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    Hey, first off thanks for taking a quick look at this thread! Any who, this role play will be more loose and free without a main plot in mind. Small plots can occur, but for the most part this is a free world. Canons are allowed and please put a note on your first post saying which characters you're taking. OCs are allowed whether they be victims or Creepypastas. However if they are murderers as well, please don't make them bat shit crazy and abused their whole life because that's is overused. A lot.


    1.) No one liners please. Text talk or the usage of "--" and "**" are also not allowed. However I am not expecting people to posts novels!
    2.) Ask before killing someone's character. NPCs are fine to kill off at anytime.
    3.) Characters picks are first come, first serve. If you want to be Eyeless Jack then it's best you hope in. If a person is inactive for a week, whatever characters they have taken will be up for grabs. OCs can come and go as they please.


    Liu Woods - Nico
    Jane - Hiroshi
    Eyeless Jack - Psycho_Proxy

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    Art by myself! ^0^

    A lone female rushed down a lone forest trails as she made her escape from the lights of the nearby city. Seems she wouldn't be going back there for awhile considering she was labeled as a missing person. It had been two weeks since her change of life. She was now a slime filled beast and she knew she would be able to return to her normal life. At least for now she could hide alone in the massive forest and get the hang of her new "abilities." Well, at least that is what she thought. Unfortunately the young girl knew nothing of the other monsters that dwelled in the city and forest. She had heard of Slender, but like most others, she only considered him nothing but a mere urban legend used to scare the shit out of teenagers.

    || Ehhh, super lame post, but hey, it's a chilled back RP with small posts. Feel free to hop in as any character!
  3. Jeff laughed wildly as he leaps out the window of the two story house landing like a cat with a knife clutched between his teeth. He popped his knuckles as he stood, and pulled his hood over his head and stashed his knife in his hoodies pocket.

    "Man...that was too easy...sort of...sort of boring...." He said his tone a bit sad.

    He started to walk away and toward the forest when he hears whistling.

    The 'smiling' killer turns and notices that another being is approaching, he doesn't bother drawing his knife instead he rolls his eyes he sees a young man who is in his late teens.

    He wore a blue and silver Letterman with the initials LHS, and jeans. On his face was a mask the face was that of a puppet similar to those ventriloquist dummies. In his hands was a baseball bat with nails in the head and in his other hand a head of a elderly man with long gray hair and a white mustache.

    The newcomer stepped up to Jeff and he simply looked at Jeff "What do you want Steve!?" Jeff snapped as he turned toward the forest, yet the other said nothing.

    Meanwhile in the woods several feet from where the young girl was a wolf sniffed about its nose low to the ground and when he heard her he lifted his head and approaches.

    ((I'm Jeff and my two OCs Creepy Steve and Wolf Walker))
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  4. Emilia managed to slow her pace down to a steady walk as she ventured deeper into the maze of trees. Darkness from the night swallowed her and she didn't even noticed the slime dripping from her hair tips until a wet, slimy hand of the black good ran down her back. Disgust run through her body, but she soon realized that it was because she was hungry. It was just a few days ago that she discovered that she had to remain full in order to keep the slime beast of her at bay.

    "For fucks sake," she groaned in her mind while wiping a hand full of the black slime off.

    Her eyes also seemed to grow brighter. They gave off a deeply sickish, toxic look and the whiter part of the eye was stained red from being blood shot. Come to think of it, she hadn't slept in a day or two. However the sudden appearance of a wild wolf caught her off guard. She look at it for a moment, thinking that she was seeing things.

    "What the heck," she said softly.
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  5. Wolf Walker studied her for a moment his mismatch eyes seemed to glow in the dark of night. He stepped forward, the long gray tail swayed slightly.

    Up close if one was to really look you could just barely make out the shape of a human underneath the wolf pelt. "What's the matter? You're not afraid of the big bad wolf...are ya?"

