Crescent Cupcakes


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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

"Crescent Cupcake, the cutest little cupcake shop you'll ever see is celebrating it's grand opening today! Come on down and try our special gingerbread cupcake, it's sure to delight your tastebuds and you can wash it down with our specialty coffee drinks!" The radio spouted out, it was still early but the radio had already started announcing their grand opening. Magnus couldn't help but chuckle a bit as he looked out the window at the street. It seemed so strange from behind his little cash register but out there a large group of people would stop in just to have one of the cupcakes they sold.

The other members of the staff were all busy preparing cupcakes and baking more, preparing frosting and here he was just sitting behind his register waiting for that tell-tale jingle from the first customer ever! It was exciting! So there he sat, patiently waiting with a bright smile.

Riley ran around the kitchen, gathering ingredients and mixing new batters for the next batch of cupcakes. Everyone was rusing around to make sure they had enough food to sell on their granding opening. She was actually very excited to be cooking so much, this was her dream job after all. To be apart of such a big thing like this was always what she wanted to do. She just hoped that she didn't mess anything up, this job meant the world to her and to fail was not an option.

She finished the batter she was making and quickly started to fill up the muffin tins, the batter needed to be baking ASAP!
Cameron spent long, long weeks anticipating the day Crescent Cupcakes would open. While customers waited outside for the grand moment, he surveyed the shop for any last minute clean ups. He was employed as a waiter because of his charms and good social skills, plus he enjoyed it in past restaurant experiences. Pouring beverages and presenting unique cakes to visitors would be much easier than the steakhouse he worked at. Plus, this environment was way more casual, therefore comfortable.

Whilst whistling a cheerful tune, he adjusted the center pieces of the tables and ran a rag over table surfaces. Everything was absolutely spotless; perfect to the last detail. This was going to be one of the happiest days of Magnus' life. Cameron was determined to make it so.

A smile touched his lips when he stared out one of the windows, watching the crowd. Seconds later, he spun on his feet to stand aside, waiting for the first customers he'd seat at the tables. The entire time he stood there, greetings ran through his mind that he would say to these people. Although he looked relaxed, he was actually a little bit nervous.
Magnus turned his gaze to the clock on the wall. The second hand seemed to be ticking agonizingly slow, the doors would be open in just...three...more...seconds...and there went the manager unlocking the door and holding it open as the first customers shuffled into the store and up to him or over to Cameron to be seated.

"Hi there! What can I get you today?" Magnus smiled widely and quickly took their order, quickly taking their cash and stepping over to assist in boxing up the cupcakes they ordered before turning back to Riley, "Who do we have on coffee and tea duty?" He asked, still shuffling about a bit sleepily.
A woman and her pre-teen daughter approached Cameron in search of a table. With a toothy smile, he led them to one of the round little tables built for two, pulling the chairs out for each of them like any gentleman should. Following that, he presented them with menus of what kind of cupcakes they had, as well as what to drink.

"What'll you two lovely ladies have today?" he asked cheerfully, taking out a notepad and pen from the half apron he wore. Cameron waited patiently for them to decide, since there wasn't anyone else looking to be seated. There was a line already forming behind the register, which he briefly smiled at.

When they told him what they wanted, he wrote it all down and took the menus from them. "A chocolate with vanilla frosting and a little shortcake. I'll be back with the cold milk and the coffee," he told them before departing. Quickly, he went to help some other customers to their tables, giving them time to read over the menus and promising to return.

With orders in hand, he set the sheets of paper by the kitchen so Riley would know what to make. He then grabbed a round tray and went to the beverage section, pouring a cup of milk for the daughter who ordered it. Noticing no coffee was brewing yet, he flipped the switch on and put in the coffee grounds. More drinks were put onto the tray as well, as others also asked for something.

Whistling a tune to himself, he set all the cups down and collected more menus, wrote down more orders... People waiting on drip brew were told it wouldn't be too much of a wait. Cameron also took orders for cream and sugar.

As soon as the first order landed in the window Riley was working. She quickly assembled the chocolate cake with the vanilla frosting and the short cake with a small decoration of strawberries, putting each on a plate elegantly and putting them on the window, giving a quick tap to the bell to let Cameron know the order was done. She continued to plate already baked goods while she pulled out trays of cupcakes and muffins for the glass case near the cash register for those who wanted something to go.

A smile slipped onto her face as she saw the happy people sitting at their tables, some drinking coffe while others happily ate the desserts they just got. It was a wonderful site to see customers liking their food. She was pulled away from her observing by the beeping of a timer and quickly ran off to pull another tray of muffins out of the oven to cool.

When she came out to bring a fresh tray of frosted cupcakes and Magnus looked at her she paused a moment in thought.

