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  1. So, people keep telling me that high school rps are a cliche. And, I'm sure they are--for people who have done a high school rp. Which, I have not.

    That being said, this rp is going to be laid back and open to ideas. A no stress type deal. I don't care how weird or otherwise you make your characters, just make sure to make it intriguing. Also, you can have as many as you like as long as you stay active on all of them. That's my biggest deal. Stay active. please

    don't sign up if you don't think you can stay active.



    Subsequently, this is a school for the fine arts. Music, art, theatre, etc. You can sign up as a teacher or as a student. Students can choose either to commute from home or stay in the Academy's housing. The house consists of dorms that sleep two to a room for students, and one to a room for teachers.

    When you sign up you can suggest a class. It doesn't matter to me if you are a student of teacher, if you suggest a class, I will find someone to teach it. Probably a NPC.


    - Music Theory: Ms. Sutton (I don't have her character sheet yet, but just hold on.) - Afternoon class
    - Violin/viola Applied: Ms. Sutton - Evening class
    - Piano Applied: Ms. Sutton - Morning class
    - Theatre Fundamentals: --
    - Art Fundamentals: --
    - Advanced Theatre: --
    - Studio Art: --
    - Chorus: --
    - Orchestra: --
    - Band: --
    - Dance: --

    Character Sheet:

    - Name:
    - Age:
    - Gender:
    - Personality:
    - Appearance: ~Use whatever medium you desire~
    - Concentration: (art, music, theatre)
    - Housing: (Commuter or Academy housing)
    - Other info:

    --I'm going to be editing this post more as I get more people signing up. I will let you guys know if anything major changes. At the moment, I have to study for a test, so I'll be back in a couple of hours. Feel free to start signing up or asking questions.--
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  2. Whoop. Here we go.

    - Name: Miranda Sutton
    - Age: 27
    - Gender: Female
    - Personality: Intelligent, but also a little goofy. She holds her students to high standards, although she is typically a kind soul. Sometimes, she has little patience for raunchy humor and if a student misbehaves she will simply tell the student to come back when they are willing to learn.
    - Appearance: [​IMG]
    - Concentration: Music instructor
    - Other info: She has a soft spot for swing music and big band. She abhorres pickles. Ms. Sutton runs most of the music programs at the academy.
  3. - Name: Gaellica McClure
    - Age: 16
    - Gender: Female
    - Personality: Quiet and demure, Gaellica tends to like staying away from the center of attention. She trains really hard to be a violinist, but because she struggles with a muscular condition in her arm, it makes it difficult for her to perform. She sometimes has a hard time accepting people as her friends. Being around new people makes her shell up.
    - Appearance: [​IMG]
    - Concentration: Music
    - Other info: Gaellica stays in the Academy's housing. She is originally from Ireland come overseas with her father when he got a new job. She has a pet ferret named Miyo.
  4. Well, I feel silly now.
  5. - Name: Lunita Nesta
    - Age: 15 (or so she says)
    - Gender: Female
    - Personality: introvert, doesn't make friends easily due to physical differences that cause social awkwardness
    - Appearance: ~Use whatever medium you desire~ 5 ft 6 in. tall, long brown hair that reaches the middle of her back that is usually braided. Her eyes are green. She has no real identifying marks except a freckle patch here and there. She also has wings with grey feathers
    - Concentration: (art, music, theatre) Theatre and Music
    - Housing: (Commuter or Academy housing) Academy Housing
    - Other info: Her favorite color is green and will be seen wearing that color for the most part (unless there will be school uniforms) She will avoid questions of her past and home.
  6. Yup, high school is certainly a cliche. That being said, it's a highly enjoyable cliche and they can't really go wrong unless you get a terrible RPer (which can break any RP anyway).
  7. Agreed. But, it looks like, so far, this rp is turning out as a bust.
  8. Well, tbf, the ones that I've seen work best are the ones that have magical things twisted into them. The ones I've enjoyed most and that have lasted longest have been the ones that are like boarding schools for the magically talented or for magical races. Once I even saw one that was a school for the Undead. That was pretty strange.
  9. I kind of want to join... is this still active?
  10. Name: Kadence Cooper
    - Age: 14
    - Gender: female
    - Personality: stays to self most of the time. Can be sarcastic and short tempered at times.
    - Concentration: music and art (assuming two is allowed, if not I'll edit)
    - Housing: academy
    - Other info: Likes to play guitar and draw

    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 101
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