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  1. Vance woke up in the middle of a forest clearing. He had absolutely no idea how he got there or what happened prior to this, but there was an overwhelming sense of fear surrounding him. "Hello!" He called out but got no reply other than the dead silence that seemed to be complete enough to be a sound in itself. There was nothing but the dim light of the moon that casted a silver shadow over the grass in the clearing.

    He stood up on shaky legs and began to look around. There was nothing but trees as far as he could see with a coating of fog in the distance. "Hello!" He called out again. The absolute quiet was enough to prevent him from hearing his own echo and for a while his own breathing. He hadn't realized he had been holding his breath until that thought struck him. He exhaled then drew in a deep breath. "Where the fuck am I?" He said to himself as he chose a direction and began moving in that direction.

    Once he reached the tree line, the sense of fear heightened slightly along with his curiosity as he saw something pinned to a tree in front of him. He walked up to the tree and saw that a piece of paper was pinned to the tree, upon further inspection he saw that nothing was holding it; the paper was just hanging on the tree.

    The paper had the words "Help me" scribbled on it with what looked like black pen. It looked like whoever wrote it was in a rush and probably desperate. image.jpg The page only made Vance feel more unsafe and made him even more afraid. He didn't even know what he was afraid of , but he knew that the fear was strong and he had never felt like this before.

    As he picked up the page, he felt something in the atmosphere change. The dead, still silence seemed to come to life. What used to be absolute silence was replaced with a ringing in Vance's ears. What used to be absolute darkness was replaced with what could only be described as emptiness. The wind was motionless, the moon seemed slightly dimmer than it had been before, even the grass seemed to lie down in the presence of absolute nothing. A void of fear that was consuming ever fiber in Vance's being
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  2. A young girl, no more than 16, walked into the wood's with a smile and a camera. "Today I'm gonna get you Masky." She smiled insanely, a gun at her side.
  3. He walked into that same forest. "...So the two of them come into this forest and me being the third... it is time for me to begin..." The young 18 year old person had said as he walked into the forest having both a camera and 3 pages.
  4. The girl pointed the gun at every sound she heard. Feeling super confident in the beginning, now feeling a bit frightened but still strong.
  5. "Do not fret girl you are facing a destiny only you can follow." The teenager had said as he came in to the girl view in a calm manner.
  6. "Who are you?" She says backing away.
  7. "I am the Gatekeeper or Kairou i am to guide those who face these mythical being's for i am tracking down a famous killer you know who he is don't you?" Kairou had told the girl.
  8. "I now many different killers..."

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  9. A girl of 17 walks into the forest completely empty handed aware she might die but is willing the chance " hoodie I will see you today "
  10. Vance walked around for a bit for he could hear teenagers talking in the distance. Finally, something that brought at least slight comfort. He began to quickly walk in the direction of the teens but stopped and dropped to his knees as his headache picked up and the ringing of his ears became deafening. The world around him became a blur as he tried with all of his effort to not pass out.

    After a few seconds things died down but the moment his eyes were able to focus, he was overtaken by unmeasurable fear. Standing a few meters in front of him stood a man; or something that resembled a this thing wasn't human. It was unnaturally tall and it's arms were almost down to its ankles. The "thing" seemed to be wearing a suit and tie that fit over it's extremely long and slender body. The suit was entirely black against its pale white skin. The thing that struck Vance the most was this creature's face... Or the fact that it had no face.

    As Vance looked up at where the thing's face should have been, his eyes began to blur a bit and his ears buzzed and he could hear nothing outside of his panicked heart bear. He had never felt a fear so pure in his entire life. The realization that he could die struck his soul hard.

    Vance was down on his knees, his handing covering his ear and his mind awaiting death. There was nothing more he could do
  11. "BACK AWAY YOU GENTLEMAN OF HELL!" Kairou had yelled attacking the slenderman making him dissapear. "Are you alright?" He asked vance.
  12. I hear my friend Morin, "Mo?! Mo! Where are you!" I yell trying to find her.
  13. Vance fell forward onto the ground and waited for his senses to return to normal. The ringing in his ears got lower but didn't leave him completely. He could see better as well and he wasn't as afraid as he had been, though he was still petrified of the SlenderMan. He used his shaking arms to push himself off of the ground and looked to the person who had rushed the SlenderMan. Out of bravery or stupidity, Vance wasn't sure; but he was thankful none the less. "Thank you" muttered Vance as he brought himself back to his knees then to a stance. "What the hell was that thing and why did it attack me? And why did you attack it?"
  14. "That is the slenderman or your destiny in it a compact form you can kill that cursed thing with the eight pages no one has ever done it before so be wary however i can set up a shield around you to protect form him for a while now i attacked it to save one of the chosen or you now DARAY SUYAR WARATA PSUNOME!" Kariou had explained and chanted as an invisible force field formed around Vance.
  15. I sigh as I continue walking around slowly thinking, crap where is anyone?
  16. The slender man? That name seemed to fit the creature perfectly. Vance flinched slightly as the other boy yelled out some sort of spell. Vance could feel some sort of presence form around him and he assumed it was the shield that he had mentioned. "What the hell are you?" Vance asked
  17. "Damn it...not again..." Jack said to himself as he walked past the woods. Often times Jack would stroll through the woods to see if anyone was there. He knew what lurked in the woods and wanted to make sure no one wondered in. Tonight of all nights Jack heard several voices coming from the woods. Sighing heavily, Jack kept his shotgun at the ready, and proceeded into the woods.

    "Hopefully I'm not to late..." He muttered going into the darkness...
  18. "I am your guide Kariou and also a man named jack is approaching tell him what has happened i do believe he is hunting for another in this wood as well a killer that is a pale faced monster but that is only believed you have to collect eight pages and kill the slenderman for me i have the king...the lord of corruption...speaking his name would murder my body and soul now take care." Kairou said to vance as he went off in jack's direction.
  19. Jack continued his way through the woods. He knew he heard voices and was looking for them.

    "Damn kids...stupid ass people always coming in..." Jack was a young man, but he's spent to much of his time in the woods trying to save people. The death he's seen will shake any normal person to their core, but not him. What he has come to learn as "slender sickness" was not a sickness for him, but a buffer. It made his senses sharper and achieved inhuman strength, endurance and speed because of it. The vile creature that haunted the woods was keeping Jack alive for a purpose. A game of fetch to see who will grab the people, the bones, first. Jack knew this well and it pissed him off.

    "Hello? Who's out there?" He said as he heard someone moving towards him.
  20. "So back again which one are you hunting now jack?" Kairou said coming into jacks view. "Is it the killer you believed to be here?" Kairou asked jack this. "You know me very well yet you might be able to mutter my name so...who am i jack?" He asked jack that question as Kairou knew that jack new him before yet he might be in denial of Kairou but he would wait.
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