"I thought Cameron was dealing with the drinks while serving, people seem to be getting their drinks from what I can see. Anyway, I need to get back to the kitchen, I have a few sheet cakes in the over for the petit fours...Do we need more of anything?" She asked quickly.
Magnus sighed with relief as Cameron started up the coffee and he could return to his post and finish ringing up the next customer. The rest of the day had passed rather eventfully, and it certainly kept the rest of the staff on their toes.

As the day went by and breaks were given, some of the staff changed shifts the store finally started closing down. The tables were being cleaned off and the extraneous staff clocked out and headed home, Magnus waving to each of them. Soon it was just Cameron, Riley, the manager and Magnus. Magnus decided to sit in one of the chairs, leaning up against the window and resting his legs, relieved to be on his break.

"Just two more hours guys. Looks like it's calmed down enough for us to relax and hang out at least." Magnus smiled. He hadn't really had a chance to get to know his co-workers and he was hoping that they'd be just as friendly.

Riley wandered out into the shop as she wiped her hands dry on a towel, having just finished most of the dishes. There was enough baked goods to get them through that last two hours so she gladly took her own break as the other chefs finished up with some decorating and frosting making for the last batch of cupcakes. She let out a happy sigh as she pulled off her apron and took a seat of her own, leaning back as she closed her eyes a moment and let her head lull back on the chair. She was over heated from the kichen and her feet ached terribly but she was still smiling as she thought about being able to do this again and again.

"Thank god for a break...My feet are killing me." She said as she let out a small laugh and sat up stright again, cracking her neck to try and get the kinks out of it.
Cameron was in the kitchen when his shift relaxed with the dying hype, having fun with the leftovers of the day. Two white cupcakes sat on a plate, each with vanilla frosting he put on himself. Smiley faces of chocolate were then squeezed onto the tops of each one, his lips showing a very happy, yet childish smile. Already, he was loving this place and his job.

With the plate in hand, he went to sit down with his co-workers and set it on the table. "Lookit what I made you guys!" he said proudly, making a toothy grin. Cameron was, as many called him, a dork. A dork who meant well, of course. Everything about the world was easily fascinating and he always tried to have fun everywhere he went.

"Man, it's nice to sit down. I been all over the place!"

A little toothpick umbrella was twirling around in between the index finger and thumb of his left hand, which he put in one of the smiling cupcakes. "That one's for you, Magnus," Cameron said with a coquettish look.

Then, he laid back in his chair with his arms folded behind his head, his eyes shutting for just a moment. Indeed, it felt nice to have a break...
Melanie walked inside the shop, nervously. This was her first time applying for a job like this, and she felt a lot better just turning around and running off, but she couldn't. She needed a job to pay off her college loans and going home emty-handed every day, just wouldn't cut it. The place seemed just as nice as the radio commercial, making her feel a whole lot better and she looked around to see that the staff were on break. Choking up, she said, "U-Um, is this a bad time?......I could just go!" Suddenly, running off didn't sound like such a bad idea and she was quick on her heels to turn towards the door. She could probably hold off on those bills a few more days.

Magnus smiled as Riley joined him on his break. "I hear ya! At least we've survived the grand opening!" He chuckled, placing his hands behind his head and leaning back a bit, stretching. It had been a crazy day but he was pleased with how things had went overall, and it seemed like he had some cool co-workers.

When Cameron came over with cupcakes with that same dorky grin Magnus couldn't help but return one just as toothy and wide. When Magnus looked at the cupcake that was placed before him he chuckled softly. "Wow, thanks Cameron, I appreciate it!" He smiled, carefully unwrapping the base of the cupcake and taking a small bite from the cupcake, getting a bit of the vanilla frosting on his upper lip much to his own ignorance.

When the girl entered the door jingled happily. Magnus jumped to his feet since he was the first one on break so he might as well be the first one off. "Oh no, miss. Come in, come in! We're just on break but I can help grab whatever you'd like!" Magnus smiled warmly.
An eye opened when Magnus thanked him for the cupcake and went to take a bite. Cameron smiled at the sight, regretfully shutting his eye again so he'd not be caught staring. The laid back relaxation didn't last for long, though. Someone entered, the echoing of the door's jingling bell startling him. With a shriek, he stood up from his chair, making a mock karate chop pose at the chair. Cameron wasn't usually so skittish, but when his daydreaming was interrupted...

Smiling embarrassingly, he inched away from the chair with his hands behind his back, his eyes going to the girl who walked in. She was acting sheepish, so he adjusted his posture to make a professional demeanor. Magnus was already tending to her needs, but he stood there willing to help if and when it was needed.

