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  1. Hi! I want someone to do a creepypasta roleplay with me. I don't care if you want to use your oc or a cp.
  2. You still want to do the RP?
  3. What chatcters would you want to do?
  4. I would like to be my oc, but I can also do any creepypasta too.
  5. What's your OC? :3
  6. Name:Lilly
    Looks like: black hair with navy blue tips in pigtails, gray eyes, scar on her right hand it's an x within and O,
    Wears: black hoodie, fingerless gloves, skinny jeans, and all stars
    Anything else you need to know?
  7. No I'm fine! Do you want it gxg or gxb?
  8. Ok who would you like the boy to be?
  9. can i join? im guessing you know who i wanna be but can i join an be Ticci Toby?
  10. hi
  11. are you still looking for a creepy pasta rp partner
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.