I do usually reply about every two days anyway due to RL commitments.

- I'm very patient when it comes to waiting for replies. If it takes you a week, two weeks or you even have to go on hiatus, as long as you let me know beforehand and we're both still liking the idea (or tweak it until it sounds better!) I'm all game.

- My usual post length is 2-3 paragraphs but my posts can get longer. I'd like a partner that's somewhere in the same range but really as long as you give me something to work with it's okay!

- If there are subjects/specific acts you'd like me to avoid just let me know. I won't ask for why, I just want to make sure my partners can enjoy the role-play.

- I prefer to role-play via pm. I do threads too, but I don't really like role-playing offsite. For chatting or plotting offsite, feel free to ask for my Discord.

- RL face claims are my preference but if you're really interested in an idea I might be willing to go with something drawn.

- Let's do all the plotting! I find my best role-plays are those were my partner and I talk about how we want things to go and what obstacles we want to throw at our characters.

- Please don't throw major plot twists at me without discussing it first! Of course throwing twists at each other can be fun and I like it in general, what I mean are things like a character suddenly being a demon when we hadn't set the RP in a supernatural setting.

- I prefer playing switches to playing tops. That said, I don't mind my character topping a lot of the time. In terms of doms and subs, I also have a preference for switches but my characters, even the bottoms, tend to have a dominant streak.

- Kink-wise, I'm open to most things not involving bodily fluids other than blood. Particularly interested in choking/strangulation at the moment.

- I'm open to trans or non-binary characters too, if that's something my partner would like!


Bold is the role I would prefer to play, if there's no bolding I'm fine with either. Ideas can be mixed and matched as long as it makes sense and also be integrated into plots.

/Partner (have some vague ideas, most of them pretty dark)
Camboy/Fan (have some ideas, some darker than others)
Abusive partner/Victim
Mutually abusive couple
Pornstar/Partner (or co-star or director) (only interested if in combination with any of the other ideas)


I bold the role I prefer to play. Otherwise, I'm fine with either. I use *'s to indicate level of craving.
Other than that, all details are open to discussion.
I prefer not to pre-plan too much of the plot.

Forest Spirit/Human ***

(note, if I play the forest spirit I would prefer to play them as agender or genderfluid)

One way or another, a man stumbles upon an abandoned hut in the woods. Since he has no where else to go he decides to stay and restore the place, but with time he realizes he's not alone out there.
At first it's small things... his bottle of water mysteriously refilled while he's chopping firewood, a jar of honey suddenly finding its way into his pantry, a bunch of wildflowers suddenly appearing on his doorstep...

But then the mans past life threatens to catch up with him and suddenly, he finds himself whisked away... by the very same forest spirit that had been leaving him gifts earlier.

Mentally ill/- ***

A is a patient in a psychiatric hospital and has been for quite some time. The young man barely speaks, at least not more than necessary. At times he goes into a catatonic state, lasting for hours and sometimes even for days.
Since he doesn't talk more than necessary the only thing that's really sure is that he is deeply troubled and unable to live on his own.

But when B appears, the new (whatever you'd like your character to be) A seems to change. While he still doesn't talk more than necessary to anyone else he's friendly and chatty with B, although there's something unnerving about the way he seems to avoid talk of his past.
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Added some new ideas, I'm still looking for a partner or two, especially those who are willing to play or play against a trans or non-binary character!