    The voice was male and it had a growl like undertone to it. "What's wrong little Red?" The strange beast boy teased. He could sense she was new to these woods.

    Meanwhile Jeff and Steve were bickering the two didn't get along.

    "Will you shut up with that song! I hate it so freaking much!" Jeff snapped, if he could given he still had eyelids he knew his eye would be twitching with annoyance.

    Steve ignored him and lifted the decapitated head of his once butler
    "Hmm...Jeff's no fun, don't you agree Alabaster?" Of course the head didn't respond but Steve smiled behind the mask "I agree fully..." The masked boy said.

    Jeff shook his head out of desperation, wishing for more than anything that he could teleport like Laughing Jack or Slender!

    But he was thankful to see the forest grow thicker meaning they were near the mansion which oddly enough wasn't surrounded by trees.

    But he stopped when he heard two voices, one he recognized the other was familiar (or so he thinks) but it was a girls voice.

    He raised a hand shushing Steve as he approaches quietly.
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  6. The girl was washed over with a ride if confusion when the wolf-like creature began to speak. Was her hunger really driving her that crazy or was just from the high a stress levels she was experiencing. Either way, the blonde glanced sound before replying to the wolf.

    "Excuse me? I'm not afraid of you but rather myself for the time being," she said with a dry throat.

    She took a short step closer to the beast. Oddly enough it began to look human-like as if it were a man in wolf's clothing. Their oddly lit and hellish eyes meet for a long locked gaze. It wasn't until she heard another set of voices appear that Emilia looked away.

    "Now who else is here?"

    The girl took a deep sniff of the air. Sure enough there were strong scents near by that triggered her slime even more. Her right eye dissolved and was replaced by slow dripping slime that was pitch black.
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  7. Wolf Walker wasn't sure on what to think, something didn't seem right about this young woman and seeing the slime that appeared upon her smelling the air caused the 'wolf-boy' to whimper slightly the ears on the wolf lowered and he stepped back.

    This was new, he wasn't used to seeing prey have some sort of defense, nonetheless behave the way she was.

    Jeff and Steve were now mere meters away the masked boy cooed in delight at the sight of Emilia "She's pretty, she reminds me of my friend Roxanne..." Again Jeff ignored him.

    The killer reached for his knife and spoke
    "Well aren't you cu..." Jeff paused his eyes catching the slime and the fact one of her eyes are now gone replaced with the black slime.

    He frowns the best he can he isn't sure if he should be terrified or intrigued
    "This is new..."

    Jeff squats and pokes at a puddle of the slime with his knife lifting it to his eye level.

    Before he curiously pokes a bit with his fingers.
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  8. A tiny little bunny was waltzing through the woods clumsily, tripping over roots and such. It was lost and disorientated, somewhat filled with paranoia. This was no place for such a small, helpless animal such as the bunny. The forest floor had no clear path, no clear way to leave or enter. Everything seemed to close in on it, every though it wasn't. It was like forest fever!

    The tiny bunny shook it's head sadly. This is no time for jokes.

    The smooth black fur had a little leaf or two stuck in it, murky burgundy eyes scanning around for any clear way out. It waited for the split second when its paws stepped from grass to land.
  9. Emilia turned her head when the two people she had smelled came through the brush and up to her. She would've blushed at their words but was taken away in shock by their appearance and the fact that one of them was holding a severed head.

    "Oh... Thanks..?" She said, barely squeezing the words out of her.

    Her eyes, well at least the remaining one, studied the two as more slime excreted from her hair and eye socket. Half her face was now covered in the thick tar-like substance as well as her lower back and it left splotches on the ground. When one of the boys, the most disturbing one, began to poke at the puddles, the girl instantly stepped in front of him.

    "Hey watch out, that stuff is super sticky and can melt flesh!" She warned him.
  10. Jeff half chuckled "No need to worry...I been set on fire and had my skin bleached." Jeff laughed fully when he could feel the thick substance starting to burn that he had gotten on his fingers.

