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  1. Anyone know of a good site to read creepypastas?
  2. Preferably none. A lot of them are supremely awful reads. I have no idea how Jeff the Killer became popular.
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  3. Nosleep's great and even has a podcast + quarterly journals of their winners' stories, but there's also the Creepypasta Wiki that has the more traditional fare like Ben Drowned or Candle Cove. Though it has no voting system (which Nosleep does) to my knowledge to help you find the better quality stuff.
  4. ^^ Yes, yes, Reddit is really good to use for creepypastas.

    Also, there is a YouTube channel called CreepsMcPasta who reads some creepypastas in a video, if you don't mind it that way.

    I have no idea if this counts as a creepypasta, but seriously it's fun and good and follows this secret military organisation called the SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect), who capture and study anomalous objects and beings, some of which can be deadly.

    Creepiest SCP there in my opinion is SCP 035 if you're looking for something to scare the bejeezus out of you
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  6. Why read fake stories when reality is so much more unsettling?

    (Insert list of Wikipedia articles and YouTube videos that I don't have on hand right now.)

    Or the Japanese guy who they kept alive for 80 or so days after he took so much radiation into his body the muscle we literally sloughing off his bones.

    Just to name two that I distinctly remember.