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  1. Welcome to the roleplay portion of this! (If you want to make a character, there is a seperate sign up thing for it)
    As soon as I get a few people joined in, I'll make the first post!

    A few friends group up to have a nice and relaxing camping trip together. Now, that seems all well and fun, but the location that they pick isn’t exactly the best choice. They choose a forest that is well closed off so they don’t have to deal with other campers or hunters. Once at the site, they set up their tents and get the party started! However, there is an evil that resides in the forest, and it’s ready to scare..or even kill.

    Roleplay Rules:
    • Please be polite and kind to other roleplayers in OOC chatting
    • Do not romantically “claim” anyone right away, it’s okay to have a character crush but don’t claim until the other person allows it
    • No god-modding OCs
    • Nobody gets killed unless someone wants their character to be killed off for whatever reason (perhaps they want to make a different character or leave the roleplay)
    • Limit to taking canon characters is at most 2 per person
    • Limit to OCs will be around 2-3 at most
    • You do not have to take a canon character in order to make an OC
    • Have Fun!
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  2. ( @PhantomPlazma @That0nePasta @justice hunt @Nico @xxGreenKiwixx @Enderdeman @FangirlingSinceBirth
    Alright, I said we would start today~! Come join in when you're ready!)

    Amanda had a huge smile on her face as she walked a little bit ahead of her two friends. "This is going to be so fun, I can FEEL it!" she announced excitedly. She looked back to her friends, Shane and Linsay. "I hope I can have the consent of both of you to take random pictures of you through out this trip." she flashed her older and smaller camera that she decided to bring with her. She refused to bring her bigger and better cameras, just in case it would break. While the camera that she had was not the best quality, she hoped that the memories on the trip will be.
  3. Linz carried a blue book bag along with a instrument case. Inside the case was her trombone. Hearing Amanda talking, she nodded. "I really hope you don't try to flash my eyes out of my head," Linz joked even known she had pretty bad humor. She stopped for a moment, bending down to grab something out of the book bag. She ended up grabbing a can of Monster Energy. Picking her bag back up, she continued walking with Amanda and Shane. Being the youngest in the group, at 15, she found it a bit odd. Even known she was the youngest, she was the tallest too. She is 6' 1".
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  4. Shane was walking beside Amanda and Linz with a black backpack full of horror stories and junk food. He was really hoping to see something cool during this camping trip. He heard what Amanda said and said jokingly "Hey you mind if I use that camera if we run into something like Slenderman or any other creatures so I can take a picture?" While saying that he took out a book about creepypastas and read it silently while walking with his two friends.
  5. Amanda looked to Shane and laughed a little. "We wont run into things like that! They're only stories..and games now." she said with a little slap on the shoulder.
  6. Meanwhile, deep in the darkest parts of the woods stood a massive decaying mansion. The windows were covered in a layer of dust, the building itself looked like it had been in a fire. The trees and grass around the home were dead and an omominous aura hung around the home.

    Yet despite the appearance of the home it was teeming with life, but the beings here...could they really be called human? Sure the majority of them had human appreances but what they did...what they were known for is monstrous.

    Jeffrey Woods AKA Jeff the Killer sighed noisily as he slumped in the 'C' shaped couch in the game room.

    He looked over at the red and black dog that is known to come into your dreams "This sucks...I'm so bored, nothing exciting happens in this mansion."

    Smile lifted his head looking at the 'smiling' boy he said "Why don't we go for a walk!?"

    Jeff sighs but agrees. He and Smile head out of the mansion unaware that a group of friends were also in the forest.
  7. Jane hears Amanda & looks around. She wonders around & sees them. She hopes no one kills them.
  8. Linz feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. "Um... guys? Am I the only one feeling a sudden chill?" She rubs her hands together for some odd reason, not really knowing why. She saw a shadow for a moment, then it disappeared.
  9. ticci_toby_wallpaper_by_the_blurred_kid-d7akmfd.png
    Toby crouched on a tree branch above the three campers. Just what was looking for, he smiled with glee, thinking of what wonderous activities lied ahead. His neck twiched as he giggled softly. He wanted to jump down now and kill them, but he held back, for now. Slender would wantt o know about these tthree new victims. So, Ticci quietly scampered down the tree and dashed into the woods to find his tall friend.
  10. Liu sat in a tree not too far from the campsite. He was sharpening the butcher knives he used to kill. Scraping noises echoed through the small area. He was getting seriously bored and he wanted something to do, fast. He looked down to the ground and his stitched smile widened as he saw his big bro. He leaped down and the chains on his jeans clacked against the knives on his belt. He fixed his scarf and turned his green gaze to Jeff "Sup bro?" he said nonchalantly.

    "NONONO!" screamed a young girl as she watched Link catch fire once again. "Why does this keep happening?!" she screeched. From the game Ben was getting quite annoyed with his newest playtoy. "You are booring~" he said and leaped out of the tv "I'm done with you, I'm going to find a new playtoy." The 12 year old said with a pout. He reached out and snapped the girls neck, leaving her dead. Ben never liked his kills being short lived, he didn't like boring toys either. That's what he thought his victims were toys to be deposed of. He leaped back into the tv and came out at his room in the slender mansion. He looked around as he exited the room "I wonder where everyone is?"
  11. Jane's eyes fill with sorrow as she thinks about when she was a human & it was joyful for her. She looks down & grips her knife, but than gets over it a bit. She still has sorrow is her eyes though.
  12. Amanda looked at Linz. "It is kind of creepy isn't it...but it's a forest! This day in age, they all are pretty creepy. I'm sure it's nothing!" she reassured her with a big smile. "Now come on guys, there is a nice empty-ish spot where we can set up camp and not lose track where we are." she said, pointing ahead.
  13. Jack sat on a tree stump, playing with his staple. He threw it up in the air and catches it again. He then sees Jeff coming outside. "Tell me if you see any victims, haven't taken any kidneys in weeks"
  14. As Shane was walking with Amanda and Linz he heard a scraping noise "Hey does anyone else hear that? It sounds like 2 knifes scraping each other...Maybe we will see something weird."
  15. "Well...yes." she responded towards shanes question. "Lets just, play it safe, buddy system and all that. We should be just fine!" she smiled as she continued to march on. "We're almost there!"
  16. Jane walks somewhere else because she knows the others thoughts, because she knows she can't defeat all of them.
  17. Slenderman was in the forest minding his own business when suddenly he saw Toby running and he grabbed him with one of his tentacles "Toby where are you going and why are you running?" he asked curious.
  18. ticci_toby_wallpaper_by_the_blurred_kid-d7akmfd.png
    "Oh! Oh! Slendy! I was looking for you!" Toby squirmed delightedly, "We have more friends to play with! I wanted to tell you!" Despite being 19, Toby acted childish and was usually easily excited Due to his autism.
    Toby grinned widely at Slender, twitching his neck excitedly as he waited for the tall male's response.
  19. Jane keeps walking & a bird lands on her. Her eyes get soft & warm. She smiles with her teeth & makes sure no one is around.
  20. "Oohh I see well we should go greet them" he said sinisterly. He let Toby go "In case the others don't know go tell them while I go introduce myself ok Toby." Slenderman said this as he teleported away.
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