    Steve swung the head over his shoulder
    "Say, that's a pretty sweet power you got there. Much better than a bat or a knife."

    Steve said commenting on the slime.

    Wolf Walker turned and headed deeper into the forest when he was far enough the strange creature stood up straight underneath the pelt was a young man the straps around his wrist, ankles, and mid-stomach visible. A loin cloth made of wolf fur hung on his waist. He walked a short distance until the mouth watering scent of rabbit hit him.

    He dropped back to the floor back in beast mode. He quietly approached the rabbit with the same movement as a real wolf.

  11. Morticia

    "What a fine guest you are~" she cooed huskily to the girl tied up and beaten. "Don't worry dear, I'm giving yourself a favor" she whispered as she slid down the scalpel on her victim's chest, forming a big Y incision on her body. She watched her squirm under her, trying to scream with duct tape on its lips. "They all squirm under my scalpel~" she exclaimed and started to take out her organs until her victim stopped squirming. She then grabbed a thread and needle, sewing back her victim's skin and made her look pretty for her funeral.

    She then walked out of the hospital room, a sickening grin hidden under her mask; her long silver hair flowing behind her and her bright green eyes twinkling. No one ever suspected her as she walked down the corridor. She was wearing a black dress and a doctor's coat after all.

    Morticia just loves to kill people who's nearly dying, after all that's how she died. She was cut opened by a mortician while she was breathing and tied up, ignoring her screams and tears.

    She walked back in the graveyard near the woods, her mausoleum standing tall among the graves. "Ah~ home sweet home" she sighed as she sat back down her coffin with a teacup in her hands.

    She can hear the wind howling and statics around her but she didn't mind. It's quite normal for her, she knew that Slender man was just passing by and not bothering her for a visit. Why would he? he didn't need her to do his dirty work. Well, not yet.
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  12. The bunny felt it's tail start to waddle and what not, that meant a number of things, but it could tell by the shivers and ominous movement around it that it was danger. It flurried around, looking for insight on what could be approaching, what it could do to it, or how it could escape. This is the scenario it feared most. The sounds of limbs hitting the ground warned that it might be a predator, and in dizzying fear, it rocketed forward in high speeds... Right into a tree.

    The bunny squirmed around, adrenaline not setting in yet as it cursed at the tree with a wiggle of a now very bloody snout before turned the curve. It clumsily hopped over a root and dashed off wildly. It usually had confidence in it's abilities to flee, but a bunny with no hole equals to one dead bunny soul.
  13. Wolf Walker races after the rabbit and the fresh blood scent was enough to send him into excited barks. The small animal was going to be his!

    He raced around the tree and leaps into the air gliding for a brief moment before landing on all fours sliding in front of the bunny.

    He lowered his head and grins wolfishly.
  14. A wolf. Out of all things, it was a wolf barking it's little bunny body down.

    The bunny began to say it's prayers as it's old rival came galloping behind it. It had to do it, it's friend inside was screaming at it to do it from the start of the chase. It instinctively turned as the horrifying event of the wolf landed in front of it graced her. It fell onto it's back and struggled wildly to get up, giving the wolf a display of it's frantic last breathes and a peculiar yellow mark on it's stomach. It seemed to be the mark of another bunny. The eyes of the mark turned bright red.

    Stop! Stop! I'm not a meal! It tried to squeal. It had to let him out. Right now.

    The yellow mark lurched out, making the bunny turn limp. A mushy type of incoherent ball of flesh bobbed about, before two wrinkly stubs poked out of the top. It seemed to be, a gleaming, red eyed stuffed bunny. It was the same size as the wolf.

    "Hey!" It bellowed with a painfully apparent British accent, tittering wetly from the blood. "You try eating her, you're going to have to go through me, bud! Come on! One v one me!" The thing tugged itself from it's host, ripping sounds that weren't very pleasing ringing out. It bounced about on it's fluffy back legs, fists up and ready to punch this wolf. "Put up your dukes! - Er, paws!"

