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  1. 11,21,14

    Dear future Student,

    Greetings! If You are reading this, you are either a pasta or you are almost a professional killer. You have been chosen to train to become my proxy at proxy academy. I know the name is so straight forward, but that's beyond the point of this letter. It wouldn't exactly be 'training', it would only be a regular high school. Filled with students. Serial killer students. Hope you enjoy your stay!

    Principal Slenderman

    Vice principal / Dean : Zalgo​
  2. Kira-Knew-To-Much received the letter in the mail, ready to start in Proxy Academy. She was a bit worried too... she was a pasta and call but who was running this place? Quickly, she ran up into her room to pack her bags. She grabbed a leather suit case and drug it around trying to fill it with whatever she needed in the tiny apartment she stayed in since she wanted to blend in with the humans. She dug through her little bit of belongings. Blue shirt? No. Red hoodie? Yes. Deodorant? Well no duh. When she finished packing she headed down the stairs.
  3. not really with a place to live, she just stayed at some old rickety, abandoned, house. It used to be full of life and love. Until she was murdered in the exact room she was in now, looking out a window, a blank look on her face. This had been her room, her house. But her father had ruined it. She thought her had loved her. She had thought he was the only one who would ever love her. But she was wrong, and she made sure to never make the same mistake ever again...
    The letter, sliding under her door mysteriously, quickly caught her attention. Reaching out with her icy blue hands, she picked it up and opened it.
    Reading it with anticipation, she slowly began to smile. Dropping the letter to the floor, she disappearing into nothing and she appeared at the "school"
  4. Slenderman was in his office, planning on how to welcome the students. His ideas were to introduce the pastas to one another or just let them do it by themselves. He was rudely interrupted as he heard loud knocking on his door saying "uncle!! Uncle!!" He rolled his eyes (if he had eyes.) As he opened the door without getting up.

    "Uncle!! Hey, Uncle slendy!! Hey, I'm going to be student council right?? I'm gonna be the president?? And- and-" she began yapping before she was cut

    "Ana, I told you, for the thousandth time.... I am not your uncle..." He said getting irritated

    She rolled her eyes "whatever, I'm still performing for the assembly right??"

    "Ana, no."


    "NO!" He said finally pushing her out.

    As she was pushed out she plopped down on the floor pouting "watch... Everyone will fucking love me."

    Jeff leaned on to one of the pillar, watching the new kids come in. Why is slendy doing this? For what?? He thought it was just simply stupid. He shook his head as he looked around for the people he actually knew, like Ben, Sally.. Or even.. Jane
  5. Kira finally found herself there at the Academy, and when she walked up the stairs she saw Jeff standing by a pillar. "Uh-- excuse me? Are the pastas supposed to meet somewhere?" she asked Jeff. Kira was a pasta, she did not know if the pastas were going to have special things that the non pastas did not get to go to.
  6. Jeff shrugged "Not sure, but I think we need to wait for the bell and for the other people to come..." He said having a blank look, but it still looked like he was smiling. "Slendy has his plans I don't know.."

  7. Kira heard what Jeff said and replied back, "Well... where should I go?" she did not want to be a pest.
  8. Nikoli had just finished killing one of his victims "your so pretty..." he carved a big x into their face with a knife and walked away he saw a letter on the ground and raised his eyebrow and picked it up he read it and smiled "well this is new..." he walked to his parents house now abandoned "hello mother!~" he said to the dead corpse hanging from the ceiling. he walked up stars and packed a small backpack, He finished packing walked down the stairs again with a backpack on his shoulder "goodbye mom and dad!" he gave each of them a kiss on there cold skin and walked out he pulled the letter out again and read it again he blinked and found himself at the entrance of the school he kicked the two doors open and grinned "today is gonna be a good day.... heh heh"
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  9. Toby frowned at the letter. Slender had given to him personally, but... Toby didn't like school...

    Toby despised school. His mind wandered into his memories. He had been picked on harshly at his old school, before he began killing. Majorly because of his autism. Toby was not looking forward to this.

    But... this request ws made by slenderman, who took Toby under his wing, and was Toby's only family. So, reluctantly, he packec up a backpack and headed for the academy.
  10. Jane looks around confused & wondering like a little lamb. Her eyes filled with lostness. Tyler looks around for a football field or just a simple gym but found nothing in sight.
  11. Kira moves on from Jeff, and runs into a girl is a Creepypasta and looks like Jeff. "Uh-- sorry."
  12. "All students please report to the gym, the Assembly bell will be ringing in 5 minutes. I repeat, Please Report to the Gym"

    The loud, recognizable voice boomed through the speakers. It was almost too loud, for him. "Well, according to slendy, we're going to the gym." He said as he started to walk towards the gym, expecting her to follow

    Anastasia gave the principal's door a loud bang as if to say 'screw you'. She got up and began to walk towards the gym, with her arms crossed.
  13. "It's fine!" Jane's eyes fill with warmness & she smiles with her pearly teeth as it shines. She hears the announcements & walks to the gym still smiling.
    Tyler follows eyeryone and smiles knowing theres a gym than looks at everyone.
  14. Kira walked too the Gym, following the rest of the students. She wondered what was going on, and who was going to be there. She found herself there, sitting down in the floor in the black, her grey eyes flashing.
  15. Nikoli sat himself down and waited for the assembly he looked around and observed the others how boring was it to wait in fact he hates waiting he glanced at Kira and glanced at others he sighed and looked at the ceiling then the ground then the walls and he had basically had seen very part of the gym he sighed and started playing with a butterfly knife humming the tune of one of his favorite songs
  16. Jane still looks at everyone with soft warm eyes & a dazzling smile that the other CPs never seen.
    Tyler glances at everyone but mostly Jeff & he just startes at him.
  17. Slenderman got up from his chair and started walking towards the gym he stood in the middle of the gym with a microphone in his hand. He was supposed to be smiling, but unfortunately he didn't have a face. "Greetings students!!" He said as he looked around as he saw familiar faces "I'm sure you all know me... If you don't I am your principal, Slenderman."
  18. Jane's & Jeff's face met up & Jane's eyes flash with coldness & her pearly smile disappears quickly.
    Tylor's eyes got distracted by Jane of how cold she turned in a moment. He looks at Jeff & Jane,
  19. Nikoli heard the sound of a mans voice he looked up and saw a man with no face. he raised his eyebrow on the strange appaearence and the man intruduced himself. "oh... slenderman...." He looked around again and back to slenderman he wanted to hear what he said he was the principle and he did invite him here so he might as well give him some respect.
  20. Tyler noticed something about Jane & his eyes are filled with shockness.
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