Creepypasta meets SCP

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  1. I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if there was an rp where the Creepypastas and the SCPs meet? It could have an alternative story line to SCP Containment Breach. What if one of the Creepypastas caused the breach instead of an electronic failure? How interesting would that be? To me kind of interesting.

    So, I'm thinking of making a rp for the Creepypastas and the SCPs to meet. OCs are aloud if you want. Anybody interested?
  2. Both Creepypasta and SCP are my guilty pleasures. I especially love hearing fan narrations on YouTube from MrCreepyPasta and MissShadowlovely respectively.

    So, Creepypasta figures cause a breach in SCP. Anything else you had in mind?
  3. Hmmm....... I was thinking that the creepypastas and the SCPs somewhat work together but at the same time somewhat dont.
  4. I'm familiar with Creepypasta but not SCP >_< Although I'm interested about where this is going ^_^
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  5. Could be interesting. Would we be playing SCP's, Creepypastas, or would we be the unfortunate humans caught in the crosshairs who would probably die?
  6. You'd be able to rp as all three. You can rp as a creepypasta, scp, or a human/scientist. OC's are acceptable aswell.
Thread Status:
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