Creepypasta Anyone?

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Demonic Miracles.

Page of Blood.
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Fantasy, magical, horror, romance (as more of a plot/sub-genre. I tend to be more focused on anything else other than romance. I can go from "kissy-kissy" to "sexy sex"), yaoi/yuri, action-adventure, fandom, steampunk.
(This is mainly a headcanon roleplay) The plot to this is that Zalgo has come up with a plan to destroy the Earth. Slenderman tries to stop his plans with the help of his proxies.
Really, the only rule to this is that I get to be Slenderman (Unless you want to be him) and Zalgo (Unless there are two Zalgos, you can't roleplay as him. Gomen, but it's for the plot. <XD).
You may roleplay up to as many characters as you like, canon or not. This is only plot I'll do.
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