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A Creepypasta roleplay.

To be blunt, this is my first time doing one of these, so please do forgive me if anything in this is a tad bit "wonky." What I do hope for this is to allow everyone to be able to carve their own story through this roleplay, and to vote for selection of the main plot. Speaking of main plots, here are the ones you can vote for.

Plot Ideas
Plot 1: A group of unique individuals have been captured by an unknown party and are being transported via freight train. That is until the train is stopped by either the prisoners on the train....Or by something else.

Plot 2: Like the 1st one but under different circumstances. In the Under-realm, a group of people [OCs] have been detained. And are undergoing torture as a "test" to see who shall be good enough to serve Zalgo. [Be warned, if this wins the vote. Anyone who makes an OC or RPs as an official character has to put why their character is there being tortured.]

Plot 3: Couldn't think a 3rd plot, but if someone has an idea. Do notify me.

Now, here is a character sheet to help.

Character Sheet

Appearance [A detailed text can do, but a pic is more preferable.]

Character Name:

Character Nickname:




Other Bodily features:





Brief Backstory:

Additional stuff:

Now, I did try to make a tab explaining what Classes were. But the image I tried to put in messed it up. So instead of going through trial and error. I'ma do this.
But first, are you Human or CP? If CP, put a "Class" in your CS. If Human, then leave it out.

Class Type: Slasher/Serial Killer.
Tragic past or just simple need of a massacre, your character is proficient in dispatching victims in either a gory or some other manner. And they utilize sharp or blunt weaponry. Some even using their bare hands! While some may be human, some are zombies, vampire or something else entirely.
This class is often the stealth/heavy hitters.
Class Type: Spirit/Demon/etc.
Ghosts and such. See through and can pass through objects/people/etc. But can possess people, cause mayhem or something else. This class is often the recon/spy of the classes, though they can be the "Tanks" if they are powerful enough.

1: Be nice OOC, by this. I do mean don't be a jerk to other people for no reason. If you have a problem with another person, simply do this. Either put aside your differences, or get out. Now if a user has been a dick to you and you are feeling a bit angry. Let me know and I will handle things from there....BUT, I have to see a screenshot of what they have done to you. Now, do not think I am a mod or anything. I will just simply remove them from the roleplay.

2: No Mary Sues, by this. I mean making a character that beyond perfect, invulnerable, friends with all official characters, can't do no wrong, etc.

3: We all know life is more important and such, but please do let everyone know if you can't post.

4: Don't play anyone else's characters. It's their character. Simple as that.

5: Have fun. :D
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Name:Lucius Blood


Age:Looks 20


Weight:298 pounds

Other features:Extremely muscular,lots of scars,Wing tatoos on back,red and black eyes,stiches around his neck and body,A red and white mask.

images (2).jpg



Weapons:He will use his bare hands but if he gets into a regular fight he uses guns.

Abilities:Able to focus and kill mutiple people,Able to take control of scared humans and feed of their fear.

Disabilities:Multiple personalitys,Voices in his head.

Brief Backstory:Unknown

Additional:Lucius has a dog named Bear thats a hell hound but doesnt use him alot.
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