    The bunny that was hosting this yellow stuffed animal was literally torn open, eyes turned completely white and blank. Lifeless, long gone.
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  15. Wolf Walker glanced at the small animal that was now lying limp.


    Wolf Walker stood up straight, the human residing under the costume showed. The paws curled into fists one pulled back close to his chest and the other out in front of him.

    "Your move...."
  16. The stuffed animal hesitated, but lunged forward and began hitting him... Super lightly. He did it rather rapidly though, and soon enough he was tired. "Look... You fake wolf... You don't know my real form!" He said, currently really out of breath and leaning against him for support.

    The dead bunny had disappeared and melted into the ground. Soon enough, a smooth humanoid hand sprouted from the moss. Soon enough a girl that was seemingly the bunny gasped for air. "Stop, uwu... You're going to get hurt." She gasped, rolling on the ground. God she was tired. "You! You're not a wolf!" She pointed accusingly. She pulled her foot from the ground and dusted herself off. "I'm over here... Trying to find some food and look!" She wiped at her bleeding nose.

    "Hmph." The stuffed animal huffed up at him.

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  17. Wolf Walker was definitely surprised at the speed the stuffed animal displayed he barely had time to defend!

    It amused him seeing how quickly it got tired though.

    Seeing the girl emerge from where the rabbit once was was something he hadn't expected but being accused of not being a wolf caused him to growl.

    "I certainly had you fleeing from me like I was one..."

    His dead tone it hard to determine if he was joking or not. He drops back down to all fours the disguise making him seem like once again a ordinary wolf.

    "If you need food, follow me..."

    He flicked his tail and began to trot along the grass and stick littered path.
  18. Bunny grumbled at his comeback. Of course!
    "So, uh... If you're human, why are you...?" She paused afterwards. Best not to just question him. She scooped up Max [the stuffed animal] into her arms, colder as a humanoid girl than as a furry bunny. "Never mind." She murmured, following behind him awkwardly.
  19. "Damn, burned?" The blonde said with surprise.

    From his looks, she didn't dare question if he was lying. He did look pretty jack up. Oily black hair, skin whiter then hers, and no eyelids. As for the other, she couldn't see much. He did have a mask on and a hoodie after all.

    "Thanks I suppose. This..slime has been a huge pain in the ass lately. I just recently got it...." she drifted off.

    Just then her stomach rumbled. It was like a loud, grim roar that echoed through her body. A sudden wave of black slime was coughed out of her mouth as her whole face went pale. She needed to eat something fast or else.

    "I've gone too long without eaten," she gasped out through the goo, "I can't stay around y'all any longer."

    Before the two could react, the blonde took off deeper into the forest. Hunger was jerking her to go back so she could attempt to consume them, but she managed to over power its leash. Her left eye dashed around wildly in search of any life form to eat. A deer would be perfect, but her running and coughing would scare any of them near by away. Slime spilled faster out of her eye and mouth. It didn't burn her like how it did to others, but it was very uncomfortable. It was way thicker than blood and it filled her mouth in seconds after she would spit it out. A large blush of embarrassment lit her face. She was now a disgusting monster.
  20. (I'm gonna join as Liu Woods/Homicidal Liu if that is okay)


    A small boy around 12 sat in a tree watching the chaos unfold. His brother Jeff seemed to have gotten involved too. He fiddled with the locket around his neck. It held a precious memory, before the death of his parents and the fire. He saw the fight between the wolf creature and the two bunnies and giggled before moving to hang upside down in the tree. "Heeeyy, can I join in on the fun?~" he said playfully.

    His green eyes glinted with mischief and his stitched smile stretched as he grinned. He flipped and landed on his feet on the ground and ran over to the other pastas. "Pretty pleeease?" he said in an almost childish tone. He then moved over to sand beside Jeff rocking on his heels. He really wasn't suppose to be wondering around about the forest without his brother, he really expected to get yelled at about it too.
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