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  1. im gonna do a creepypasta roleplay im gonna be Ticci Toby as you can tell if you dont know what Ticci Toby looks like hes on my pic but if your interested in joining i have a few rules 1.NO GOD MODE IF YOU DIE YOU DIE 2.NO YAOI 3.YOU CAN BE ONE LINE CUZ IM 1 LINE IM BAD AT LIKE PARAGRAPHS SO YEA 4.YOU CAN HAVE TEXT TALK IF U WANT 5.I CANT THINK OF 1 6.I CANT THINK OF 1 7.I CANT THINK OF 1 8.I CANT THINK OF 1
  2. nickname:Ticci Toby
    real name:Toby
    full name:Toby Erin Rogers
    weapons:2 hatchets
    bio:as a kid my dad would always get drunk and beat me and my older sis 1 day we got in a car "accident" and my older sis died in the process so then after that i would sit in my room all day everyday biting on my fingers until the skin came off them 1 day my mom walked in while i was she brought me to the hospital so i had to wear wraps on my hands like they were mitten and every i went was cold then i started getting voices in my head so i went to a psycholgist and so after we got back home i saw my dad sitting in a chair smoking an all i could hear was loud ringing noise and my older sis screaming "KILL HIM KILL HIM I KNOW YOU WANT TO TOBY" so i grabbed a knife from the kitchen and pushed him on the ground an got ontop of him about to stab him but he grabbed my arm before i could and yelled "BOY WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE FUCKER" so then after struggling to stab him i got my arm free and stabbed him constally then my mom walked in and saw me and screamed an yelled "TOBY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?!?!?!?!" then she called the cops then i ran to the garage grabbed 2 hatchets 1 looked new and had a orange handle and the other looked very old and a mouth guard an grabbed orange goggles and ran out grabbing gasoline and the chase was on the cops chased me down the street to the "slender forest" an at that point i set the gasoline in a circle around me and set it and ran in the "slender forest" and i saw him and children around us with no eyes staring and at that point it was the end of Toby Erin Rogers but then a few weeks later 4 middle schooler's were killed in "slenders forest" they had reports it might have been Toby Erin Roger cause they found a clue it might have been him a "picture of him and his family with x's on his,his dad's,and his sis's head (ill put a pic) ticcitobymixcover-4897.jpg images (4).jpg images (3).jpg
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  3. Name: Jeffery Woods
    Nickname: Jeff
    Pasta Name: Jeff the Killer
    Age: 17
    Weapons: Knife
    Bio: Jeff, his brother Liu, and his parents move to a new neighborhood, where they meet the neighbor and her son Billy. They get invited to Billy's party and Jeff's mom says they will love to go, much to Jeff displeasure. That same day Jeff feels odd...the morning Jeff still feels funny but ignores it as he and Liu go to the bus stop. There they met Randy and his goons who pick a fight with the Woods brothers and by instinct Jeff fights back and beats the boys strangely Jeff liked it. Liu is sent to juvy because he takes the blames for Jeff's actions and Jeff is upset about it. That weekend Jeff and his parents attend the party where Randy and his goons encountered Jeff once more, Jeff is hit several times and alcohol is thrown at him, Jeff snaps and fights back but in a much more violent and aggressive manner, he and Randy fights before Jeff kills Randy, in the process of the battle bleach covers the boys and Keith and Troy and left, Keith is defeated and Troy is left he then laughs saying "Whats so funny...? Funny thing is, you're covered in bleach and alcohol." He then throws his lighter at Jeff bleaching his skin white and scorching his brown hair black. Weeks pass Liu is out of Juvy and Jeff is out of the bandages he sees his face for the first time and loves his looks. That night Jeff's mom finds him in the bathroom with a smile carved into his face and his eyelids burned off Jeff simply replies "Aren't I beautiful?", she runs to her husband where they are both killed. Jeff then turns to Liu's room where he proceeds to kill him but before doing so he says "Shhh...just Go to sleep"
  4. oh uh sorry do you wanna start now or later sorry took so long im not on here that much at all
  5. (•3•)/ it's okay, I've been busy too *gives waffle* we can start now if you want
  6. Hi....I'm Kamryn.....