"Good job today, Riley," he said to his female co-worker so she'd not feel ignored. When his eyes met hers, he made a friendly smile. A finger then went to the table so he could scoot the cupcake he decorated for her closer to her, his eyebrows raising up and down to tempt her. Mostly, he was just being silly. No feelings would be hurt if she rejected it.

Riley looked up when Cameron came over with the cupcakes and smiled, finding the treat to be a welcome site since she had been baking all day. She didn't grab it right away though, she was busy cracking her knuckles and getting the stiffness out of her limbs so she wouldn't be too sore in the morning. When the girl came in riley couldn't help but laugh at Cameron's surprised reaction as Magnus helped the girl with whatever it was that she needed. A smile came to her lips when Cameron complimented her and nodded her head at him as she sat back once more, having finished at working out her muscles.

"You too, Cam." She said, letting out a small laugh as he pushed the cupcake closer. "Alright, Alright, I guess I should have at least on cupcake that I made."

She took the cute dessert and removed the wrapper before taking a quick bite. She 'hmm'ed contently and continued to eat the small treat before standing up. She slapped Camerons back gently and gave him a thumbs up, her mouth full of cake as she thanked him for the treat. She headed back into the kitchen to help the manager finish cleaning up and make sure that everything was stored and closed tightly.
Dang! And just when she was almost out of there! Turning around, and making an awkward smile, she tried to make a good first impression, "I'm here to apply for the, um, barista-position? In the ads?" She held up the circled newspaper ad in her hand, for him to see, trying not look like a nervous wreck even though she was, "I know I look a bit young, but I'm actually 20. Baby-face." She was definitely going to kill her sister for pushing her into doing this! Especially, if she left here feeling like a dork! Why hadn't she just applied for one of the on-campus jobs at the University? Melanie was then forced to remember the stockpile of bills on the coffee table in her apartment and cringed. She took a deep breath and looked at him sincerely. She needed this job. Terribly.

A custumer walks in and says. " My I try one of your cucakes". The cashier said sure so he handed the custumer a cupcake, tried it and it was a delightful cupcake that the custumer ever had.
Magnus finished ringing up the customer that had interrupted him while he was talking to the girl with a smile and sent them on their way before stepping back to the woman that had come in. "Ah, sorry about that. So you're the applicant for the barista position? Well I'm pretty sure you've got the job since you were the only one to apply but I can go in the back and ask for the manager if you just want to wait. I'll be back in just a second." He nodded, offering a small bow of his head and turning to Cameron. "Hey, do you think you can watch the register while I take..." He chuckled and turned back to the girl, "I'm sorry I didn't seem to catch your name?"

He felt embarrassed, but again it wasn't really his job to interview the applicants but he was trying to make a good impression. Maybe Riley would be able to get the manager for him...but that would still mean that he'd have to go back and ask and he might as well just ask while he was back there. Oh decisions, decisions.
Cameron was actually glad to be asked to do something. Taking a break was always nice, but he was beginning to feel awkward being the only person without a task. With a wave of his hand, he made a mock salute to Magnus and said, "You got it, bucko."

When he arrived at the register, he straightened up some of the items scattered around the machine. Receipts got stacked into a neat pile and the display of cupcake box sizes was straightened up. In all the busyness of their grand opening, not everything stayed in tip top condition. Cameron got everything fixed up in no time, though. He smiled at the result, then leaned against the counter to wait for anyone who might make a purchase.

He couldn't help but glance at the clock, though. Today was exhausting; he looked forward to going home.
"Melanie! Melanie Rhodes!" she said quickly, swallowing hard in excitement. The only one to apply? This was a definite first for her, since she had to bend over backwards and almost do the completely impossible for her other job. She was a little more shocked when she had gotten that one since so many other girls much more beautiful than her had applied too and was quite upset when they saw the "cutesy kid" had snagged it. It's not like bartending was all that special, but she guessed it was to them. She just hoped this manager wasn't as creepy as her other boss.


Riley quickly got to woek in the back of the kitchen and started to go around and make sure everything was in it's proper place. She checked the walk in's and the dry storage to make sure everything was locked up tightly and checked all the sinks to make sure that every dish was cleaned and put away properly. She then grabbed the broom and started to sweep the floor while she listened to the manager talk with a vendor of theirs go over what the possible weekly shipments could be.
"Oh great Miss Melanie. The manager's right back here so if you want to follow me." He smiled and led the girl into the back where the manager was going over some things with the vendor and gestured to the seat across from him for Melanie to sit in. "He'll be right with you, if you'll pardon me I have to go help clean up." He smiled and turned to grab Riley and pull her out to the front of the store where they could all talk again.

Once he had assembled Riley and Cameron he smiled, "So I know we're all tired but do you guys want to go out for drinks after work? I can cover you guys if you want. I think it'd be a nice way to get to know each other." He smiled, looking from one to the other.